Chris and Sam were still stood at the helm. Sam was looking far, far ahead of the ship, trying to see if he could spy another island, Chris was pretending he was driving the ship and making engine noises – occasionally making the sound of an explosion and waving his arms.

Cat was in her human form in the crow's nest, arms draped over the side and just watching the ocean in front of her. Occasionally she looked north to see if she could spot the next island, but quite often her gaze returned back to Honeydrop Island. She was checking to see if any ships were following them.

Her attention was then brought down to the lower deck, where she saw Amie run out of the below deck corridor door, followed swiftly by a frantic hood-down Kiyoko, who seemed to be holding a set of books. They ran across the length of the ship, straight towards Chris.

"Hold on we're about to crash into those rocks!" Chris screamed, pretending to turn the wheel port, "Arg, these seas be mighty tough!" Obviously caught inside his imagination out of boredom.

"Chris!" Kiyoko screamed. She stopped in front of him, a little out of breath; it looked as if she had been running for quite a while.

"Hold on yer landlubbers! We be safe soon!" He had now adopted a pirate accent and was still caught in his head.

"Not playing a game, Chris! There's an emergency!" Kiyoko flicked her hood up on top of her head as it was originally before she started running. "There's still marines on this ship! We found them sleeping below deck!"

"Ah." He let go of the wheel and stopped with the dynamic-melodramatic actions. "Stowaways we 'ave, is it?" The accent however was staying.

"Dammit..." Kiyoko slapped her forehead with a free hand she managed to muster. "When Chris finds that he can do a certain accent he can't drop it for a while. We'll be having pirate Chris for quite some time now."

"Then we must come up with a plan, mustn't we?" He stepped past Kiyoko and Amie and looked over to the ocean, stroking an imaginary beard. "Got a plan!" His ordinary accent was back, and in record time. "I found an intercom system up here at the helm. If I try and do Crowcar's voice, maybe we can get those lot to get up on deck! Then once they're up here, we can blast them away into the ocean!"

"But you're the only one with blasting like abilities..." Kiyoko pointed out a fatal flaw in his plans, while juggling the Legis' between her hands so she could balance them with one.

"No I'm not!" He smiled cheekily with a hint of a song in his voice. He pointed up towards the crow's nest, up towards Cat. "If Cat can do her Kitty-Kat upgrade, then she can just roar them off."

"Oh yeah! I completely forgot about her upgrade ability. I hope she can still do it..." Kiyoko shrugged the books in her arms, finding it increasingly more difficult the longer she held them.

They beckoned Cat up and off the crow's nest and down to the crew's level. They discussed with her their plan, but she was a bit unsure of it at first. She hadn't yet tried the Kitty-Kat upgrade, and she wasn't particularly confident with it.

Chris wasn't having any of her self-doubt however. He was completely confident in her abilities, and had total faith in her and her abilities. Cat still felt that the upgrade wouldn't work, and that she was going to let the entire crew down, but Chris convinced her to at least 'give it a go', and that if she failed it wasn't a problem, it was just something she could work on.

So this was it, this was the moment they had been planning and were ready to let unfurl into whatever outcome occurred. Chris was stationed at the intercom microphone at the helm with Kiyoko, Sam and Amie knelt down close behind him. Cat was stood at the starboard side of the lower deck, awaiting the signal of Chris shouting orders through the microphone. When he switched to his Crowcar voice and began barking orders over the intercom, it was time for her to adopt to her Kitty-Kat upgrade form.

She was ready; or at least she was preparing herself. She still wasn't 100% confident that it was going to work, but at the very least she had to try. For now she just waited. She just waited for the signal that Chris was to give, awaiting his voice roaring over the intercom system that laced the ship; after that she had at least a few minutes to get herself in form.

"All hands on deck immediately! We have an emergency! All hands on deck!" The resemblance to Crowcar was uncanny, he sounded nearly exactly like him. Cat had never known Chris to be that good at mimicking an individual's voice.

Though now she hadn't the time to waste on pondering how Chris managed to change his voice so, Chris mimicking the gravelly voiced man was the signal that Cat was waiting for. She now had to focus all her efforts into compressing her energy. She remembered a technique from the original Floor 6 whereby she just thought small. Small objects, small animals, small people. It didn't matter what it was unless it was small. That was the entire point of the exercise.

She also had to make sure she didn't joke about it either, if she lost focus – even for a second – she'd have to start again; and she didn't have that time. She had to focus, and focus real hard, if she wanted to use the Kitty-Kat upgrade.

A twinge – twinge in her nose, the feeling of her nose itching felt very familiar, painfully familiar. She closed her eyes and focused on the feeling. It had to be something linked to the Kitty-Kat upgrade. So if she focused on the feeling enough maybe she would form into her kitten form.

"You did it!" Chris' scream broke the silence, he was quickly shushed by the rest of the crew.

Cat opened her eyes and noticed that she had shrunk; and shrunk considerably. She looked down to her feet and saw small, furry paws. Looking around at that rest of her body, it was that of a kitten. She looked absolutely adorable; she didn't even need to see her face.

Then stomping was heard, stomping of nearly a hundred feet from below the deck. The soldiers were making their way to where she stood right there and then, and that meant that she had to execute her plan. She dropped to her side and curled into a ball, pretending to sleep.

