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Mason hummed softly as he left his room, dressed in a fresh button down and slacks, playing with his hair lightly as he glanced around the house he and his brother shared, smiling.

He smiled again when he walked into the kitchen, pausing at the sight that met him inside.


Nathan looked up, having been sitting on the counter and holding the jug of orange juice from the fridge. It was surprising, how sexy it actually looked, but that wasn't the point. "Um, yeah, Mas?"

"...were you just sniffing my orange juice...?"

"...I was checking to make sure it wasn't bad."

Mason blinked again then glared slightly.

"Why the hell would you sniff orange juice to see if it was bad? Check the expiration date."

"I couldn't find it..."

The younger brother-twin-sighed loudly and stalked over, taking the juice and pointing out the large, black box letters on the tab. "Right. There."

Nathan grinned, looking away.

"So, Jared's taking me out-I mean, the band-I mean-" he paused, trying to find a way to go back a rephrase everything again.

Mason blinked, then giggled softly, and nodded.

"Jared is taking the band out to...?"

"Jared and the band and I are doing a thing at the restaurant Jared works and everyone wanted to know if you wanted to come and-yeah."

The younger boy blinked again then smiled, moving to put the juice away. "Mmm, of course I'll come."

Nathan smirked, getting off the counter.

"Lovely. It's at five, and you can sit up front with Stephanie."

Mason smiled, nodding, though the smile was faked.

"Of course,"

Nathan grinned, ruffling Mason's hair before practically skipping out of the room.


The other boy was curled up on his bed, clinging to a pillow tightly, grinning and sitting up when he heard Jared. "Jared!~"

The scrawny, know-it-all, bookworm with oddly bright brunet hair, geeky black rimmed glasses, and bright brown-ish blue eyes appeared in the doorway to his room, grinning at him brightly.

Even though he was such a nerd in private, and he had obviously been at his house before he'd come over, Jared could be quite attractive at times. Mason's heart just wasn't set out for Jared.

And Jared's wasn't for Mason's, either.

"Did he tell you? Did he tell you?" Jared asked, practically jumping up and down in excitement.

Mason laughed softly, tilting his head.

"Tell me what, Jare?"

Inwardly, he sighed. By couldn't he just be in love with Jared? It would make things so much easier to handle, even if it was just a one-sided love.

Jared hesitated, then leaned in and whispered something to Mason quietly. "He's breaking up with Stephaniiiieeee."

Mason blinked, hesitating as he took it in, then grinned widely and glomp-attacked him. "Really!"

Jared nodded slightly, smiling, "He told me this morning...He's going to do it before their date tonight, which is before our gig, and...yeah..."

The younger of the two grinned again, brighter than before, and hugged Jared tightly, unable to form words.

"'Strange he didn't tell you..."

Mason shrugged slightly, slowly letting go of Jared to go curl back up on his bed. "He doesn't tell me much of anything, anymore." He smiled slightly.

Jared sighed, hesitantly closing the door softly. "He's just been really busy...Maybe this is what you need though, Mas. Maybe now you can talk to him and everything..."

He shook his head.

"I can't talk to him, Jare. Not about this."

Jared whined, giving him a look, "But you two are perfect for each other..."

"We're brothers, Jared. It's wrong." Mason sighed, curling up tighter and hiding his face.

Jared sat next to Mason, pulling the just slightly smaller male close to him and petting him lightly. "Tell me something, Mas. If you were given the choice of changing the color of the sky, would you do it?"

Mason looked up at him, confused, but pressing closer, wanting the comforting touch. "I'd leave it the same...I like the color blue..."

The brunet snorted, rolling his eyes fondly. "Which is exactly why you don't get to make the decisions. Besides, the sky would look better if we could see the whole rainbow, anyway."

Mason giggled softly, smiling.

"We can't see the whole rainbow because our eyes aren't powerful enough..."

Jared rolled his eyes, sticking his tongue out. "Don't get technical with me. You don't get to make the decisions, remember?"

He sighed softly, pulling Mason into his lap to make it easier to pet him.

