The five returned to Takeo's village, only to be greeted by the elder and three villager guards. "I'm back!" Takeo cockily grinned. "We kicked major ass over at that tower! We finally avenged the fallen! The soldiers were raising some monster named Omega."

"It seems as though Omega was responsible for destroying your former village," Kioni said, "Maybe there's a way to restore it."

"Oh, this is Kioni. She helped us at the tower. Man, is she strong! Heh heh!" Takeo chuckled.

However, his grandfather was not in a playing mood. "Takeo… don't you know the laws? No outsiders allowed in the village."

Takeo was confused. "Huh? What?! But-"

"Since the original five you brought along are your guests, they are permitted to enter the village. Kuwindians are a different story. They can never enter."

"You stupid old fool!" Takeo spat. "So what if she's a Kuwindian? Kioni is my friend!"

"Takeo. The law is the law!" the elder exclaimed.

"You are so damned stubborn! To HELL with your laws! They never got us anywhere in the first place!"

"Takeo, listen," Kioni said to him in a consoling voice. "It's okay."

"NO, it's NOT okay! I'm ready to punch this old man in the face! This is pissin' me off!"

"I have to respect the law of Kiyomeru village. I should leave, right?" Kioni asked.

"Kioni, no you don't have to do that…ARGH DAMMIT OLD MAN!" Takeo swore. "Will ya shut the hell up if she only comes as far as this?!"

"If she stays outside the gate, then I don't mind," the elder spoke, making a compromise.

"If Kioni's not allowed to come in the village, then I'm not going in either! I'll stay out here tonight! She's NOT a beast, nor our ENEMY, so stop treating her like that!"

"Still the hot-blooded Takeo, eh? Humph, it's inevitable. You may use the inn to stay overnight. I'll take care of this root." Ayana handed over the Omega root to the elder and walked over to the inn.

That Night…

"My dumb ol' grandpa, he's too old school and stubborn to understand stuff," Takeo complained, munching on some food. "Damn! It's like…breaking rocks!"

The newly formed group of seven sat at the inn's dining room, eating dinner. Rosaria fully recovered at the clinic while Aniu, Ayana, and Kendrick, along with Takeo were at the Tower of Annihilation. Ayana slowly ate her food, listening to the ninja rant on about his grandfather.

"What's wrong, Ayana? You're awfully quiet," Kioni stated.

Ayana continued to eat her dinner slowly, but eventually end up playing with it.

"Yeah, what's the matter, Onee-chan?" Aniu asked.

"Omega, that's what's wrong," Ayana simply stated, before getting up to go outside. Kendrick stopped eating to go after her, but Kioni only grabbed his wrist and shook her head, implying to leave the girl alone.

Once everyone finished their food, the six continued to sit at the table, lounging and talking. "That was delicious, but I'm so full. I never had any Kiyomeru food before," Kioni stated.

"Yeah, you bet it is!" Takeo smiled. "I wonder if they got even good food at Kuwinda."

"Don't be silly, of course we have good food. Ah! Here's an idea! You can come to Kuwinda and meet my husband, Ajani. He's very smart, and may be able to tell you about the place that you're trying to get to."

"G-go to Kuwinda? I-I-I…" Takeo stammered, gulping loudly.

"You're married?" Aniu asked. "Kioni, how old are you?"

Kioni giggled. "I'm only 19."

Everyone gasped. "WHAAAA?!"

In the midst of the commotion, Kendrick got up and went after Ayana. After leaving the inn, he wandered Kiyomeru village, searching for Ayana in the middle of the night. He came back to the inn, frustrated that he couldn't find her. "Where is she?" he asked himself. He passed the inn, overlooking a path that he didn't see before. He came back and walked along the path, through various bushes and trees. There she was, into the clearing, sitting by a spring while staring up at the sky."Oh, there you are, Ayana. You're suddenly not feeling too well, are you?"

"…Sorry, I've been thinking about my sister." She said.


"The Kuragari Forces raised some creature called Omega. If they plan to use its powers for ill intentions, then Nadia must be involved in that plan."


"Kendrick," Ayana said, turning to him. "I've got a feeling that something really bad is going to happen."

He tried consoling her. "Ayana don't worry-"

Suddenly, the two heard an explosion from the distance. The others ran up to them. "Hey guys, it's an emergency!" Takeo yelled. "The soldiers are after us! C'mon, let's go!" They all ran back to the village, defeating every soldier in sight. As they got to the village's memorial, they saw…

"Nadia!" Kendrick yelled.

