"So what exactly did you mean...?" Amie and Kiyoko were now below deck, exploring the long expansive halls that snaked their way in the bowels of the ship.

"When?" Kiyoko was leading, peering in every doorway that the two passed, checking to see if the room they passed had bookshelves; most did not.

"When you said that you didn't know what this place was." Amie glanced in each doorway that they passed after Kiyoko peered into it.

"You mean the Tower?" She didn't wait for confirmation. "That's because I don't. I have no idea why Platform Tower exists, or even how. It may have something to do with Diane, but I'm not entirely sure."

"What's Diane...?" Amie asked, still very surprised that Kiyoko, someone who seemed to know a lot of the Tower, just blindly accepted that it existed without truly knowing why it was there.

"SHE is the Queen of the Void." Kiyoko poked her head into a door and entered. "Ooh a kitchen. Means we can get some food..." there was some light in the kitchen thanks to a port-hole at the far side of the room, as opposed to the dimly light corridor that Kiyoko had just exited.

"And that's where the Tower exists...? No-mans land...?" Amie checked left and right of the entrance of the kitchen before entering, and closed the door behind her.

"That's right..." Kiyoko was answering absent-minded while she checked through the cupboards below the sink and cooker. She occasionally placed a pot or pan on the top of the cooker, and the occasional large utensil.

"So how can you trust something you don't know...?" Amie started looking around the higher cupboards, finding canned food and seasoning. She placed down soup and canned fish, along with a lot of seasoning.

"Because Chris created her." Kiyoko was working her way towards the large fridge-freezer.

"You what...?" Amie stopped pulling out cans and sharply turned to Kiyoko. She didn't immediately answer, seeming like she was preoccupied. "Chris created the Queen of the Void...?"

"Yup. He wrote it into the Main Control deck for storage, and the Tower reacted to it, making it within the Void. The same things happened with the other universes." Kiyoko opened and emptied one of the soup cans into a pot that was on one of the cookers hobs, switching it on when she stood up.

"He created other universes...?" Amie was currently staring into space, viably shocked by what Kiyoko had told her.

"Look I have no idea about all this. You're better off asking Chris. He did all the stuff." She switched on the hob and was blasted backwards by some unknown force.

"What was that?" Amie dived down to aid Kiyoko, who had toppled into a pile of pots she had left scattered across the floor.

"Stupid Emergency Protocol!" Once she was about her wits, Kiyoko pushed herself off from the floor and landed her hands on the small space of counter before the hob. "All I wanted to do was boil soup!" She appeared to be yelling at the pot of soup she had tried to boil.

Amie hesitated before talking and standing up, "Well if you let me have a go at it..." she turned the nob on the cooker to switch on the hob but – like Kiyoko – she was blasted back into the discarded crockery on the other side of the room.

While she slowly regained her awareness she contemplated the feeling of what had happened to her. It had appeared that she had received a large electric shock in the hand that she turned the knob with, but she felt no pain. The only reason she could tell it was an electric shock was that there was a small tingle of static electricity running through her hand.

The shock didn't even hurt, what hurt the most was landing in the crockery. Pot and pan handles had jabbed her in the back and in other uncomfortable, precocious places. Something had also hit her in the head which felt rather unsightly, it accompanied new found pain, and making it so her eyesight return rather dimly, "You alright...?" once her eyesight fully returned she could see Kiyoko kneeling over her, holding up a set of fingers. "How many fingers am I holding up?"

"Four...?" She managed to move her arm to wave in front of her face. Her vision was completely clear; it was just that her head was spinning a bit. "What happened just then?" Also being blasted across the room by some unknown force veered across into the unusual.

"An Emergency Protocol. At least now we know that you aren't the Chef on our crew." Kiyoko held her hand out for Amie to take so she could be helped up.

"So you guys don't know what you do on the ship?" Amie steadied herself as blood returned to her legs. She wasn't completely stable after the crash, so she needed the counter and Kiyoko as support.

"Not immediately. Me and Chris knew, but we don't know what we can and can't do. As far as we're aware of: Sam, Cat and you needed to discover what you lot can do in the crew." Kiyoko raised Amie's arm over and onto her shoulder so she could carry her out of the kitchen. At the very least they knew where it was, they could just inform Chris of it later; after some more snooping.

"So what do Sam and Cat do on the crew?" She peered into each door on her right, easing closer and closer each time as her legs were gaining feeling back, after a few times of heading towards a door she managed to start walking fine by herself; albeit a bit slowly to start off with.

"Sam's the Primary Boarder. Basically that means that once he's gone off and jumped aboard another vessel to attack, it means Chris can dive aboard as well." Kiyoko was still wary of Amie toppling over so kept her in the corner of her eye.

"Can we not board ships after Sam?" Amie peered into another room. It seemed to be yet another storage room; they had passed so many after venturing away from the grotty kitchen.

"I think it's better if we stay on our own ship and keep up a heavy defence. I did some research on battle tactics, and if we are attacked we should have the majority of the crew stay aboard." Kiyoko peered into another room, noticing that it was yet again a storage room. She sighed in discontent, the only thing that was held in these storage rooms were mere food rations, and since no-one on the crew were permitted to cook, they couldn't do anything about it. They'd return with the occasional pack of biscuits and other easily stored food items on their way back.

"So are you a researcher then?" Amie peered into another room, stopping to signify interest.

"Yeah. Why?" Kiyoko took a few steps forward before she realized Amie had stopped; and by the time she had stopped Amie was already walking into the room. "What's up?"

"What's this...?" Amie had picked up a thick book messily placed on the centre table of the room. "It says Medier Island area Legis..."

