It was almost two in the afternoon before Agatha Monk had finished. She was cutting it close but she was finally done. Agatha hung her apron from a hook on the wall and stared down at the corpse on her table, all she had left to do was to put his suit on. She smiled and walked across the cooled room to where two suits were hanging on the wall, the smile faded from Agatha's face. One suit was blue and the other was brown. Which one was for this dude? Agatha bit her lip before grabbing a suit and hoping for the best.

Kimi Hall stared at her reflection in the mirror and swiped a tear from her cheek. She didn't like the idea but it had been Godfrey's last wish.

"No black, Little Sister. Promise there will be no black!" Kimi had nodded and passed the word to everyone going to the funeral but she felt uncomfortable in blue jeans and a red leather jacket. Still, she had promised her brother and that was all that mattered. The door opened and her sister in law walked in, Ella looked just as uncomfortable as Kimi felt. She wore a yellow sun dress with a little white cardigan.

"I bet he's sitting up there laughing his arse off at us" she said.

"He better be. If I find out he's still alive after this I'm gonna kill him" replied Kimi. They stared at each other for a moment before bursting into laughter. They linked arms and went downstairs to the waiting cars.

They arrived at the funeral home just after 2.30pm and found Agatha waiting for them. She smiled softly and led them through to the backroom so they could say a private farewell before the funeral.

"Sorry, but he was supposed to be buried in a blue suit. This one is brown" said Ella. Agatha tried to hide her annoyance. A fifty fifty chance and she'd picked the wrong one. Typical just typical. Her mind whirred as she tried to think of a solution and she had it.

"I'm terribly sorry. This won't take a moment" she said. Agatha wheeled the coffin back through the curtain. There might just be time.

The funeral was lovely, just what Godfrey had wanted. It was almost over now and all that was left was the procession across the churchyard to the crematorium. Family and friends filed out to take their places in the procession while four men lifted the coffin. Ella and Kimi stood to one side to let them pass, intending to follow behind the coffin.

"I miss him" whispered Ella, leaning heavily on Kimi. The men approached them with the coffin, the one on the front right seemed to almost trip over his own feet. He jerked forward and the coffin tilted, sharply.

"Oh my God!" screamed Kimi. She turned Ella away as Godfrey's head bounced across the floor and came to rest by her feet. Kimi lifted her eyes and caught sight of Agatha standing in the shadows, her hand over her mouth. Kimi threw herself across the chapel and grabbed the girl by her lapels.

"What the Hell is this? What did you do?" One of the men pulled Kimi away; Agatha swallowed and fiddled with her sleeve.

"There was no time to swap the suits so I swapped the heads." Kimi stared at her for a moment until she realized that the hands that held her had lost their grip through shock. She snagged a vase from the shelf and ran at Agatha, raising it above her head.

From outside the small chapel, Mr and Mrs Hall waited for the body of their eldest child to be bought out. Sounds of screams and breaking glass from inside made everybody turn. Mrs Hall too a few steps forward but her husband stopped her.

"Leave them for a bit, dear. Grief's a strange thing; let them get it out of their systems." Mrs Hall leaned on her husband as the commotion continued inside.