Two four-year-old twins, brother and sister, watched in horror out their window as their village was invaded and lives were lost.

"Hurry, my children, hurry," their mother rushed, packing bags for each of them. "You two must go on without me. I will stay here and protect Daddy."

"Mommy," the little girl responded, "I don't want to leave you. You and Daddy will die."

"Sweetie, you're oldest," her mother explained. "You need to take care of your brother. I'm giving you a very important job. Make sure you and your brother get away safely and don't look back."

"Why not, mommy?"

"If you look back," she chided, "you will want to come back and help me and Daddy. I need you two to live and set up freedom."

"Mommy?" the boy called. "People are coming. Big men in long clothes."

"Oh," she whispered. "They came earlier than expected. Now, I need you two to take these bags and rush out the back and into the forest. Okay?"

"Yes, Mommy," the twins chimed, picking up the bags and starting down the back stairs.

The twins were in the outer part of the forest when they heard a man shout, "If you won't come out and surrender, we'll have to kill you! Men! Set your explosives!"

"No! Mommy! Daddy!" the little boy yelled, clearly torn. "Sissy, we have to go back and help them!"

"Brother," the little girl bossily said, "we can't go back. We have to live and set up freedom like Mommy told us."

Just then, the man shouted, "Men! Detonate the explosives!"

The whole forest shook with the force of the explosion. Shards of glass and Splinters of wood flew everywhere, embedding into trees, the ground, and into the little children.

Fortunately, though, the twins were not hurt severely. They each got a small grouping of debris stuck in them each. The girl's was shaped oddly like a 'Z' and was on her left cheek. The boy's was shaped like a 'W' and, unfortunately, it destroyed his right eye.

The little girl's face, lit up by the fire, even though the left side of her face was covered in blood, you could see the grim determination on her face as she dragged her brother to safety behind a tree.

The four-year-old twins were now alone, fighting to survive.