"Seriously, though, you really want to just be pinning after him all your life? You never know what he'd say if you told him. He's your brother and whether he feels the same or not, he's always going to love you. You know that."

Mason winced, hiding his face in Jared's shoulder, voice cracking softly with his reply. "I can't lose him, Jared. Not for anything. As long as I can with him, even if it's just like this, as brothers, than it's all worth it to me."

"What about when he starts questioning his sexuality? You know that day's going to come."

"Then I'll be there for him, like he was there for me. I'll hold him when he cries and I'll be happy when he gets his first boyfriend, and I'll be the best brother he could ever ask for."

Jared sighed, shaking his head.

"You've always told me that when I want someone, that I should go for it. Why don't you ever listen to yourself? He worries about you all the time. He says you act differently around his girlfriends, and he thinks you're lonely or something. If you don't tell him what's going on, you know how Nate is, and he will find out somehow."

Mason shook his head again.

"He won't find out if you don't tell him. He's smart, but I don't even hint that I might like him like that, let alone that I'm in love with him. I don't act like it, I don't hint at it, I'm nice to all of his girlfriends-no matter how slutty they are-and..." he trailed off, shaking his head and pressing his face to Jared's chest, almost whimpering.

Jared sighed, "Mason...just listen to your own advice for once, please? I don't like seeing the both of you so unhappy..."

Mason shook his head slightly and sighed, "Maybe, Jared. I just...have to think about it." He whispered, closing his eyes again.

The brunet sighed again and nodded. "Okay..."

Mason smiled at him slightly, then climbed out of his lap, and chuckled softly. "So what songs are you gonna play?"

"Do you remember the set we did for Justin and Leo's party? We're doing those and a cover of 'Blue Eyes Don't Lie.'"

The smaller boy thought for a moment, before smiling and nodding. "That sounds great." He smiled.

Jared grinned, "I thought so, too. 'Sides, Nate really likes singing with me when we cover that song..."

Mason nodded, grinning slightly.

"I like when you two sing together..."

Jared nodded slightly, "Nathan's actually really good at it...he's got a lot better at playing the chords and singing at the same time, too..."

Jared nodded slightly, "Nathan's actually really good at it...he's got a lot better at playing the chords and singing at the same time..."

The younger boy purred softly at the compliment to his twin, nodding slightly. "He practices for hours every night. I like to listen to him when he plays."

The brunet nodded again, pausing for a moment to admire Nathan's dedication.

"I'm almost jealous...I mean, I know how hard we all work to make sure everything's as perfect as it can be, and Nathan is just so talented...But I guess it's okay. He can be multi-talented, but I still get to be the one that surprises everyone."

Jared, of course, was the lead singer of the band. Because of the type of music they usually did compared to the person everyone thought Jared was, it wouldn't make sense to an outsider. But Jared spent most of his time trying to perfect his voice, and he changed his looks entirely before each gig. He would dye his hair a dark black or really dark brown, and add a streak of white on a side. You would think it would look something like a skunk's pattern, but it didn't. He usually would wear his sunglasses instead of his regular, geeky glasses, and his outfit would be something he borrowed from another member or something he bought specifically for the event. He'd actually gotten really good at disguising himself.

Mason giggled, "It's okay. You're multi-talented too."

The smaller boy kissed his cheek, smiling.

Jared laughed, raising an eyebrow and wrapping a friendly arm around Mason, "oh? How so, then?"

"You make me feel better." Mason smiled.

The brunet grinned, humming softly and looking around.

"That's good..." He sighed, shaking his head to clear his thoughts. "Can I borrow a book from you?"

"I suppose. Which book?"

Jared hesitated, then went to the colossal bookcase against Mason's wall, obviously searching for one in particular

He hesitates again then showed the younger teen which one he wanted.

Surprisingly, it was a relationship book.

Mason blinked then smiled.

"Of course. Maybe it'll help you more than it helped me. Do you have a girl in mind?"

Jared bit his lip, doing a motion with his hand which Mason knew to mind 'not exactly,' 'so-so', or 'kind of.' All three of which could fit well as an answer.

