Sam didn't seem to be having too much difficulty fighting against Eric Carlisle. He was able to block all of his attacks from any angle with his swords separated. Sam hadn't even needed to move from the spot since all he needed to do was raise a guard in a certain position. The thought of Eric Carlisle merely toying with him in order to create a false sense of security popped into his head occasionally.

Chris flashed into the space through part of the floor and grabbed Sam by the wrist. He swung him through the air and threw him down where he came from – down into the lobby where Kiyoko was fighting Arsen Rose. Chris then quickly shot a two-handed Impact Point blow at Eric Carlisle, sending him skyrocketing out of the far window. Following all this Chris flashed back into the lobby and kicked Arsen Rose in the head.

"What was that about?" Sam recovered himself after sliding across the polished floor within the lobby, deeply confused concerning what had just happened.

"Just getting you down here – I've got another plan." Chris observed as Arsen Rose once again regained himself and stumbled upwards, ready to face the three once more.

"Pray tell, Cap'n!" Kiyoko avoided an attack from Arsen Rose, not countering or parrying with any attack of her own – she merely back-flipped a few times in order to create some space.

"I'm gonna set off a big Reiki Pulse and destroy the manor. Best chance we have at an escape." Chris raised a shield as Arsen Rose lunged toward him with a lazily executed Mirachta attack – Arsen Rose seemed to be becoming tired.

An arrow of energy fired from behind the three pirates and straight at the face of Arsen Rose – his Mirror Armament Seichem had been raised, but it seemed that Amie's arrow was able to transcend it. The arrow didn't pierce, but it didn't rebound – it shattered in place. It confused everyone in the battle. Amie stepped forward from behind Chris and Sam, her dress partially ripped at knee level – seeming to have been ripped by Cat who was perched on her shoulder – but only enough so she could move more freely.

"How did you do that?" Kiyoko seemed the most shocked out of everyone, holding a Dragon Stance at one side of the battlefield.

"Does it matter right now? For the time being we need to handle this guy." She aimed her bow again, readying an arrow and firing it off at Arsen Rose's face again.

"Blue Line Sweep!" Sam fired off one of his newest technique at Arsen Rose, assuming that the Mirror Armament Seichem had worn down slightly. However, this was not the case with his attack since it completely rebounded off of him and shot back towards the four pirates. They all managed to duck down in time – including Amie – so as they wouldn't get hit by the attack. "Sorry, I didn't know that would happen!"

"Just don't do it again!" Amie exclaimed, diving backwards whilst firing an arrow at Arsen Rose's face again in order to create some more time for the group to reorganize. Cat scrapped all the way down Amie's back, not hurting her, just damaging the dress. It was falling off her in rags, exposing only a white bra and, a near string like, undergarments. "Ah my clothes!" Amie tried to pick up the rags as they dangled toward the floor, but to no avail.

"Amie! Keep your head in the battle!" Chris clambered up Arsen Rose's body and nutted him in one swift movement – only to gain some time while Amie was faffing.

"But my clothes!" She protested while trying to cover herself.

"Personally," Sam disconnected his swords and made a run for Arsen Rose, slashing him horizontally across the chest. "I think you look better out of the wedding dress!"

"Hah! You pervert, Sam!" Chris kicked the space where Sam cut, pushing himself away but also pushing Arsen Rose back. He skidded to a stop beside an attack ready Cat – though as prior instructed she was not in her Werecat form. "Thanks for staying out of your Werecat form, Cat."

"Just following my Captain's orders!" She jumped up onto Chris' shoulder and splayed herself down so she was safe as she was.

"And keep following them!" Chris span himself in a tornado like fashion with his Speed Star Seichem style, rocketing the side of his hand into Arsen Rose's face and pushing him to another side of the room – Cat had clung onto Chris' neck for dear life, her flaws nearly fusing to his neck as he healed the skin she scratched with her Heal Square Seichem style. "Sorry about that..." He plucked her off and threw her in the direction of Kiyoko, where she slipped across the floor by her feet – she was incredulously dizzy from the action.

Kiyoko made a run for Arsen Rose, kicking him repeatedly in the head trying to keep a set of damage sustained, not letting any opportunity that may have been in place where Arsen Rose had lost focus partially and momentarily ceased using his Armament Seichem as a defence go to waste! Although it seemed Amie had recovered from the embarrassment of losing her dress and was backing Kiyoko up whenever she needed it.

It didn't take long for Chris to come in with a 'final attack' however. He swooped in with a flash of his Speed Star Seichem style and made contact with his two closed fists.

