For years and years you've left me in this tangled mess,

With no way to get out of it, I'm perfectly helpless.

Sometimes I feel like ending this for good.

Maybe I would kill myself the way I should!

I've been standing here fighting you for years now.

But you keep dragging it on, must be magic somehow.

And building inside me I feel so much rage!

I hate how you're keeping me in this cage.

I try to fight you, but you always win.

Every time your fear gnaws at my skin.

I feel the helplessness so deep inside me.

You've tied up my hands with your threats, I can't break free.

The frustration kept building in my head,

Till was making my skin bleed a dark shed of red,

Just to get some release.

If only it could make the heartache ease!

/ For years and years I fed on the things I felt I lack.

I kept torturing myself like a fool, I never fought back.

I would cut my own skin, I would just not eat.

I felt like I had lost all control, I'd accepted my defeat.

But now I can't imagine drowning in the same old tears

For years and years and years and years.

I am afraid of you, I am afraid of what you do to me.

But I'm more afraid of what I'll do to myself if I don't break free.

You are in the past, I won't look back, I'll walk away.

Hopefully when years and years pass, I'll be free from this heartache someday.