Ayana and the others traveled back to Oasis City within the daytime. As they reached the outskirts of the city and traveled to the Oasis fountain, Ayana pondered aloud. "Um, Badu said the temple's entrance is in the middle of the city, right?"

"But there's no temple here, only a fountain…" Aniu added, tapping her chin, blue eyes gazing upon the waters. Ayana growled in frustration.

"I was patient, very patient from the beginning. We've come this far, but I just need to get to Mayne! I'm so tired of going through these ruins; it's always one thing after another!"

"But Ayana, isn't that the thrill of the adventure?" Aniu asked. "Didn't that priestess you met at the Fallen Ruins tell you that one crystal will lead to another?"

"Yeah, but I'm tired of just collecting these…crystals," Ayana sighed loudly. "When I think about it, why do we need these crystals anyway? They're better off with a person of Azurelite instead of…the Kuragari, or me."

"That's not true, Onee-chan," Aniu reassured. "We need to grab the rest of 'em first before the Kuragari. We have most of them so far, we need to do this."

"Right," Ayana said as she took a deep breath, calming down from her sudden rant. Right…

"So let's start this over. Badu DID say that the entrance to the Unspeakable Ruins is in the middle of the city," Aniu hummed, pacing back and forth. "But there's only a fountain, so…what if the entrance is under the fountain?"

"What if the entrance is the fountain?" Rosaria piped up, staring into the waters. She was unable to view her own reflection as the waters splashed constantly. "I can't make it out, but I think I see three eyes in the water."

"That's no good. If we were to place the medal in there, then the water would just rush underground and possibly flood the ruins."

"This is too much," Ayana commented, placing the medal in one of her pockets. "We'll just need the cooperation of the Oasian. They know about the entrance better than anyone else. Now, the Oasian tribe's section of the city is north of here, so let's just leave it alone for now."

The six traveled through Oasis City. They went north, past the local hotel. Once they've reached the northern part of town, they've seen the true definition of the term Oasis. Sand covered the grounds. More palm trees decorated the outskirts and the city walls, and the Oasian allowed more water to flow in their area. Abodes, tents, and cellar-like shelters occupied the section of the city. "So this is where Kai lives," Aniu noted, taking in her new surroundings. "But, where are the Oasian people? Are they in their homes?"

There were only few Oasians roaming around their area of the city. Some were cleaning up while others were taking inventory in their shops. A young woman was among those few, turning her head to view the six who visited their vicinity of the Oasis City. They looked confused; of course they did not know that the Oasian residing here were most active during the night. She went back to work, sweeping excess debris into her dustpan, but stopped again. Her elder had given her a task: find the woman with the ebony hair. Her task seemed simple, but proven as very difficult-there were multiple women in the city that had black hair! But…the woman that she was sent out to look for possessed an odd feature that others did not. This woman had strange colored eyes, as the Oasian did. Those eyes were an amethyst. The woman kept her observation among the six adventurers subtle, as she didn't want to get caught staring at them, that would be rude.

The white-haired girl vigorously hopped around, looking for any Oasian who may aid them with their troubles, but she couldn't find anyone. The woman sighed; these were the people she was looking for. Adjusting her headband, the Oasian tossed the broom inside the tent and walked towards the group. "Ah, so it IS you, you're really here!" she said with her slight accent, approaching the party of six as she gained their attention. "The one with the Crystals of Life…just as Elder said, a pretty ebony-haired one."

"Wait, how did you know that I have the crystals?" Ayana inquired. "That's…"

The young woman giggled. "Excuse me! I am Reem. The Elder, he says that he's been looking for you."

"Oasian Elder?"

"Ayana, um…perhaps…?" Rosaria trailed off.

"Reem, could you take us to meet this elder?" Ayana asked of the woman.

"Yes! That's what the Elder intended to send me for. His house is in a cellar where the Oasian live. When you meet him, he'll surely be surprised." The six ventured to the Oasian Elder's home and entered. A familiar face awaited them.

"Ah, it's been a long time. The new warriors! You came to see me, just like you promised! This is a humble home to meet people who are invited to Azurelite. Well, please stay for a while."

"Kai, so you're the Oasian elder. Humph, you seem to know everything, don't you?" Ayana spoke. "For some reason, I'm not as surprised as I should be."

"Well, I live by information as a merchant. So I have to hear the latest information. Do you have some for me?"

"Because of Umberos, different people and areas are siphoned of their life force. The only way to save them is to go to Mayne. Master Badu of Kuwinda says that we need the Shadow's Onyx."

"The Onyx of Shadow is within the grave of She who Sheds Blood," Kai answered. "She has been buried in the Crypt of Shadows which houses inside the Unspeakable Ruins."

"Kai. I need those items to reach Mayne. In order to protect both worlds, I need to find a way to kill this Umberos."

"Protect both worlds…? But you're only a mere teenager, how can you do that?" Kai asked. "You have powers that you barely know how to control. You barely know anything about this world, and besides, if the danger were to strike now, the first thing you would do is to try to escape and go home, right?"

"….Should my age even matter? Kai, I've come this far, and what do you mean, barely controlling my powers? And you're also implying that if Umberos were to strike now, I would leave everything behind? What kind of person do you think I am?! Why do you think I'm still here, huh?! I can't go back yet, even if I wanted to! I know that I got frustrated at the fact that I had to keep collecting these crystals, but now I know why I'm doing it. And I'm not alone doing it too," Ayana stated. "So if you think that I've come here just to play around…you're wrong Kai."

Kai, leaning back in his chair, took in everything that Ayana said, analyzing her words. Her outburst nearly startled him, but caused the elder to grin. "Hmm…..Ayana, the Oasian Elder approves of you. You and your friends are worthy to go to Mayne."

" What…so we're not rejected?" Aniu asked. "Whoo! YEAH, the adventure isn't over!"

"I like you Ayana. You're always thinking ahead of everyone else around here. But don't think that you can take on everything by yourself. Just as you said, you're not alone. So if you need any help, just ask for it." Kai stood up from his lounging spot and pulled a rope. "Then let us go to the ruins and Crypt of Shadows. We enter the temple with this. Now that I've pulled the rope, the water from that area has been removed. When you fit the medal in the door, it will open," he instructed. "The ruins are very dangerous now, especially the Crypt of Shadows. The Dark Deity sleeps there, and a lot of undead creatures house within there as well."

"Alright," Ayana said. The seven were now outside, making their way to the fountain. Dusk soon approached them. When they arrived, the water still shot up from the fountain's top, but the waters below were gone, guided to another water system somewhere else in the city. Ayana proceeded down, crouched, and placed the medal inside the stone door that opened slowly. Takeo crinkled his nose as the air reeked, cursing as he commented that the air smelled of mold.

"Once you've entered, there's no turning back, Ayana. You sure you want to go?" Kai asked. "If you're scared, we can always do it tomorrow," Kai teased.

"Ugh, WHAT? No, I'm not scared," Ayana snapped. "We need to do this now. C'mon, let's go!"

They continued down inside the ruins. The stone doors closed behind them as they descended into the everlasting darkness.