"Today is it."

Cale sat on the edge of his bed, his cutlass gripped tightly. Sitting in his boxers, Cale did not shave for the weeks he had been here, now thick stubble covered his lower face. He turned the blade over and over in his hand eying it carefully. His mind however played to a different tune. His thoughts were clouded on the upcoming battle. Though they trained for hours every day for the past two weeks, and both made leaps and bounds with their swordplay, and their shooting, something just did not feel right. He felt a dark tension that sat throughout the air. It came to his attention on a couple days ago. Cale didn't bring this to the attention of Calvin, he knew for some reason that he felt the same way.

Cale set his sword down on his bed and walked into the bathroom to take a shower. Calvin walked into his room already dressed after he heard the shower start. He spoke into the door hoping Cale could hear him.

"Our appointment with Dante Lisbon is tonight, please get ready."

"Alright just give me a couple minutes."

Cale heard the door close behind Calvin as he stepped out of Cale's room. He got out of the shower a moment later, clad in a white towel. Five minutes later he was out in the living dressed twirling the keys to the car.

"Cale take a quick seat we need to talk."

Cale eyed his brother curiously as he sat on the couch that only two weeks before Calvin revealed to Cale that he was dead. The silence between the two was unusually awkward. Calvin sported nervous look, his hands fidgeted with each other in his lap.

Cale smiled knowingly, Calvin was trying to figure out what to say. They sat there for another minute before Cale stood in front of his brother, a mock frown on his face. "If you aren't going to say anything then we should get going."

Calvin shook his head quickly; he motioned with his hand for Cale to take a seat. Cale once again obeyed his brother sitting back down the mock frown still sitting on his mouth. On the inside however he laughed loudly, he never saw Calvin this flustered before. No one else would notice it except for him, he knew him better than most.

"Well Cale, we've been together for only a couple of weeks. To be honest I expected things to play out differently. I thought showing the ropes to my older brother on this routine assignment would be a great bonding experience. After we fought Dante Lisbon the first time I realized that showing you the basics of this dangerous job during this mission would be impossible. So I immersed you into my world, and you rose to the challenge and you became my equal. I just want you to know that as a brother I am very proud of you."

Cale's frown melted into a genuine smile, his grin stretched from ear to ear. Nothing could have prepared him for that. He flashed his still present smile towards Calvin whose face was covered in a light a blush. "Thank you Calvin, Thank you for everything." Cale spoke fondly.

Calvin practically lit up the room with his broad toothy grin. Cale returned the gesture and then the two fell into a comfortable silence. Cale held onto his sword looking outside the window a look of content sat upon his face. Calvin on the other hand switched to a completely different mood. Cale failed to notice the sudden charge of tension in your air.

"Cale," Calvin called out. Cale didn't seem to notice, his eyes still trained on the bright blue sky that covered the horizon.

"Cale," Calvin called out again more sternly, Cale looked up quickly a small smile still sitting on his lips.

Cale heard Calvin swallow hard; his eyes flitted away from Cale for the second time in the past five minutes. "A lot must be on his mind." Cale mused as he watched his brother curiously. Calvin was fidgeting uncontrollably; his hands shook sporadically as he sat in the leather chair. Calvin finally looked towards his older brother; a weak nervous smile came to the surface.

"Cale, have you been feeling some kind of… foreboding?" Calvin asked precariously

Cale shrugged his shoulders; he did not have the time or energy after the training sessions to think about anything. "I'm sorry Calvin I just don't know what you are talking about."

Calvin looked away and muttered something under his breath; Cale did not catch what Calvin said though.

"It's going to be okay Calvin; don't worry we will be fine."

Calvin breathed in deeply; he looked at his brother as he exhaled slowly a small frown replacing his nervous disposition. Cale turned away from his brother and sported a frown of his own.

"He had felt it too."