"...a boy?"

A hesitant nod greeted him in response.

Mason smiles, gently cuddling to him.

"That's great, Jare. Who is it?"

He bit his lip again. "...a person."

The younger boy blinked, frowning slightly.


Jared just grinned. "A person. Mmm, you'll see tonight." His eyes sparkled with that determination that the twins had both learned not to question.

Mason blinked, then nodded.

"Mmm, okay."

He grinned again, "Awesome."


Almost an hour later, Mason was sitting on the couch while Nathan played video games. Jared had already left, still cheeky about whoever he was trying to seduce. Or whatever it was that he was trying to do to the poor soul.

"So do you know who it is?"

"What?" Nathan blinked, paused his game, and looked at Mason upside down.

"Who the guy that Jared likes is?"

The older twin blinked, frowning slightly. "No, I haven't heard anything yet..."

"...mmk." Mason nodded, turning back to the TV.

The darker blond snorted, going back to playing his game.

They stayed in silence again for a while, before Mason spoke again.

" Jared says you're gonna sing with him tonight." He smiled.

Nathan hesitated then nodded slightly, going into an excited, detailed answer about it.

Mason listened with an interest, just liking Nathan's voice.

Out of nowhere, Nathan's cell phone rang. He whined, glancing at the Caller ID before looking at Mason again, "I should answer this..."

Mason bit his lip, nodding.


He hesitated, then sighed and answered it.


There was a pause, and Mason could clearly hear the voice on the other line.

"Nathan! Ricky told Keegan who told Marcus who told Derek who told Brady who told Zoe who told Liz who told me that you were going to break up with me and-"

Nathan quit listening to her then, not able to follow the chain of people.

Mason blinked.

Who the fuck was Ricky?

Nathan blinked when Stephanie finally went silent.

"Um...I don't know any of the people that you just said, aside from Marcus."

Neither did Mason...

Then, of course, there was the screaming from Stephanie. Nathan sighed, getting up and leaving his phone on the table to get an aspirin or something, swearing under his breath.

Mason glared at the phone.

"Maybe if you hung up, she'd get the message..."

"Yeah. That would totally work." The older boy answered from the kitchen.

Mason snorted, "Or I could do it for you..."

"No..." Nathan answered, joining him in the room again and picking up the phone.

"Okay, Stephanie, this is how it is. I don't like you. I don't like anything about you. You don't like me. The guy you like is Gay and is never going to see you as more than an annoying bitch. So here's the deal, I'll stay out of your life, and you'll stay out of mine, and everyone will be fucking happy again. So if you don't mind-which I'm sure you don't-I'm going to hang up now and go back to enjoying my life in peace."

Before Stephanie had the chance to respond to Nathan's outburst, he hung up her.

Mason blinked, biting his lip and quietly watching Nathan, curling up on the couch tightly.

The older twin sighed, closing his eyes and massaging his temple to calm himself.


"Yes...?" Mason replied, slowly crawling over and gently hugging him.

"I seriously hated that bitch..." He said, holding back from laughing.

Mason giggled softly, petting him.

" she liked a gay guy...?"

Nathan snorted, "Yeah. He looked a lot like me. But he had golden blonde hair, and caramel colored eyes, and a much better taste in fashion." He smiled, petting Mason's hair as he spoke, "and his name started with an 'M'...Oh, that's right. It was you."

Mason blinked then blushed brightly.

"M-Me?" He blinked, biting his lip.

"That' No."

Nathan laughed, still petting him, "Mmm, I know..."

Mason shook his head, relaxing against him.

"That's creepy...I don't like her at all."

"I know..."

Mason purred softly, nuzzling him.

"'M glad you aren't with her anymore..."

"I agree...she was a slut anyway."

Mason nodded, nuzzling him quietly.

Nathan chuckled, going quiet. He was obviously contemplating something, but he didn't say anything.

Quietly, the younger twin closed his eyes, almost purring softly as he cuddled to Nathan slightly.

"Mason...?" he asked softly, hesitantly.