"Speed Star Boom!" The attack shot Arsen Rose through multiple walls and into an unconscious state – or at least that could only be assumed considering that Arsen Rose had been propelled through nearly 10 walls and potentially 3 metal columns. "Sorted!" Chris regained his default stood position and jumped to exasperate his joy.

"And that means we don't have to destroy the manor!" Kiyoko pulled up her hood and stretched her arms and legs out, hearing some of her bones click as air was released.

"The exit is just behind us and we can leave the island on Kalifer's boat in peace!" Sam reattached his swords by their hilt and held them by his side as he and Amie sauntered to the door.

Kiyoko picked up Cat and placed her on her head, as she couldn't very well walk at all considering how much she had spun when perched on Chris' shoulder during the Super Sledgehammer.

It seemed that their adventure on Medier Island was over. Amie had been rescued; their escape was nigh immediately considering both Eric Carlisle and Arsen Rose had been taken care of battle wise, Prince Kalifer was nowhere to be found since running off. Everything seemed to be looking up for them.

That was until the doors burst open, revealing Prince Kalifer in a suit of odd looking armour, his hand held up and in the direction of the crew – looking like he was activating his Impact Point Seichem. Everyone took a battle ready position – all but Cat who was gently placed on the floor behind the crew.

"You're not leaving with the girl." He aimed his open palm at Amie again, trying to erase and reconstruct her memories once more.

"No!" Chris panicked and flashed in a direction, but it was straight into the palm of Prince Kalifer; his memories were now the ones to be erased and reconstructed.

Amie fell to the ground from the exhaustion of some of her memories being lost and regained. She saw the rest of the crew running towards Prince Kalifer and Chris within his mitts. Her memories slowly returned to their original state as she saw her fellow crewmates running toward Chris in an attempt to rescue him. And it was then that she remembered an important fact: Chris' Heal Square Seichem style and what he could do with it.

Amie picked up her bow and pulled her hand back to create a draw string – an arrow appearing in place because of. She made her aim in the direction of Prince Kalifer – through Chris. She fired her arrow and it shot through Chris' stomach and into Prince Kalifer – straight through his heart. Although what followed next was what no-one was expecting. Chris was dropped to the floor and he lowered himself to his knees, but he was screaming.

His gaze was at the ceiling – or at least it would be if his eyes hadn't rolled into his head first. The hole in his stomach healed up nearly instantly, so that wasn't the reason he was screaming – it was something else. It was something out of the ordinary – or at least what you could consider ordinary with the mechanics that stayed in place within Floor 6.

Kiyoko was the only one to move, and she dropped down beside Chris and held him tightly to try and calm him down. It wasn't helping, and then only choice she had now was to cut off the connection to his Reiki. She wasn't even sure if the process would work, but she needed to try at the very least.

The first thing she had to do was Track his presence, and with the increasing severity of the situation, it was becoming further difficult to focus enough. Luckily Sam remembered the situation so he was able to keep Cat away and quiet, and Amie had flopped forward and was unable to move, so she had no idea what was going on.

She found a Star; with her eyes closed she found a Star! And it shone brighter than anything she had ever seen before. It was beautiful, but was also mysterious – it had secrets, had tales that it had told no-one. It was brave, it was protective, it was forgiving, but it felt wrong. This Star was the representation of Chris' Reiki pulse but its shine was too bright, like it was in pain.

She latched herself onto the Star and held it tight, so tight that it hurt her. The Star was pushing her away, stabbing and slashing her spiritual embodiment in a way to protect itself – it didn't mean to though, it didn't know any better. Through this onslaught of spiritual attacks, no matter how much she hurt: Kiyoko held on tightly and wouldn't let go – not until the Star felt safe with her, not until the onslaught stopped.

It became further and further difficult for her to maintain her grasp onto the Star, the pain was becoming excruciating for her to withstand – but she wasn't about to give up. And the last lash of the Star's talons, right there she found it – or at least what could be defined as 'it'. The extra thing that she found on Chris' Star could only be defined as 'it' because 'it' was foreign. A foreign body infecting a familiar host.

It looked like some kind of parasite that was feeding off the energy the Star was giving, and causing the Star to panic the way it was. If the Star's light was shut off, then the parasite would leave and the Star could recover to its previous state – not shining so brightly.

She weaved a string of energy from her own soul and fed it into the Star – it luckily let her through with nary any interference from the Star or the parasite. The Star was letting her in, which was fantastic! It meant that Chris was still partially aware of the world that was around him, and that Kiyoko was trying to worm her way in.

The thread was instructed to wrap itself around the Star as much as it could and with the start being pushed through the dead centre; and as soon as the thread was about to run out she pulled the thread fast out of the Star. The light immediately switching off, and the parasite faded.

It was then everything went red, then black.