"Sister…? How could you…? What the HELL is going on?!" Ayana asked.

They walked up to the memorial's altar. Nadia, along with two officers had the Omega root. "Kendrick, Ayana. I thought it might be you all, defeating all my men. Omega is being confiscated by the Kuragari. We will use brute force against all those who oppose or interfere," She reported in a blank tone.

"Oh, so they think they can go around killin' innocents and destroying homes!" Takeo spat.

"You all destroyed one village! Isn't that enough?!" Kioni fumed.

"SHUT UP!" Ayana snapped. "Sister, stop all of this now. Why? Why are you doing it, Nadia? You're making the INNOCENT suffer, is that really okay with you?! What side are YOU ON?! I thought you left home for a probable cause, but now I wonder…"

Nadia turned her head to the two officers. "…What are you doing?! Get Omega out of here, NOW!" she ordered.

"NADIA, DON'T BE STUPID!" Ayana cried. "If you keep hurting people, then you give me no choice but to hurt you! If you don't leave the Kuragari, then I'LL make you leave!"

"Ayana…I envy you sometimes. You get to live life as you choose to live it, that's what Mother and Father wanted. That's what I would want too. However…I've NO CHOICE BUT TO LIVE THIS WAY!"

"NO, Nadia, you DO have a choice!"

Suddenly, the root sprouted into the same creature that they encountered back at the lab inside the military building, draining the two soldiers of their life force. The violet-red shield protected the group again.

"If I could, I would rather not use this power, especially not in front of you, Ayana," her sister sighed. Her hair flashed white and her eyes glimmered gold. There were now two symbols etched in both of her pupils.


Nadia's eerie eyes softened as she laughed a laugh that was not meant for humor. "Maybe now you'll understand. As long as I have the Deitatis mark, I cannot live freely," Nadia explained. "The Nadia you were so close to since birth…the Nadia you knew…She doesn't exist anymore!"


"I understand now. She's not really Nadia, she's a…Deity!" Kendrick yelled.

Ayana's eyes widened. "A Deity…?"

"Ayana. You and Kendrick had so much regards for deities. As the priestess of Azurelite always said that the crystals should always be with one." Nadia stretched her hand out. "So I'd like them back, if you don't mind."

Raising an eyebrow, Ayana backed away in terror. "You're not getting the crystals, Nadia! You're crazy!"

Nadia looked at Ayana up and down and hummed. "It doesn't matter right now anyway. I have more pressing matters to attend to." She winked. "Kaladu Shalai, my sister." The Deity unleashed a bright flash of light. She, Omega, and the soldiers were gone.

"Nadia..." Ayana muttered to herself. The elder and townspeople approached the seven.

"Takeo…this is what happens when the laws are broken. Do you understand now?" the elder said.

"What do you mean?! Look, we destroyed that military tower! YOU are the one who doesn't understand! You worthless old man!" Takeo yelled. "All you talk about is laws, laws, laws! As if those damned laws could save anyone! Yuki and Kioni and the rest, they're MY guests, MINE! Any complaints?! Let's hear them NOW!"

"You've said more than enough, Takeo! Our laws may have not saved our village, but they have prevented trouble. I am indeed thankful of all your actions at the tower, but for now, please go back to the inn until tomorrow."

"Tsk, whatever," Takeo stormed out of the village. Kendrick and the others followed after him.

The inn door swung open as Takeo took his knapsack and began stuffing everything that he could find into it. His weapons, food, water, medical kits…

"Takeo," Aniu said, trying to calm him down.

"NO. I'm sick of that damned elder! He doesn't understand that things are way too different now. He's still living in the past, and I'm tired of it! I'm leaving this dump."

"Where will you go?"

Takeo then grinned. "With you all, of course. I want to see what Mayne looks like! And besides, I've never had that much action until I met you all! So, where to?"

Everyone looked at Kioni. "Kuwinda is a fair distance from here. First, we have to cross the Oasian desert and get over to Oasis City. They have everything there!" she answered.

"Good. We'll just set up camp once we've reached the desert," Takeo said. He started for the door. "C'mon, c'mon, let's go!"

The seven left the Kiyomeru village without saying any goodbyes and traveled through Himitsu forest during the night.