The soldiers all stomped on deck and stood at attention, but eased when they first: noticed they were at sea, and second: saw nothing but a kitten sleeping on deck. Their confusion didn't ease any as time continued and they saw that the kitten was purring in its – faux – sleep.

"Just let me try it!" Chris whispered from behind the helm.

"No! Just let Cat do the plan!" Kiyoko hushed him quiet once more, switching her position to something slightly more comfortable; however this caused her to drop one of the Legis', and it made a big bang as it hit the wooden deck.

"Alright, now I think it's appropriate that I try it." Chris winked and hopped up, exposing himself to the soldiers. "Try beating this!" He had successfully grasped the soldier's attention, especially since they were all looking in his direction anyway.

He started to run forward, and before hitting the staircase leading down to the lower deck where the soldiers stood he flipped forwards in the air: "Reiki Bounce." Was his technique of choice and with it he propelled himself above the soldiers watching him.

"It's the One Man Army!" Some of them uttered in both amazement and fear.

"Flash Reiki Blitz!" His arms flashed for a split second, and a second after the soldiers were all slammed into the deck. The Impact Point energy mixed with the Speed Star energy that he propelled down was so powerful that the soldiers cracked the deck. "Cat, now!"

Cat flipped herself up and saw the damage. She hesitated in amazement for a second, but readied herself back to normal. "Meow Meow Cannon!" After naming her attack she 'meowed' as hard as she could, echoing energy towards the soldiers, knocking them backwards and off the edge of the ship – taking half of the deck-side on the starboard with them.

"Phreh!" Chris was in such awe that he had forgotten to prepare a proper landing in time, falling flat on his front in the crater on deck he had created. "That was so cool!" He hopped up and healed his minor injury with his Heal Square Seichem skill-set. "I forgot you could do that!"

"Glad that situation sorted itself out quickly." Kiyoko stood up and grabbed the Legis she dropped on the floor. "Sorry about dropping this, Cat!" She held it up in gesture, "Accident!"

She helped Sam and Amie up, and continued down deck. "I read a bit of the Medier Island Area Legis and it said the next island along is called: Vitenden Isle. It's a small island about 5 days from Medier and is used as a supply source for the mainland." She reached Chris and tucked every Legis that wasn't the Medier Island Legis under her arms. She opened the Medier Island Legis and stopped on the chapter concerning Vitenden Isle. "It's just an island covered with Kilén trees." She looked up to Amie, who was talking with Sam up by the helm, "We found that light blue bow by her. It's string-less but I think it's powered by her own Impact Point energy. On the island she can train while we go gather materials."

"Alright." Kiyoko had successfully grasped Chris' attention and he was ready to plan. "How far away is Vitenden Isle?"

"We left from Honeydrop Island about a few hours ago according to the ship-watch. So probably only another couple of days." She looked up, seeing some clouds but generally the weather was clear. "There is no mist and it doesn't look like it'll rain anytime soon. We should see the isle by noon tomorrow." She lowered her head to once again look at Chris and Cat, "What do you propose we do, Captain?"

"Give Amie her bow now. We can get some quick target practise while we wait. We can work with moving targets and it would give me a chance to work with a bow user." It was clear that Chris wanted Amie to use him as the moving target, and wanted him to fight Amie. He soon ran over to inform her of the situation.

"So this is mine...?" It was a quick explanation. Chris had shown Amie her bow and he was adamant that she take it. She was hesitant as first but she took it after little prodding on Chris' part. "Are you sure this is a bow? It hasn't got a string." She held the string-less bow by its handle and awaited further explanation.

"Relatively." Chris took Amie's hand and guided her down to the lower deck. He gestured to the rest of the crew to stand aside while he took Amie to the port side. "Alright. Now hold it like you would an ordinary bow." She did as instructed. "Now pull the string."

"I don't think it will work-" she was insistent that Chris was mistaken.
"Don't care. Pull back the string."

She was surprised at Chris' sudden sternness, and also a little scared. She placed her free hand by her other and acted as if she was going to pull back a string. She hesitated, but again followed orders. And even through her scepticism she was able to create a harmoniously, light-blue arrow. It glowed, effervescently.

"Oh my God. That's beautiful." Amie was hypnotized by the beauty that she had created with her fingertips; all the while Chris angled her so the arrowhead was pointing out to the ocean. He waited for a few seconds, seeing if Amie would catch on, but lost patience and pinched her sides. She screamed in panic as she was tickled and let go of the arrow, it firing off into the far distance; into the Western horizon. "Why did you do that?" She turned her head swiftly to Chris, visibly angry at his actions.

"Ooh that goes far..." he wasn't paying attention, he was more focused on how far the arrow was flying for; and it seemed that it was a considerable distance. "Alright. Let's see what the power is behind it." He jumped back to the other side of the deck, near to where the cracks in the deck were.

Amie's eyes followed him as he jumped over and set himself in place on the starboard side. She was curious as to what he was going to suggest, and pondered if she was going to enjoy the situation.
"Alright." He had finished shuffling about in place and took the monkey stance. "Come at me with your best shot!"

"What?" Immediately she was shocked, "N-No! I'm not gonna do that!"

"It's not gonna hurt me if that's what you're worried about." He relaxed the stance a little bit, but soon tensed himself up again, locking the stance.

"I don't want to." Amie lowered her bow to her side – both hands still holding onto it tightly however.

"You gonna have to..." he lowered the stance slightly, "Else you'll have a fist in your face."