Author's Note: This is my first poem here. I can't take all the credit here so the 3rd and 4th stanzas are from the Skelanimals notebook of my friend.


Pen the Penguin was adorable indeed
A cute and happy littleā€¦steed?
A hyper but careless kind of creature
But never appreciated literature

And then he went out to play
But he never knew it was his fateful day
He either swam in the freezing water
Or rested in his newly-made shelter

Slip and slide into the water he'd go
Drip and shake and waddle he'd show
Jump and splash in the water he'd shout
Laugh and scream with his watery snout

Carefree was Pen that he failed to see
A killer whale lurking and waiting for he
Slip and slide in the water he'd go
Drip and shake and waddle more no

The whale burped out a pile of bones
And the bones recollected with tiny squeaky groans
The refigured skeleton stood up and said,
"I'm Pen the Penguin, alive and well again."

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