Yo folks. Been a while. This song is pretty self explanatory, a song of protest. But there's other themes behind it and composing it that aren't as obvious. The main theme is apathy and hatred in our world, and how the media seems to to endorse it. Look at how many kids ignore worldwide disasters or don't question anything. How many of you can say you know who John Fitzgerald Kennedy was or what happened to him? John Lennon? Another theme is Ritalin, in the lines which implement a loss of free will or control, or the destruction of the self. Every day, hundreds of kids are put on Ritalin, and the number is in the high millions of kids who are on it right now and have taken it in the past. Ritalin is NOT beneficial. It's side effects almost always occur, and are so numerous and frightening that I believe it is designed not to help ADHD, but mentally murder creativity and free thought in children displaying early signs of rebellious behaviour. Look to the past to see the present. Our countries, Canada and the United States, are totalitarian. We read history and look down on those bad guys, but our leaders are worse than they could ever be. Don't believe me? Read Jim Garrison's 'On the Trail of the Assassin's' on JFK's murder at the hands of the CIA, watch 'RFK Must Die'. Study the physical evidence in 9/11, and stop listening to other people. Even me. Read this shit for yourselves. Find the truth, and rise up.

Submit or Eat Shit

Ourselves are lies!
Or destroyed by condescencion!
Seems it's better to obey than to display emotion!
But such is life!
A synonym for poison.
It's only antitode submission to assimilation!

What have we got!
Apathy commercialized!
Chivalry is gone!
Virtue has been demonized!
But I'm fighting on!
For the freedom we have been denied!

Is this goodbye!
To the last hope of salvation!
Are there any stones left to shatter this illusion?
Or are we to die!
In sorrow and confusion?
At least I'll die enlightened to the evil of the institution!

What have I done?
But see through the transparent lies.
I have never won!
But I still believe I might!
What we've become!
Isn't who we are inside!
Robbed of life and love!
But not the hope within our eyes!

Drift slowly!
The ashes of significance!
Decay sweetly!
The morals once of importance!
Don't release them!
The assaulted essence of yourself!
Outcast, you'll know freedom!
After you die, or beat this hell!

So overcome...
We live apart!
But choke as one.