Cale chose not to respond to the introspective comment as he continued his vigil of the nighttime cityscape. He could feel it now; something was definitely different about the past couple of days, for the first time since the second meeting with Dante Lisbon Cale was scared. Feelings of dread began to surface inside Cale, he knew Dante Lisbon had something to do with this, he just did not know how. Cale looked over at his little brother, his eyes narrowed in concentration,

"Calvin will never give in though. He will fight to the death."

He stood slowly his eyes still trained on his little brother. Calvin followed suit, standing next to his brother, their eyes met for a brief second, anything else that needed to be said between the brothers would have to wait.

The two brothers left the apartment with all of their gear, both of them silent on the way out. While they sat inside the elevator that brought them to the ground floor, Cale began to understand what his brother and his mind had said truly. He never noticed it until he stood uncomfortably in the small elevator with his weapons prepared for the final fight.

"Dante Lisbon is going to win isn't he."

Cale glanced stealthily at his young brother whose brow furrowed introspectively as he seemingly watched the elevator buttons. Calvin's brow relaxed as he finally spoke up,

"No, that is impossible."

Cale took a step back to avoid the sideways glances of his little brother, a sad but knowing smile played onto his lips, so this was going to be end, just went he started to love his new exciting job. The rest of the elevator ride the both of them decided to keep the oddly relaxing silence.

The two of them drove out of the parking garage without another word; neither of them knew what awaited them as they drove to Centurion Park in the middle of Asbury Village.

Asbury Village is the smallest neighborhood in the city. Only a couple blocks long, its small size made up for its large amount of wealthy executives. Cale drove through the small neighborhood carefully, looking through the skyscraping apartment buildings that dominated the sky. Dante Lisbon seemed to have chosen this spot on a whim. Calvin disagreed completely and said Dante had something up his sleeve stating, "Demons never fight fair."

The two were looking for a building address 1720 W Nagle St. Cale and Calvin searched for the numbers carefully, they searched slowly for twenty minutes before they found the building. Cale parked the car as Calvin began to get his weapons ready. Cale rummaged through his bag quickly, he slung his M4 over his shoulder and holstered his pistol and fastened his scabbard to his belt. Grabbing a black trench coat, he quickly draped it over his shoulders after he stepped out into the cooling night. He looked at his carbon copy of a little brother as they walked across the street. Cale could not help but smile, the duo looked like two suited peas in a pod. His smile darkened as he realized that this might be the last time they ever match. Cale eyes drifted back to the building that they were suppose to find, and destroy Dante Lisbon. 1720 W Nagle St. looked like the rest of the buildings in Asbury Village. Resembling the original styling of the Commodore Hotel all of the buildings were gutted every few years to become the cutting edge of fashion and design.

"I'm going to live here," Cale whispered to his brother as they stepped inside. Cale's eyes analyzed the entire lobby as Calvin went to the front desk and asked were Dante Lisbon was staying.

"Dante Lisbon has nice tastes." Cale commented as his eyes swirled around the lobby. The floors were made of large blocks of white ivory tiles. The individual tiles were styled to create a series of triangles that pointed towards the direction of the front desk. The rooms walls were painted a cheery pastel red, in the upper reaches of the room lines of white LED lights wound through the different arches that crisscrossed through the ceiling, the pieces of furniture were all covered in a flexible jet black leather that moved to the lines of anyone sitting on it. The desks and railings that were set up around the lobby were covered in strong dark wood that reminded Cale of Dante's apartment at Twilight Towers. Cale felt a shiver go down his spine as he remembered the disaster of a fight that happened only a couple weeks before. Cale realized that he made leaps and bounds with his fighting prowess, but surely, Dante Lisbon has not been sitting around just waiting for the two of them.

Cale came out of his daydream as his little brother called him over quickly. "He rented out the entire top floor, let's move."

Calvin led the way as they marched to the elevator. Once the doors of the elevator closed, the both of them began to check over their gear. Shrugging off their clunky trench coats, the both of them grabbed for their favorite weapons. Cale checked his magazine quickly before glancing at his little brother. Calvin mindlessly twirled his sword in his hand bringing it back and forth across his body.

"Jedi Knight Cale Hobbes, may the force be with you." Cale snickered. Calvin's façade of concentration broke only for a matter of seconds; a scowl quickly took it place.

