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(M.A.O.S Gardenia Base)

Date: Unknown

The morning haze clouded the military base. Soldiers in battle uniforms moved on about, carrying out drills, assignments, and duties. Two figures, male and female, walked through the weak mist and into the main building. After trekking down the long, luxurious, red and gold corridors and turning corners, they reached their destination. A guard approached the two, nodded at their presence and stepped aside, allowing them to enter the vault. Files and cabinets towered over her and her superior. Once the soldiers were inside the private room, the young woman began fumbling through manila folders. Ebony curly hair cascaded a bit past her shoulders. Her amethyst eyes shimmered as she looked around.

"We've looked around, and still, nothing," she grabbed a random file. "Wouldn't the Director be furious if we didn't at least start the operation?"

Her superior, Commander Keaton Gryas ran a free hand through his blonde hair. "Of course, but you don't need to worry about that, Nadia. I know where and how to start our investigation." A sly grin crept on his face as he grabbed a long, cream envelope and opened it. Its contents were mainly photographs and documents.

Nadia raised an eyebrow. That building in one of the photographs seemed familiar to her. "School…What are you getting at?"

The grin persisted. "Not just any school," he responded, "Ashwood Academy is an international academy for the gifted. I received some leads about the incident, and somehow…" he sifted through another file cabinet and grabbed six folders- "these students are connected to it somehow." Keaton Gryas handed her a different folder

Nadia took a quick glance at the folder's label and frowned. "But why…? How…? Commander, why does shehave to be involved in this?"

"Nadia," Commander Keaton started, "how could it be that she possesses the very thing that is essential to our mission?"

Nadia's heart skipped a beat. If he were to find out the truth, then no telling what they might do to her. She didn't mind being stripped of her rank, but to commit a crime serious as this… "I…I don't know, Commander. Maybe it was given to her by chance? Or…maybe she found it."

The commander spun around, eyeing her with suspicion. "By chance?" he asked, slightly confused. "You think things like this happen by chance?"

"I believe so, Commander," Nadia answered. "She has no idea what power that crystal possesses. Look," She pointed at the blue crystal hanging around the girl's neck in the picture, "she is wearing it as a mere necklace."

Keaton sighed. "Nadia…I don't think you understand. I want to show you something." Pulling out a black hemisphere, he activated it by pressing its center. The device displayed footage-black and white footage that revealed a feminine figure breaching security and stealing a crystal from the storage unit in a military lab. The culprit looked up at the camera, and it shut off.

The lieutenant gasped, shaking her head. "No…no…that's impossible."

"I know you may be in denial, but we need to bring her in for questioning. She stole one of the keys we need for our operation, and that's considered as a crime according to the United Council. We have the evidence." Gryas then announced, "We will need to enter the Home World soon. Do you think you have enough energy to create a portal?"

Nadia sighed. "Yes, I do." Personally, she hoped she wouldn't utilize her powers. Nadia thought of it as a curse. Before she even joined the military, these mysterious powers emerged. She hoped that she'd be able to hide them from the public eye. Unfortunately, the founder and director of the Kuragari forces, Masato Gryas, saw "major potential" in her. Under the supervision and guidance of the current commander, she trained endlessly, harnessing these powers. Over the years, she grew stronger to participate in the major operation. It was so significant that the operation remained confidential to the public, only people of higher ranks knew the goals. Director Gryas claimed that with her powers, they could change the world for a better place. Deep down, she was unsure if that was the true reason behind the mission.

She dropped the file with the name "Solan, Ayana" on its surface. Their operation would begin today.

(Later on)

Commander Keaton and Lieutenant Nadia entered a warehouse room serving as a hangar. Multiple subordinates ran around, fixing up on military vehicles and checking up on maintenance of weapons and such. A solder in a white lab coat and a gas mask approached them, saluting.

"Morning, Commander, Lieutenant," he nodded in acknowledgement. "Will you be crossing over to the Home World today?"

"Yes, we will," Keaton answered. "We have some men waiting for us on the other side once we enter the Home World."

"Do you need support in opening a rift, Lieutenant?" the subordinate inquired.

Nadia was well rested. She figured that she could hold her own this time. "No thank you," she declined with a soft voice.

The subordinate grabbed a communicator. "All personnel stand back, Lieutenant Nadia is creating a rift! I repeat all personnel stand back…!"

Nadia took a deep breath and focused on summoning her accursed powers. She felt a dull throbbing on her right shoulder as her powers flared to life, manifesting as an aura of shimmering golden light around her. Everything looked, felt so surreal, as she could easily change things. She felt the fabric of space, time, and reality itself in her surroundings. With her new-found abilities, it was so easy to tear. With a slashing motion of a hand, Nadia sliced open the fabric of reality and focused on the point of destination. The rift read her thoughts and an image of a modern-day city appeared. It was morning, just like over here, but she was aware of the differences between dates and times. Nadia looked over to Keaton. He shielded his eyes from the blinding light. Under her protection, he wouldn't be ripped apart by the strong forces of the rift she created.

Opening her blazing, golden eyes, she spoke. "It is time to cross over."

She and Keaton walked into the rift, and it rippled like a stone disturbing still water before mending itself. Traveling between realities felt weird. She couldn't really describe it, but she could see things that the human eye couldn't, like the flow of time itself, or memories of her own, for instance. The environment, a myriad of constant shifting colors finally settled into their destination: the Home World, also known as Earth.

They were in the United Providences, in Novi Eboraci City. The date was September 20th, year 20XI.

"Where to, Commander?" Nadia asked, despite already knowing the answer.

"We enter Tera City," was his reply. "From there, we'll go to Ashwood Academy to apprehend our person of interest."

Nadia sighed once more. "Yes Commander."

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