Liquid One Shots

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So it's time for all the one shots!

And if you asked me for a one shot, you got a one shot! A few people said things like just wanting to see the character's futures, or lots of one shots, so I said each one shot regarding those situations were requested by you guys too!

So time to begin!


One Shot 1: Nu finding his future partner

Requested by: blizzards of snow, glitter-whisper, Bookworm67, Amy Stardust, pille-ip, and Monster Nightmare

(And I know glitter-whisper suggested a pairing of Nu and Lindsey, but alas, Lindsey is much older and Nu, and not who I had planned on "one-shot"ing as his partner, but I hope you like this girl too!)

"Great job, boys. I'd say that was a clean recording. You can go home for tonight." Masen and I took our headphones off, grabbing our jackets.

"So that went well." I smirked at Masen.

"Well I did compose it, you know. It was bound to go well." Masen nudged my arm, rolling his eyes.

"Because everything you touch turns to liquid gold." I laughed, pulling on my thick jacket.

"I would agree with that. Actually, speaking of liquid gold, I've got to go. I ran out of orange juice at home and I definitely need some." Masen rolled his eyes.

"Really? You consider orange juice liquid gold? It's not that good."

"Please! It's got lots of vitamin C and is quite yummy!"

"God, yummy. I would swear you were only twelve if I didn't know you were already 25."

"Eh, so I've got a fun personality. You're just jealous because all the ladies like me because of it."

"The ladies like you because of the two of us, you're still single." I pouted a bit.

"Yeah, huh? Well whatever the reason, they like me more. Anyway, give my best to Sadie! I've got to get going now."

"Sure." I headed down the streets of New York, bundling up my coat as I headed into the corner market. I headed down the drinks aisle and went to grab the last carton of the best orange juice in the whole wide world, when I saw a slender hand beat me to it. I narrowed my eyes and looked up at the person who stole my orange juice, my mouth gaping open. In front of me stood a woman, I'd say 22, with the most deep blue eyes I had ever seen.

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't see you there. I would give you the carton of juice, but I'm embarrased to admit it's my favorite kind." I snapped back to reality, swallowing a bit.

"Th-that's okay. You can have it. But I do agree. It's really good, huh?" The girl smiled, nearly knocking me over with her grin.

"Absolutely. The oranges they use nearly taste like liquid gold." This girl was just too perfect.

"I know, right? I mean, my friend referred to one of the songs I've written as liquid gold, albeit he was sarcastic, a moment ago, and I immediately thought of this juice!" The girl laughed a bit.

"You write music? That's very cool. I play the piano myself." I giggled, confused by my high school girl reaction.

"Wait, don't you know who I am? Usually I can't come in here without at least one person recognizing me." The girl furrowed her brow.

"You know, your face is familiar, but I don't really know. Are you a composer?" I gaped a bit.

"Have you ever heard of the band L!qu!d? Or even the group Sol!d?" The girl's face lit up a moment.

"Oh yes! L!qu!d disbanded around a year ago, right? A few of my friends kept going on about how they were forming a sub group with only a few of the previous members. I guess you're one of them?"

"Uh, yeah. I'm Nu? The youngest one? Formed a sub group with Masen? The second youngest?"

"Sorry I didn't recognize you. The thing is I just don't watch much television or listen to the radio."

"Wait hold on a second. Do you mean to tell me you've never heard one of L!qu!d or Sol!d's songs?" The girl smiled guiltily.

"Would you believe me if I said I haven't?"

"God, you poor soul! You haven't lived until you've heard our music. I'll show it to you some time, if you'd like." She smiled shyly.

"That sounds nice. Maybe we could listen to it over a cup of orange juice." I laughed a bit, nodding.

"Absolutely." We exchanged numbers and I watched her leave the corner market, catching a taxi.

I glanced down at my phone and smiled to myself.


This one shot was so much fun to write! It's definitely my favorite, so thank you everyone for asking for it!