"Yes?" He replied quietly.

"How did you know...?"

Mason knew what Nathan meant, though it wasn't exactly expected.

How did he know he wasn't straight.

Good question.

Mason blushed slightly, looking down.

He'd known when he realized that he was attracted to Nathan.

"I realized when I figured out that I like a boy..."

"...wouldn't that be past tense though?"

"" Mason shook his head, still blushing.

God, what the hell was he doing? Why hadn't he lied?

"Aww, that's cute," Nathan teased, ruffling Mason's hair gently. "Who is it, then?"

Mason blushed brighter, shaking his head.

"His name is Straight and his species is 'out of my league'." He sighed, shrugging.

"He'd never notice me."

Nathan snorted, "You don't know that..."

.Mason smiled slightly.

"Yes I do. Trust me, pretty."

Nathan rolled his eyes, "Don't use pet names on me."

In the other room, they could hear his alarm clock ringing, to signal something Nathan was supposed to go do, but neither twin moved.

Mason whined, sighing.


Nathan sighed, leaning back and looking up at the ceiling. "I should go...Jared wanted to talk to me today before practice and...yeah..."

Mason whined, but nodded.

"Can you pick out clothes for me, before you go? I don't wanna dress like a nerd and embarrass your band."

"I like the way you dress..."

"Mmm, but...last time I went, you got picked on because of it..."

Nathan sighed, "It doesn't matter. You shouldn't have to change to fit other people's views. I really do need to go now, though."

He gave his twin half a smile, then kissed his forehead and stood up.

Mason whined, nodding.


"Mmm, I'll be back to pick you up before we play, alright?"

Mason nodded, "Okay...good luck."

Nathan grinned, "I'll be at the practice place if you need anything..."

He nodded again, "Good luck...I'll ask Jared to come by and pick something for me later."

Nathan rolled his eyes slightly and nodded, playing with Mason's hair for a moment before going to the door and leaving quietly.

Mason sighed, watching him leave then curling up.

Maybe...Maybe Jared was right...

No. Jared couldn't be right. It would destroy everything. Nathan was his Brother for fake's sake! Listening to Nathan practice always cleared his mind and made him feel better. Maybe he could go listen to him for a little while...

Mason sighed, slowly sitting up.

He grabbed his coat and slipped on his shoes, sliding outside and spotting Nathan almost immediately.

He was out there on the corner of the street, talking to Avery. Avery was the backup guitar player in the band, and he was really close with both twins. Not as close as Jared, because Jared was like family, but still.

He couldn't hear what they were saying, but Nathan looked distressed. The way he had the past few days when he'd been completely spaced out and thinking.

Avery was petting him, one around Nathan's mid torso, obviously trying to comfort him as they talked.

It looked...just...too friendly... What was Nathan up to?

The darker twin grinned up at Avery, and they both stopped walking to-were they dancing...? What was going on?

Mason watched them, heart beat quickening as he watched.

This wasn't what he thought it was...this couldn't be.

Nathan grinned at Avery again, hugging him tightly, tugging on his hand and pulling him out of sight. Neither of them noticed Mason.

Mason felt tears well in his eyes and trail down his cheeks.

He slowly turned around and walked back towards their house, feeling numb and broken.

Of course, Mason couldn't be absolutely positive of what was going on...right? There was a chance that he was just jumping to the wrong assumption or something...right?

He shook his head.

He didn't care. He just wanted to go to sleep and not wake up for a while.


Nathan laughed, looking up at Avery.

"You are so off..." Avery laughed, pushing him away gently.

"Teach me then," Nathan whined.

Avery sighed, nodding slightly. "Fine, but you know I don't know what part Jared's going to play..."

"He'll be the girl." Nathan retorted easily, knowing full and well that Jared would never dominate him.

"Oh, okay then, know-it-all."

"Oh, I totally do know everything."

"Yeah. Sure you do."

"I do. Except who Jared and Mason like. Oh my Ra, what if they like each other? Oh, no. Nonononononono."

Nathan paled, looking horrified.

