Setting the Scene...

Guiding Light is set primarily in Springfield, a midsized American city that's located on a river, near a large lake (both unnamed). It boasts a landmark lighthouse that's no longer in use, but is lovingly maintained.

Reva Shayne O'Neill, age 55, has had an eventful life. She's been married and divorced several times. She was sure her latest marriage, to lawyer and former CIA agent Jeffrey O'Neill, would be different. They were deeply in love. But she lost him after less than a year, when a rented plane he'd been piloting went down off the coast of North Carolina.

That plane crash was no accident.

The grief-stricken Reva - and a few other people - have known from the start who sabotaged Jeffrey's plane, and why. But it seems nothing can be done about it. Reva herself can't take any unwise risks, because she's now the only parent their baby has.


Yes. Reva has four adult children, even has a granddaughter in college. But while she was with Jeffrey, medication she was taking for cancer (now hopefully cured) had an unexpected side effect: it acted as a fertility drug. So she and Jeffrey became the awestruck parents of Colin, now 17 months old.

Reva knows who sabotaged Jeffrey's plane. What she doesn't know is that Jeffrey survived! There's a reason he hasn't been able to contact her and tell her he's alive. There's no reason to doubt that he still loves her, and is desperate to get home to her and Colin...if he ever can.

The man with whom she has the longest history is her childhood sweetheart, Josh Lewis. Even her home, known as "Cross Creek," is a former Lewis family vacation cabin that was moved to Springfield because of the romantic memories it held for her and Josh. They've married and divorced three times, and they've hurt each other badly, but there will always be a special bond between them. They share two children, and a grandson a few months older than Colin.

Josh, like Reva, has been married to several other people. But he's a good, thoroughly decent man - was even, at one time, a minister. Before Reva married Jeffrey, he'd been trying to win her back. He resumed wooing her too soon after Jeffrey's (supposed) death, realized his mistake...and conceived a plan. He told her he was going away for a year. He'd be back in exactly one year, at noon, at the lighthouse. He hoped she'd meet him there - ready, by then, to go away with him.

That day has come. Assumed to be September 18, 2010 (one year after the date on which the episode aired).




That's the situation. How did the showrunners resolve it, in the series finale?

They had Reva take her and Jeffrey's baby and drive off with Josh, still wrongly believing Jeffrey was dead! In the last episode, no one mentioned either Reva's supposed-dead husband (though she and Josh undoubtedly thought of him), or the villain some characters should have known might still be a threat. In the "One Year Later" segment, bland happiness was the order of the day.

At least three other characters (probably more) knew about the life-altering decision Reva had to make. Two of those three - one of whom knew Jeffrey was probably alive! - seemed only mildly interested in what she might do; the third wasn't heard to mention it at all.

I've learned (in 2012) that there was a plan to show Jeffrey arriving back in Springfield - probably, at the lighthouse - just as the oblivious Josh and Reva were driving away. That scene was taped, but later cut. I think it would have left viewers with a very different impression: that Jeffrey would undoubtedly try to follow and catch up with them, and every viewer could imagine the outcome he or she chose.

That scene would also have explained the demeanor of the character who knew Jeffrey was alive - let viewers know why we hadn't seen that character experiencing angst over not having told Reva the truth. The original intent was that Jeffrey's ally knew Jeffrey himself was headed for the lighthouse!

Finally, given what we'd heard Jeffrey say in the previous episode, his returning "home" would have conveyed the message that he'd...disposed of the villain. Put an end to that threat, once and for all. So everything that needed to be wrapped up would have been wrapped up, very succinctly.

I wasn't satisfied with what we I wrote my own ending. "Out of My Dreams" was first posted online in December 2009; the sixth and last fic, "Reach Out and Touch," in July 2010. I've polished and hopefully improved all of them since then. But I haven't changed any of the plot ideas. (So an informed Jeffrey isn't rushing to catch Reva at the lighthouse.)

These fics, best read in the order in which they were written and posted, aren't crammed with action, mystery, or the hallmark of many of my stories: surprises. They just express - without contradicting anything viewers saw - what I chose to believe characters were thinking, and what I chose to believe happened after Reva left with Josh.

This may be an adequate introduction to my fics. But to make them more understandable, I'll go on to summarize some of the highlights (and lowlights) of these characters' past, and the events that led up to the finale. A caveat: soap opera plots can be outlandish! Fictional countries - often monarchies - were a staple of the genre a few years back. The plots are often redeemed by top-notch acting.