Chris and Kiyoko jumped up and stormed to the bow of the ship, over to where the rest of the crew stood, completely ecstatic. Amie hadn't yet seen an island, and even though the first island she was going to see was used as a sort of 'farm', she was still as excited as ever. The ocean was expansive, so she thought that she wasn't going to see something for days; but it was so soon it seemed uncanny.

"That island is closer than I thought." Cat looked over the starboard side to behind the ship, "You can still just about see Honeydrop..."

"That's Vitenden Isle...?" Chris turned to Kiyoko for confirmation. She nodded upon further observation, and Chris turned back; leaning over the side of the deck to see if he could see the isle proper. "It looks a way away though..." he pulled himself back, "At least a day I'd say."

"So what do you propose we do, Captain?" Kiyoko giggled as she rested herself against the side railing.

"Until we can reach the island," Chris slapped his hands together to grasp the rest of the crew's attention, "For now, however, we should rest."

"Are we gonna take shifts again?" Sam pushed himself upright, ready to head below deck.

"Yeah. And this time we'll work backwards! Sam, you go first, then Cat, Kiyoko, me and finally Amie." Chris jumped down to the lower deck, "Sound good?"

"Aye Cap'n." Sam moaned under his breath and turned himself so he was facing the isle in front of him.

'What's new since last time then...?' Sam asked himself from within his head. 'I'm stronger I suppose. That's fun. I actually know how to fight and that Hundred thing I did was really cool. The werewolf as well; that was unexpected.

'Not a lot more I suppose. I don't understand the Tower any more than I did before... And I still don't feel as linked to it as everyone else seems to be... I mean, even Amie seems more in tune with it than I do. Really sucks...'

Sam walked to the lower deck and picked up his sword he had leant against the railing. 'Good time to practise battle techniques.' He separated his swords and held them in a defensive position. 'How did I do that Hundred technique before?' He locked the stance, still deep in thought. 'I think the explosion lines hit each other and shattered.' He unlocked and lowered the stance. 'I suppose that makes sense.'

He placed his swords to one side and stepped up to the starboard side of the ship. He rested his arms on the railing and watched the ocean float by. No ships were in sight, again, which he thought rather peculiar. They hadn't seen one ship since they had been out at sea; even while they were on their way to Honeydrop Island. There were none at all. It was something that he'd have to ask Chris or Kiyoko – and considering that earlier today Chris was pretending he was sailing through ravenous seas, Kiyoko was probably the better choice to ask.

He was watching the ocean for a lengthy amount of time; in this time his vision had slowly drifted downwards until he was eventually staring at the part of the ocean that was making direct contact with the ship – and when it got to this point he forced his vision upwards, back to its starting position.

A ship donning a pirate flag sailed directly into his field of vision; it was close enough to see the cannons aimed directly at the vessel he stood aboard.

A cannonball whistled through the air and landed a few feet before the ship, narrowly avoiding it; lucky too since everyone was asleep. Battle had been declared between the ships, and Sam felt it upon himself to fight on behalf of his sleeping shipmates – also he was the Primary Boarder so he had to jump first before anyone else could do anything.

He grabbed his swords and locked into a position. Then he thought: don't dive over and attack directly – just simply use his gifted power. It would be good practise since he hadn't exactly mastered the powers yet, and it meant he could try and perfect a technique with a moving target. The issue with that however is that he had a limited timeframe. He had to make sure he attacked before the enemy ship landed an attack on the vessel he stood upon.

The cannonball whistled through the air once more, though this time it seemed that it was more on target than its sunken predecessor. It was going to land on deck, break through the deck and fall below. This one had the potential to sink the ship, and it was on Sam's watch! Everyone else was below deck sleeping, and what would Amie think? She would probably want to leave the Tower as soon as possible. Sam didn't have the time to practise his powers at this moment in time, so he had to remain on board and block cannonballs.

Remembering the way he fought against the giant fish upon his first visit in the Floor: he managed to jump tremendously far in the fish's direction in order to fight it. If he could do that then, maybe he could do it again now.

It was now or never, he only had one shot and it had to be in the next second. There were no second chances, and it wasn't likely that the cannonball was going to miss the ship entirely, soaring far behind him past the ship. He bent at the knee, readying to jump.

Amazingly he managed to jump the height with ease, and he was able to block the attack – it pushed him backwards slightly, but the cannonball hadn't hit the ship. He pushed his swords out and knocked it into the water beside the ship.

"So this is what you've been doing!" Cat had woken up in time for her shift and caught Sam in the middle of the fight.

"Would you mind lending a hand?" He pleaded, position locked to prepare to catch another cannonball.

"Yeah sure." She took off her jacket, shirt, and trousers, preparing to shift. "You dive overboard and destroy that ship; I'll stay here and handle the cannonballs."