"I highly doubt Mason and Jared are in love with each other." Avery answered, snorting and crossing his arms.

Nathan didn't listen to him, though, turning around and walking back to his house quickly, obviously concerned now.

He fumbled to get the door open, then quickly looked around for his twin. "Mason?"

No one answered, but there was a soft sound coming from his room.

Nathan growled, almost pouting as he stomped towards Mason's room.


Mason was curled up on his bed, obviously having not heard him.

"J-Jar-re-red..." Mason sobbed, holding his phone to his ear.

Nathan crossed his arms, listening silently, glaring.

Mason whimpered something into the phone, sobbing softly, "J-Jared...'N-need you t-to come ov-over..."

Nathan sighed, "Mason!"

Mason looked over at him, eyes red rimmed from crying.

"Nathan..." He sobbed softly.

Nathan continued glaring at him, obviously displeased. "Hang up the phone."

Mason stared at him, then glared and set up, "N-No."

Nathan narrowed his eyes. "Mason. We need to talk. Now."

"No." Mason sobbed, glaring back at him.

There was silence for a moment then they both heard the phone line go dead.

Mason stared at his phone, before quietly hanging up.

He walked over to Nathan and handed him the phone, before shoving him out and slamming the door, locking it.

"Mason!" Nathan shouted, exasperated. "'The fuck is going on with you!"

Mason sobbed, going to lie on his bed.

"G-Go away! I-I ha-hate you!"

"Mason...please...just tell me what's going on with you and Jared?"

Mason sobbed softly, "N-Nothing!"

There was silence for a moment then Nathan sat down against the other side of the door. "You'd tell me if you liked Jared, right?"

Mason sniffed, wiping his eyes slightly and frowning.

"Y-you'd tell me if you were dating Avery, r-right?"

"Avery? What the Hell, Mas?"

Nathan sighed, "Where would you even get that idea? He's Jared's ex, I'm straight, and even if I wasn't straight, he isn't my type...God, Mason, where did you come up with that?"

Mason sniffed again, still crying softly, "I-I saw yo-you in the st-street...he-e was-as al-all ov-ver y-you..."

Nathan sighed yet again, shaking his head slightly and leaning against the door again. "He was..." Fuck, did he really want to explain this to Mason? "He was just helping me decide on some stuff I swear I'm not with Avery, Mas..."

Mason sniffed, wiping his eyes.

" promised you'd tell me when you started dating someone..." he paused, blinking. "Now what the fuck was that about Jared and I?"

Mason frowned, crawling off the bed and slowly opening the door. "Don't lie. Where the fuck did you get the idea that I liked Jared?"

Nathan almost fell backwards-he'd been using the door as support, then looked up at Mason, hesitantly chewing on his bottom lip. "Well both of you like guys and won't tell me who and...I just...assumed..."

Mason narrowed his eyes, "And you just assumed I was fucking him behind your back?"

"I-well-not exactly-" Nathan answered, cowering back slightly.

Mason glared at him, "You did. You seriously thought that I was fucking one of our best friends behind your back. You think I'm just some big slut, don't you?"

Tears welled up again and he slammed the door, locking it again.

"Mason! That's not what I meant, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions like that, please, I'm sorry..."

Mason wiped his eyes, ignoring him as he crawled back to the bed and curled up, covering his face with his arms. "G-Go away, Nathan...j-just go away..."

"I'm sorry, Mas..." Nathan muttered, curling up slightly.

God, why had he said that? Why had he thought Mason and Jared would ever do that?

Mason ignored him, quietly crying on his bed again, curling in tighter on himself.

Nathan sighed, tucking his head between his knees as he tried to calm the emotions and thoughts raging inside him. Fucking-he Knew they would never do that! He Knew it! They cared about him, didn't they? That's why they wouldn't.

Nathan slowly forced himself to get up after several long moments of sitting there, and he went to his own room, quiet. Why did he have to be such an emotionless bastard? Was that why Mason didn't like him anymore? Was that why he was-No. No, he couldn't think about that. Mason would hate him forever if he found out about that.

