In the center of a large mountain range there is a great valley holding three prosperous kingdoms within the walls of the mountains. These kingdoms however are always at odds with each other; therefore clearly marked barriers have been set to show the edge of each territory.

The Angels inhabit the left side of the valley and the mountains along the edge, their people all possess great feathered wings, bright eyes and light colored hair like the angels of holy depiction.

The Demons live in on the right side of the vast gorge; their species have leathery bat-like wings, skinny spiked tails, horns of various sizes upon their heads, dark colored hair, and eyes the color of blood.

And in the middle of all this is the Anima Kingdom, everyone there is part animal. That is my home, my name is Rose, I am a lupian, or part wolf, and I'm also part of territory security making sure no angels or demons enter our land, and this, cliché as it is, is where my story begins.

I walked along Anima territory on my rounds; I was in the woods about half a mile away from the Demon border whistling a soft little tune, my shoulder length black hair in a loose braid except the one strand of silver over my left eye and my fluffy wolf tail swishing behind me. Suddenly the bushes a head of me shivered and I jumped a bit caught off guard.

"Who's there?" I asked trying to calm my voice, a child looking to be about ten poked his head out from behind the bush.

"Me." he replied stepped out into the open a bit more, his mouth housed small fangs, he had wings like a bat, and tiny horns poking out of his mess of brown hair. "I'm sorry; I didn't mean to scare you."

"Pssh. Me? Scared? Nah. Ha-ha." I said scratching the back of my head with my claws embarrassed because his sudden entrance had scared me, I smiled showing my dog-like fangs on my top and bottom jaws.

"I'm Bernie, I'm from the Demon kingdom b-but…" he started to sniffle, "I didn't mean to wander in this far, I swear." His eyes welled with a few tears, he was scared to get in trouble, I couldn't help but feel bad for the little guy.

"Umm…well…I guess I could show you the way back to the border? It's against protocol so don't snitch okay?" I said trying to be helpful. He nodded and wiped his eyes, so I led him back to the edge of Anima. "Are you sure you'll be ok from here?" I asked it's illegal to pass into another kingdom; however I was worried he might get lost again.

He looked down and I could read his uncertainty, I thought for a second and bit my lip nervously, "…how 'bout I walk you to the edge of the woods? Would that be better?" I asked smiling softly even though I was worried about getting caught, but I saw his smile and could walk away so I crossed the clearly marked line and continued through the woods with him, within a few minutes however I heard a voice from above.

"Don't you both look cute?" I took a defensive stance and Bernie hid behind me.

"Show yourself," I growled as someone dropped down from the tree in front of us. It was a tall guy, quite obviously in his demon form, his horns were much longer than demon's horns are in their human forms and his shaggy black hair did nothing to conceal them. His dark leathery wings were open but in a relaxed position and his long skinny tail with a spike on the end twirled slowly behind him on it's own as his eyes glowed crimson with his demonic power.

"Do not wet yourself wolf girl, I'm here to retrieve the child and take him home." He said smirking showing his mouth full of long razor-like fangs. Bernie nodded to me and showed no fear when walking to the strange demon, he must have known him.

"Bye bye nice lady." He said sweetly as they disappeared into a cloud of red smoke.

That was my first encounter with the strange demon, however I doubt it will be the last for some reason…call it a gut feeling…or perhaps I was just hungry?

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