Sanctimony / Peace In The Distance

The people were deaf from standing too close to their cartel heartbeat,
so I asked the corpse what ought to be learnt from the desolation
of today and I received your revenant reply that I have a thief
in my heart who has encouraged sanctimony, thus I must repent before
my life becomes a bubble on the surface of water that is easily broken by wind.

And as I contemplate this accusation while the flower of sin continues to bloom,
I look up and view the highly placed branches quiver with uncertainty which
intimidates me from extending vision far enough to see the tree-top representing
your face of true love, and I begin to feel elegiac because my dream of finding
pearl beads and tying them in my hair to feel confident appears to have departed.

However, I am unable to ignore the blatant fact that this rattling moment is only a speck
in the eternity of time and there's no point in allowing my spirit to become ghost-like and
pacing the meeting places of my childhood because I must traverse the world and it's
then that I'll connect with peace in the distance, but first, I must try to gather more
determination to evaporate this ocean of cold tears within and heal my lacerated wrists.