God, why had that happened anyway? Nathan was fucking straight, wasn't he?

He sighed, frustrated with the confusing questions that his mind kept repeating and collapsing onto his bed.

"God damn it..."


Jared entered the house with a wide smile, shutting the door loudly behind him. "Nathan! Mason! We gotta go! You were supposed to be at practice like half an hour ago!"

Silence rang throughout the household and Jared sighed, crossing his arms impatiently. "Nathan! Mason! Get your fucking asses out here right now!"

He stormed toward the hallway in which both of their rooms were, not bothering to keep his usual grace.

Again, silence met his call and he huffed in annoyance, looking at the two closed doors.

He growled, kicking at the wall impatiently.

"Please, guys..." he tried, pouting.

Mason didn't react at all, though the soft breathing from his room hinted that he was sleeping.

Jared sighed, taking a pick from his pocket and going to the his door, already knowing it would be locked and messing with it for a moment or two before getting the damn thing to open.

He sighed, picking up one of the x-rated magazines (censored, of course, as Mason had that whole 'attracted to censorship' fetish thing…) from the place he knew Mason hid them and then he hit Mason's leg with it almost-Almost-gently. "Get your ass up, Mason. Now."

Mason whined, tensing before waking slowly, looking up at him, eyes still blood-shot and red rimmed from crying and cheeks still tear-stained.

Jared sighed, tone turning soft again.

"Come on, pretty. It's time to get up..."

The younger boy shook his head slightly; whimpering as tears again formed and began to fall. "I-I don't wan-want to..."

Jared sighed, "Nonsense. Come on, trust me on this."

He patted Mason's hair gently, then got up and went to his closet, a smug little smirk on his face that said straight out that he was up to something.

Mason sobbed softly, but set up, watching him.

Jared hummed softly, pulling out some things from the closet that Mason hadn't even known was in there, then he paused. "I'll be right back."

Then he left the room.

There was a short pause, then-

"Nathan! Get your fucking ass up right now!" There was a thump when Jared kicked the door and then another that was probably Nathan falling out of bed.

More yelling ensued, before Jared appeared in Mason's room again and Nathan slammed the front door as he left in a panicked hurry, the blond having finally realized how late he was.

"Sorry." Jared said to Mason, picking up a bag he'd left in the younger boy's room the day before. "Come on, we're going to make you even more gorgeous now."

Mason sniffed, wiping his eyes.



"I-I'm not so sure about this..." Mason stuttered, itching at the tight, black, glittery shirt that had their bands logo on it, which Jared had forced him into

Jared laughed, tugging lightly on Mason's hair, grinning proudly at the change he'd made on the younger boy.

Mason was now dressed perfectly for the occasion. He had dark black cargo jeans on, a pair of shoes that Jared had let him borrow, afore mentioned black shirt, and his makeup was astonishing.

The older boy sighed deeply then lead Mason into the restaurant. "Mmm, you look amazing. Trust me. Now come on."

"Aren't we late?"

Jared smirked that smug little smirk again. "Oh, not exactly."

As they entered the building, they were instantly met with Nathan's voice flooding the room. The lights were brighter than usual, and flashing different colors. The crowd of people gathered around was larger than any who had come to see them yet.

"Perfect..." Jared purred, leaving Mason to find his way to the front as he, himself, disappeared the long way around, already dressed for the occasion as well but no one seeming to notice him.

Mason looked up from the back of the crowd, eyes finding Nathan immediately and centering on him.

He was still so beautiful...

Slowly, he wormed his way to the front of said crowd, playing with the hem of the itchy shirt nervously as he tried to avoid the dancers and creepy people trying to rub against him.

Finally, he made it to the front, looking up at the band, blushing slightly as he zeroed in on Nathan, eye half-closing at the soothing voice.

Nathan grinned, watching the crowd's reaction when Jared's voice suddenly joined his and he helped the older male onto the makeshift stage.

Jared winked at Mason, grinning as his arm strung around Nathan and he looked into the crowd, his eyes locking with someone in the middle, though none of the others knew whose, and he actually seemed to blush slightly.

