One Shot 13: Masen and Sadie's daughter in high school

Requested by: Brianna

"Did you see him, Chessie? Oh, it was amazing!" Chessie rolled her eyes.

"Please. He wasn't that special. Anybody could rig a bucket to dump food. Even I could."

"But it's Ethan! God, he's dreamy." Chessie snorted.

"Not even close." Chessie had grown up with Ethan. She was two years older than him, and yet everyone her age was in love with him.

"You're crazy, Chessie. He's hot." Chessie groaned at her friends.

"You guys! He's two years younger than us. Why do you even care?" Her friends made a face at Chessie.

"He's hot. And he's funny."

"Yeah. He was so funny when he was five and he stole my juicebox." Her friends rolled their eyes at her.

"See, you're just biased because you grew up with him." Chessie nodded.

"Yeah, probably. Besides, there are better guys to go after." Chessie smirked as she spotted Nick, a classmate of hers who she'd had a crush on for the past year. Her friends oohed.

"Do you think he'll ask you out this year?" Chessie smiled to herself and bit her lip.

"I hope so. I mean, he's everything I want in a guy. He's smart, he's funny, and he's dreamy." Chessie's friends smirked.

"You should just ask him out." One of them suggested. Chessie quickly shook her head, pulling herself out of her daydream.

"I would never do that. You know my mother raised me as a traditional girl. I wouldn't ask out a boy." Nick briefly made eye contact with Chessie, who ducked her head down shyly.

"But he's not Italian, is he?" Chessie shook her head at her friends.

"No. No he isn't. But no guy is perfect! But Nick's pretty close." The bell rang and the girls headed to class, Chessie taking her seat in Chemistry, one seat behind Nick.

This year, she thought. This year I'll get him to ask me out.