You're No Angel

Everyone thinks that you're great.

You think you're great too. Drop dead.

Face of a cherub: dimples, blonde hair, blue eyes.

But on the inside, a devil lurks, with a heart of lead.

Loved by all, this evil "angel",

I don't understand why no one else can see

what a spiteful, deceitful witch she is.

Will everyone remain under her spell – ignoring me.

You think you know everything, but you don't!

You pick on me, yet you know nothing about my life.

The only me you see is the one that comes to school,

You know nothing. Nothing of my hardships or strife.

And yet, despite everything, to think I was willing to forgive

you, who've made me feel half an inch tall. No. Less than that!

Get out of your own arse, you self centred so and so.

I hate you. I Hate You! You complete and utter brat.