"A Legis?" Kiyoko screamed and ran into the room, snatching the book off of Amie and reading the cover. "Oh this is fantastic! I'm gonna hold onto this." She tucked the Legis under her arm and began searching the rest of the room for other Legis'. They seemed to be in the library of the ship.

"So what's a Legis?" Amie sat down at the centre table watching Kiyoko excitedly scan the bookshelves, pulling out the occasional book and tucking it under her arm.

"It's a book that tells of an area on the VSP." She pulled out another book from a high shelf and tucked it under her arm. She had to rearrange the positioning of the books as it was getting difficult to fit them comfortably under her arm.

"VSP?" Clearly Amie hadn't had the entire situation of Grella explained to her.

"VSP stands of Vast Sea Plaza. It's the archipelago that we're on right now. Travellers head north to each island by following the Way device – a special navigational compass that works with the electromagnetic pulse that runs underneath the VSP, rather than against it like ordinary compasses." Kiyoko traced her finger along an open page of one of the Legis' she had opened.

"Where is Medier Island?" She swivelled a book around that Kiyoko had slammed down on the centre table prior; it was the same book that Amie had picked up prior.

"Dunno. It said on the cover that the area was north of Honeydrop Island, which is the one that we just left. An area consists from 2 to 7 islands." She threw down another book on the centre table; it skidded to a stop a few inches before Amie.

"Why only to 7?" Amie opened the book and flicked through the pages, not reading anything in particular.

"If an area has any more than 7 islands it is rated as a country; and the monarchy of that country is only legally obligated to rule fewer than 14 islands. Anymore the monarchy has difficulty controlling and they must separate the country, giving control of some of the islands to a separate monarchy nearby." Kiyoko placed a book back in one of the shelves, Amie could just about see part of the title that inscribed: The Legend of Kinesis- but she couldn't see anything else of the book.

"Complicated..." she flicked through the book once more but her flicking had stopped at a page that she deemed interesting and began reading. An electric current moved up her hand and into her chest. She was blasted backwards into one of the bookshelves, much like she had been in the kitchen.

"Amie!" Kiyoko dropped the books she was holding and went over to assist her. Amie had knocked off multiple books on the shelves she had crashed into, the majority of which had toppled on top of her. Kiyoko pulled a few of them off of her, the rest of which she was able to pull them off her herself. "I guess this means you aren't the Navigator on our crew." She chortled, trying to insert some humour into the situation.

"That was that shock thing that I got in the kitchen, wasn't it?" Amie leaned against the shelving unit, pushing herself off of the ground and up into a near standing position.

"Yeah... that may happen with a lot of things you'll do. So be wary until you find out what you can do." Kiyoko looked at Amie's hat she was wearing, then down to the rest of her clothes. "I like what you're wearing."

"What...?" Amie looked down and for the first time since being in the Floor, she had properly observed what she was wearing.

Her outfit seemed to have a bit of a red/panda theme; and thanks to her love of pandas, this wasn't much of a problem. Her hat was a definite indication of this, since it literally was a woollen panda hat that only just covered her ears. Her shirt was a very bright red colour, with a pattern of a tie printed on the front. Below the shirt she wore a deep grey skirt, exposing the higher area of her leg – just above the knee – and also showing her knee high panda dotted, black, white and red socks.

Following the theme of pandas and red, her shoes were panda themed converses with a red lining along the base and rim of the shoe. And looking at her hands she thought that the panda gloves she was given was the icing on the cake of her outfit.

"This is amazing..." she pushed herself off from the bookshelf, marvelling at her clothes without even noticing that her legs were still twitching from the convulsion that had just pulsed through her system. "Where did these clothes come from...?" She stumbled over some of the books but managed to hold herself upright.

"The Tower gives them to you when you enter a Floor. What you get given depends on the Floor and on your personality." She ruffled her hood, gesturing at it, "I still ponder why the Tower gave me a hood though... it's not summery and it's not really my personality style." She sniggered at her own, personal joke.

"I really like it..." Amie was still in awe of her clothes, not really taking notice of what Kiyoko was saying.

"Alright then." She sniggered again but at Amie's awe. "We still haven't staked out all the rooms," she picked up the Legis' that she had thrown on the table and left them in the corridor beside the open door, "We best be heading further on." She took Amie's hand and pulled her out of the room and down the corridor.

After Amie got over how amazing her outfit was she continued conversation with Kiyoko. They mainly strayed away from talk of the Tower – mainly because Kiyoko had passed on all the information she knew on the subject – and just talked of anything that came into mind. One topic that was revisited frequently was: Chris. Amie was very curious as to what he was like; she only knew him on the terms of a first impression and did wish to know more – though everything that Kiyoko described of Chris gave Amie no more than what she already knew. And that was simply: just a nice guy.

Kiyoko peered into a room on the left, noticing the door was open a crack and no light was protruding from the room.

Her eyes quickly adjusted to the dim light that permeated the room as she opened the squeaky door open so as she could enter. What she saw in the room wasn't what she wanted to see, not in any shape or form.

There was at least 100 marine soldiers... sleeping. Kiyoko squeaked once she saw the soldiers in the room, even though she knew they were probably heavy sleepers since the squeaky door hadn't woken them at all. She backed out the room, making sure Amie wouldn't enter.

"What? What's in there?" Amie could tell this fact by looking at Kiyoko's terrified expression and also that she wouldn't look away from the room she had just exited.

"A lot of sleeping marine soldiers..." she squeaked again, still terrified by the platoon of them.

"What do we do...?" Amie seemed shocked by it also – though she had no idea they were on stolen naval vessel.

"Go tell Chris." And with that word they stormed down the corridor, back towards top deck.