I am the modern day moses

while you are a bouquet of roses.

Holding in the truth and concealing

your true colors, it is a private hell

for you. Time after time, you enter and then

leave God's temple without making any

compromises or promising any sunrises. You

go your way and I will go my way, but I still

pray for the day when we may find common

ground to stand on once again. Stranded in an

neverending situation, I will learn to count my losses

and move forward with my life with time. Coming to terms

with the loss of innocence, one question that I have for God is why.

Every church pew is now empty and yet a faithful few hearts still

remain to welcome in the presence of the holy spirit in the absence

of those who are long gone. Away we go to elsewhere where the sky

will be forever blue and there is plenty of love to go around in the body of christ.