**Author's Note** Well this one came about after I'd been thinking the last verse for a while, and then heard Bono singing it. Yes, I randomly hear people singing in my head sometimes- not that bad, actually. So, of course, I wrote the rest of the song to go with that verse. I think it's probably my best song yet lol but that's not saying much. So, just imagine U2 playing along behind Bono, and enjoy...


It's that old familiar feeling
I get it,
As I see you from a distance
One more time,
The waves carry you away

It's that old familiar phrase
I get it;
Now I understand the meaning
One more time
I speak it, as the waves take you away

The tide washes over my feet
I can't walk the waters to your side

((CHORUS)) I'm watching you drift away
Memory fades and wind blows by
Time slows down
As I'm waiting on the shoreline ((END CHORUS))

It's that old familiar twinge
I get it
It fades and then comes back again
One more time
I smile, but could almost cry

That mysterious distance
It's growing
The bridge was burned long ago
One last time
I look to the other side

This crazy world that I belong to
Doesn't exist without you ((2))

And the tide washes over my feet
I can't walk the waters to your side ((1))

God, if You can hear a sinner tonight
I need You now
I've been left here all alone

((CHORUS x2, with 2 and 1 in background))


Waiting on the shoreline