Out of my control,

So far away from my goal.

It's like a staircase winding up with twist and turns.

I take steps that throw me back, my stomach churns.

I'm barely banding in there, holding the rail.

My mind keeps screaming that I'm gonna fail.

Nobody believes, they only wanna push.

I wish I wasn't surrounded by these jerks and douche.

Nobody's there to reassure.

Will I make it? I'm not so sure.

But I've gotta keep going.

I've gotta stop slowing.

Maybe it'll be game over soon.

Maybe I'll lose everything to those cartoons.

But there's no stopping in the middle of the way.

I gotta keep going till my last breathe, my last day.

I gotta smile through their perpetual frown.

I can't let anyone bring me down.

It's a lost battle but I'll fight till the end.

I gotta keep dealing with the demons that life sends.