Saturday, September 25, 2010

That Haunted House

She died on an October night

Seven years to this day

She died in the old Hanson house

On the haunted hill

She died at midnight

So long ago

She said she was not afraid

So she went to that haunted hill

Then before I could stop her

She entered that strange old house

I ran after her

I could not find her

So I searched that house

Just for her

The longer I was in the house

The scarrier it grew

If the legends were true

The whole family died in that house

No one knew how the family died

But it was said that the family

Haunted that house

So I searched for her in fright

In that house on Haunted hill

At times I really thought

I saw shadows just like a person

And at times I thought

I heard footsteps

But I would turn around

And there never was anything

Sometimes I thought I heard moaning

I began to worry that I would

Never reach her, but that I would

Die of fright

The more I worried

The more I began to imagine

I started to see what I

Thought must have been a ghost

At the time I thought

It was the old caretaker

So i called out to him

But there was no answer

He started to walk away

I thought he hadn't heard me

So I followed him

He walked fast for being so old

I didn't think I would

Ever catch up to him

But then I finally caught him

I called his name again but

There wasn't an answer as before

For some strange reason

I got the bright idea

To touch him on the shoulder

I'm not for sure, for my

Memory is foggy

But I believe my hand

Went right through him

I was so terrified

That I turned and ranaway

I ran as fast as I could

Before I had ran far

I tumbled over something on the floor

It took me a moment to catch my breath

Once I had picked myself up

I turned around to see

What I had tumbled over

This is when I saw her

She was lying on the floor

Motionless and not breathing

I bent over her but there

Wasn't a heart beat

"Oh, why did she come

To this horrible place?"

I cried

The coroner later said

She had died of fright

I don't know what she saw

To frighten her to death

But if my eyes were right

And the legends true

I was lucky to escape

I know that, that place is

Haunted on that Haunted hill

I will never go to that

Dreadful Hanson house again