Part One:

Sixteen Years Later.…

Z: My brother, the idiot.

My brother is an idiot. He's clumsy, Often speaks gibberish (And people look at me to translate!), and he still whines and insists that we should've gone into our house to save our parents all those sixteen years ago.

I had just woken up from yet another nightmare in which I relived the death of my parents. I have been having these nightmares since the day it really happened.

"Z?" my brother, W, asked. "When're you planning on coming out of your tent? When're you going to come to the meeting? You do remember that you are our leader; you have to be there!"

"Okay, okay, I get it. Stall for me a bit longer, will ya?" I responded, more of an order than a question.

W sighed and walked away as I rummaged through my bag for my meeting outfit—a blood-red sleeveless top and a pine-green long skirt. Finding it, I pulled off my sleep-shirt and pulled my outfit on. I grabbed my hairbrush and attempted to brush my shoulder-length, bright red, curly hair. I strapped my quiver of arrows to my back, and grabbed my hand-made bow. I rushed out of my tent, grabbing a biscuit along the way.

W met me outside the main tent. "What," he questioned, running his hand through his messy, equally-bright red hair, "took you so long?"

"Well, excuse me, but I am a girl, it takes me time to get ready. Unlike you, who probably just threw on the first thing you saw in your tent this morning!" I retorted, with tons of exaggerated attitude.

"Just get in there," W chided, herding me towards the entrance, "and save me from further embarrassment."

The whole meeting was pretty boring. Well, until we talked about our next raid of the Lord's army. That caused much dispute, because some said we should be more on the defensive than offensive, including my brother. We decided on the defensive move for the time being. As soon as we decided that, W got up from his seat and left, along as quite a few others.

We had a short beak after that, and I got out my biscuit, and I saw others doing the same.

I was about halfway through with my biscuit when I heard shouting outside.

W ran in and hurriedly explained, "The Lord's army has found us! We're under attack! We need everyone's help!"

We all jumped up and rushed outside, weapons in hand. In the first thirty seconds or so, I shot two men with my bow & arrows.

I kept shooting, fighting my way to my tent so I could reload my quiver and grab my dagger. About halfway there, my quiver was empty, and I found a soldier's sword tip at my throat.

"Do not move or you will be dead before you get a foot away," the burly man at the end of the sword growled. "You are my hostage. Come with me nicely and I promise that I will try not to hurt you too much."

This guy is way too overconfident, I thought, but I responded harshly, "What makes you think that I'll come nicely? I am not a nice, weak, or pathetic girl, for your information. I could kill you without even moving away from this very spot. My words could kill you, literally."

"I would like to see you try," my 'captor' dared with a laugh.

"Fine," I spat. "Die, you stupid, horrible, dumb, lazy excuse for a knight. I wish your skull to crush and your heart to stop. I will your teeth to break, one by one; DIE YOU MISERABLE MAGGOT!"

After I finished my spell-song, the world slowed down as the knight screamed in pain as one by one, his teeth broke. Then, simultaneously, his heart stopped beating and his head took on an odd, deformed shape.

The world sped up, and everything went black.