Author's Note: I have a new Skelanimal! :D And it's still pretty bloody (especially if you have a vivid imagination). Well, I hope you like it. :)


Fluffy the Bunny was so fluffy
That she looked like a stuffed toy, not a real bunny.
Fluffy the Bunny wasn't only fluffy,
But Fluffy the Bunny was also very chubby.

How Fluffy got that fluffy were her refusals for a furcut.
It didn't bother her since the weather wasn't hot.
How she got that fat was because of her diet
Which consists of anything - even stuff I don't know yet.

On Christmas Eve, she could eat all she wanted,
So Fluffy did and was very much delighted.
She kept stuffing herself throughout the night
Then (literally) exploded come daylight.

When her mother came out, she gave a loud shout
And her father followed to what was that about:
Fluffy, with the open, bleeding stomach, continued to eat.
And both her parents fainted from her amazing feat.