"Get serious Cale, this is it. May the Lord be with us."

The doors opened as Calvin closed his mouth. The elevator's lights illuminated the dark hallways that bore a resemblance to the lightless halls of Twilight Tower's top floor. Cale and Calvin both reached for their holstered crosses. Both of them quietly recited the verse of Matthew 5:16. The crosses began to shine brightly, standing close to one another both ventured cautiously into the darkness.

They walked through the confusing maze of halls and rooms on the top floor slowly, checking every room, the duo moved painstakingly slow. Cale opened a door slowly; his hand gripped tightly around his M4 as he stepped into the room and looked for his enemy.

Calvin was on the other side of the floor, his actions mirroring his brother to the point. His sword in one hand and his cross in the other he also went from room to room checking every nook and cranny for their enemy.


Calvin stopped he swore he saw something or someone move away from his light. He raised his cross to his eyes; he squinted hoping to see whatever that was from before. Calvin walked slowly in its direction the floor creaking loudly under his feet. Calvin gripped his sword even tighter, his knuckles becoming white with anticipation.

Calvin could spot a dim light in front of him, probably forty maybe fifty feet away. Calvin squinted even harder, his eyes becoming slits, he watched nervously, he sent up a quick prayer to his Lord before he took another step forward. The closer he got he realized it had a certain kind of hue to it. He stopped dead in his tracks; the light was colored a distinct blood red.

Calvin didn't have time to think as the light rocketed towards him, making a loud whirling sound within a couple seconds it was right on him, Calvin raised his sword just in time as the giant ball of dark energy hit his steel. Sparks began to fly as the mass of energy began to grind up the steel of his sword. Gritting his teeth in concentration, Calvin put all of his strength into pushing this force back.

Calvin finally conquered the large blast of pure evil, as he forced it back into the wall next to him; it ran straight through the wall and dispersed into a hotel room, demolishing everything inside.

Calvin turned towards the source and saw his enemy sporting a casual smirk. Calvin eyes narrowed again, he raised his sword and edged towards his enemy slowly. Dante summoned his own weapons; a small straight sword and a larger round shield coalesced into his hands. Dante charged forward with much speed. The two met in the middle of an intersection, the cling and clangs of metal meeting metal could be heard throughout the floor. Calvin could hear heavy footsteps coming from his right, a smirk played onto his lips

"Are you ready to fight two of us Dante? Prepare to meet your doom."

"On the contrary my young friend, the both of you will die tonight."

Calvin could hear bullets whiz by his head as he watched Dante Lisbon raise his shield in anticipation of the bullets. Calvin saw his opening as Dante blocked the bullets and raised his sword above his head, thrusting quickly for the mid-section what happened next completely caught Calvin off guard. Calvin did not even see Dante raise his leg but felt his enemy's foot connect with his chin. Hearing a thick thud as his feet left the floor; Calvin yelped in pain as it raced in circuits through his lower jaw.

Calvin felt his brother catch him as he came back to the ground. He opened his eyes quickly, pain still coursing through his mouth. He tasted blood as he looked for Dante Lisbon. Calvin's cross lay where he had been standing seconds before, Dante Lisbon still stood his foot already back on the ground. An evil smile sat on his lips,

"I'm faster than before, and stronger." Dante said as a piece of the wall next to him exploded.

Calvin's eyes widened with shock as he realized Dante had punched through the solid wall with his fist. Calvin could not keep a track on when his arm left before it appeared in the broken wall.

"I've never seen someone so fast."

Calvin stood and breathed in deeply, attempting to calm his rising fears. He was prepared for this fight, and he knew he was going to come out the victor. He shrugged off his brother and twirled his sword in his hand gracefully, he sent a death glare in the direction of Dante Lisbon whose eyes were danced playfully between the two brothers.

"This is going to be more difficult than I thought." Cale voiced behind his little brother.

Calvin smiled uncharacteristically as an old saying stepped into his mind.

"The tougher they are the harder they fall."