"Gotcha." He leaped over to the other ship, easily able to clear the distance, but bouncing off in-flight cannonballs as a means to propel himself over – and to askew their trajectory to keep them off the ship.

If anything, the crew on the other deck were surprised to see that Sam had come to join them. Firstly, they expected a naval individual instead of Sam, and secondly – and more importantly – it was amazing to them that Sam had managed to clear the distance between them so easily, and with so little damage to his person; the deck had cracked and splintered from the impact zone.

"Doesn't look good for you, does it?" He raised his swords vertically across his wingspan and began spinning on the spot. Faster and faster he spun, creating so much of a current around him that it could nearly lift a person away; in fact it was. Sam was being lifted by the current that he was creating and was hovering above the boat. He added some of his explosive energy to the tornado he was creating, and awaited as it made its way down the current and at the ship.

"Cyclone Explosion!" Another named technique. He used the Cyclone to whisk him back on board the heisted naval vessel, and back next to Cat. "So where's the bedroom?"

"In the door over there." She pointed to the door that allowed access to Below deck, "The third right."

"Gotcha." He took himself and his swords to Below deck. "Night."

Cat picked up her clothes and transformed into her Werecat form. She stretched her back and claws out, being careful not to scratch or scuff the wood any more than it already was. She made a dive for the crow's nest, clambering up to the top. She downshifted back to her normal form and slipped into her clothes.

The night-time sky has been something that she'd grown very fond of over her time in the original Floor 6 - its Rebooted version was no exception. Chris always spent a lot of time heavily animating each star that twinkled in the sky, and she even remembered some of the constellations that he had told her and the rest of the Star Pirate crew. She raised her hand while she lay back in the crow's nest and traced her finger along some of the lines of the constellations, knitting the stars together.

This would be her final adventure in the Floor. After Vitenden and possibly Medier she would have to return home. The 4th member of the crew in Floor 6Reboot and she had to return home because of work. She wanted to stay in the Floor forever; she wanted to be like Kiyoko: to be trapped in the Tower forever and not to have responsibilities in the outside world.

No she didn't. She just didn't want to leave and have Chris and company continue along the VSP without her. It sounded selfish, and she would never outwardly discuss it, but it's how she felt. There was a chance that she could come back for another few days and spend some time in Floor 6 (and hopefully some more time, considering that Chris would no longer have to sort out the Beta) but she had already used up what little holiday time she already had.

The thought of going back to her monotonous lifestyle without the Tower did depress her a little bit, but it was something that she had to get over and used to; even though the transition would be near impossible.

She checked the clock on the inside of her arm, seeing what the time was in real-time. It hadn't even gotten to 10 o'Clock yet. They had left for the drama society a bit early, and in doing so they came back relatively early. In real-time it had only just made 10 minutes.

At least she had a while in the Tower before she had to leave. She calculated it and found that she had little less than a week left in the Tower. She hoped it would be enough to see Medier Island, even if she just saw it on the horizon.

Vitenden Isle was her focus of the moment however. She could still see the silhouette in the distance even though the sun had long from set. Kiyoko mentioned that they may have reached the island by afternoon the next day, but she examined the distance between them and the island and figured that they were even closer than originally predicted.

Her attention was brought down to movement on the lower deck. It looked as though Kiyoko had awoken for her shift, and after her followed Chris.

Chris was carrying some kind of gramophone, though the speaker seemed a bit out of proportion to the rest of the player, and seemed to be in the shape of a tuba rather than an actual gramophone speaker. Kiyoko put in what looked to be a disc of some kind and pressed the needle down. Cat could only just hear the music that was playing – it was turned down to near silent – but it sounded like some kind of classical music. This fact was reinforced after Chris and Kiyoko started dancing in a sort of waltz fashion.

They're flow in dancing followed the rhyme of the music. Cat had overheard Chris' and Kiyoko's conversations over synergy in battle, but she never knew how good they were at dancing. Each of their actions flowed into the next, much like how they would when fighting. It must've been some kind of training exercise that Kiyoko summoned up. She watched as occasionally Kiyoko was thrown up into the air and she kicked her legs as hard as she could – obviously to signify an uppercut kick of the like. However, before Cat knew what was going on, Kiyoko seemed to immediately flow into something else.

Each action that Kiyoko was taking immediately flowed into another. Chris was leading in terms of dancing, but in terms of fighting it was completely Kiyoko; everything Kiyoko did – from high flying kick to low sweep – Chris seemed to follow, without breaking hold, without breaking flow, and all in time with the music.

It was amazing – a simply spectacular spectacle; something that could only be observed once in a blue moon.

Cat's shift was far from over, so she shifted into her Werecat form and silently disappeared through the deck's door and down into the depths of the ship.