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M.A.O.S Gardenia Base

7:00 A.M.

It was a hazy morning at the military base. Soldiers moved on about, carrying on their drills and duties. Two soldiers, male and female, walked through the mist and into the main building. After walking down long corridors and turning corners, they reached their destination. A guard approached the two, nodded at their presence and stepped aside, allowing them to enter the vault. Once the soldiers were inside the private room, the young woman began fumbling through manila folders. Ebony hair flowed down from her shoulders. Her primrose violet eyes shimmered as she looked around. Files and cabinets towered over her and her superior.

"We've looked around, and still, nothing," she spoke, grabbing a random file. "Wouldn't the general be furious if we didn't at least start the operation?"

Her superior, Commander Keaton, removed his hood and ran a free hand through his blonde hair. "Of course, but you don't need to worry about that, Ayuna. I know where to start." A sly grin crept on his face as he grabbed a long, orange envelope and opened it. Its contents were pictures of a high school and students.

Ayuna raised an eyebrow. "A high school? What are you getting at?"

The grin persisted." Not just any school," he responded, "Ashwood Academy is a high school for the gifted. The principal knows a thing or two…you see, she has connections." Pulling out seven folders, he continued." And these students are potential informants. Keep an eye on them." He gave her one of the folders. "Especially this one."

Ayuna grabbed the folder and widened her eyes. She dropped the one that had "De Laviolette, Ayana" printed across it. Their operation would begin tomorrow.


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