She had the poise of a fawn on his feet for the first time.
Lumbering through the underbrush with innocence that only exists
before the first lungful of air has entered and left us. She was beautiful in her very existencesmiling like her lips were tied to her ears and like her happiness was the only thingkeeping the earth on her axis and spinning for the rest of us.

A constant giver with hands so small and
so gentle. She held me in her embrace with the
very words that floated out in an elegant harmony that hovered

between octaves.

An awkward shade of tawny, as she plucked at my heartstings.
And wrote me a song that was filled with the promise of
A happy ending, darling.
We'll end in the sunset and go as lover's do,
Slowly, silently, and we will leave them with
Sighs and longing glances.

I melted to a puddle of ardor and aestival colors and slid into a sea of
(her and her and her.)
She was all that I longed for and all that I needed.

I trembled under the gait of ethereality, unbeknownst and unmatched. She wrapped me in her arms and swallowed me whole,