One day, Archie sees Dilton playing with a small, brown dog.
Dilton says, "This is my dog Scruffy. I've been training her for three months and she can TALK! Listen to this, Archie!"

Dilton kneels beside his pooch and asks, "What is on top of a house, Scruffy?"

The dog answers, "WOOF!" and Dilton says, "There! She talked!"

Archie tilts his head and says, "I don't know. It sounded more like a bark than the word 'ROOF'."

Dilton tries again. He asks, "Scruffy, who is Archie's favorite baseball player?" and the dog again answers, "WOOF!"

"RUTH!" Dilton yells, "Scruffy was guessing that your favorite baseball player is Babe RUTH!"

"Hmm . . . I don't think so, Dilton." Archie says, "Better luck next time."

As Archie walks away, the dog looks up at Dilton and says, "Should I have said Jackie Wobinson? Ken Gwiffey Junior? Mawk McGuire? Which one do you fink is wight?"