Epilogue - The Neutral World

For a while, hearts hurt and weighed heavy in their chests. But as time went by, Zan and Zenith began to only remember the good things about their world. Anonymous kept them going with the remembrance of her encouraging smiles and at times her annoyed temper at each of them. How she would have acted if she had still been here lightened their spirits. And Archer, his kindness before everything had went so wrong. But even with the good memories there was still lingering sadness living in this world without them.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Russ asked doubtfully, trying to change their minds, but with no results.

Zan nodded without a doubt in his mind. "I think Anonymous wouldn't really care. She'd probably just go too."

From the main door, Luido burst through breathing quickly from running. He smiled, a newly white colored Kai sitting around his neck. "Wait for me!" he called. His blue eyes glowed slightly. His energy was still the same, but his childishness had nearly disappeared and he seemed to act a little more mature.

"You may not be able to come back," Russ warned. "Archer ripped the fabric of space, but it was only because of the Angel's Promise he had enough power to do it. It may never be opened again."

Zan and Zenith stood in front of a single window that still showed a path to the Neutral World while all the other ways had returned to normal. It was like a scar that was healing over little by little over the past few months without Archer's power to keep it open.

"It'll be fine," Zan reassured. "I can't explain it, but I feel closer to Anonymous there than I do here. A sense of calm I can't get in this world no matter how hard I try. Besides with a fox, a wolf, and a Scarapendra, I'm sure we'll manage."

"Sure you won't come with us?" Zenith asked, more friendly now.

Russ shook his head. "Nah, I've lived long enough I don't like change. Plus, I'll have to take over making sure all the demons here don't go crazy. Though, now maybe I can go back to looking younger rather than like a hobo." He rubbed the top of his bald head. "I really want my hair back."

Zan laughed, moving toward him and wrapping his arms as far as they could reach around Russ. "Archer said it was a place for second chances. Anonymous and Archer got theirs, now its our turn to start fresh."

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