Well that was different.

Mason laughed softly, not cheering or screaming like the people surrounding, but swaying quietly with the music as he watched them, completely forgetting his and Nathan's earlier argument as he listened to his older twin sing.

Nathan grinned, watching Jared for the rest of the song, before looking back at Avery and the others. Jared smirked, "This one's yours, Nate," he whispered, though everyone still heard him. That's when Jared hopped off stage, and took Mason's hand, still smirking. "Mason, come with me?"

Mason hesitated, then smiled and nodding, looking at him, "Where to?"

Jared just smirked, not answering and guiding Mason on stage.

Nathan was already singing softly, already having been informed of the change of plans, though still fidgeting nervously for a moment, before offering a hand to Mason, "Care to dance?"

Of course, everyone was watching. Would he even be allowed to object?

Would he want to?

Mason blushed brightly, glancing at the crowd as he froze, looking at Jared for a moment. "I-I...o-okay..." He whispered softly, biting his lip as he hesitantly took Nathan's hand.

Nathan chuckled softly, twirling around the stage with Mason, singing softly to him. He'd obviously gotten better since Mason had seen him in the road, though of course he still wasn't the greatest dancer.

Mason didn't care, purring softly as he let Nathan dance with him, knowing just where to put his feet, just where to turn and twirl, obviously a natural dancer, though he was happy to let Nathan lead.

His eyes were shining happily, and his smile was small, but bright and excited.

Jared sat on the edge of the stage, watching them quietly as he let the fans nearly attack him, not minding the attention anymore because he was used to it.

Mason hardly noticed Jared, though he glanced at him every few moments nervously, still blushing brightly.

By the time the song was over, Mason was too caught up in the moment to care anymore. To caught up to know what he was doing when he suddenly leaned up and kissed Nathan lightly.

Everything froze.

He blushed brightly, eyes widening as he realized his error, too afraid to look up at Nathan.

Before he could leave, before he could actually react at all, Nathan grabbed his wrist tightly, tilting his head up gently and kissing him again.

Everything else was silent, other than Jared's soft humming.

On one side, no one other than the band members-including Nathan and Jared-knew it was Mason on stage with Nathan. On the other hand...well...

The older twin pulled back slowly, meeting Mason's light brown eyes, and whispering only to him, "We'll talk about this tonight."

Mason blushed brightly, nodding and hesitating, before leaning up to kiss him lightly, then racing off the stage, and into the backstage area, out of sight of the crowd.

Nathan grinned, licking his lips slightly, before glancing at Jared and helping him up.

Slowly, the crowd started clapping and cheering again, and Jared and Nathan went back to singing like the gods their fans seemed to think they were.


Nathan held the door open for Mason silently, letting him into the house.

They had gone home in silence, and it was almost an hour after the concert now.

Nathan smiled almost fondly as he closed the door behind them, then crossed his arms as he looked at Mason.

"You know, you have a lot of explaining to do..." He said softly, though it was obvious that he wasn't angry or upset.

Mason blushed brightly, going to the couch and sitting down.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Nathan."

Nathan snorted, following him and sitting next to him.

"Oh don't you? Do I need to refresh your memory then, Mason?"

The younger boy blushed lightly, looking at him innocently.

"That might be helpful."

The darker twin raised an eyebrow, slyly leaning over and kissing Mason on the lips deeply, more harsh than he had on stage, though Mason wasn't one to complain.

He blushed brightly again, kissing back immediately, hands going to grip Nathan's shirt tightly as he pulled him closer.

Nathan smirked, deepening the kiss slightly, petting Mason's hair lightly.

Softly, almost silently, Mason moaned, pressing closer to Nathan, almost sitting on him as he deepened the kiss, wanting more, more, more, never wanting to not feel his brother's lips against his own again.

The older boy pulled away, looking at Mason again.

"Mmm, wanna explain now?"

Mason whined softly, shaking his head, "God, just one more minute..." he whispered, pressing his lips to Nathan's again, eyes still closed as he melted against him.

Nathan purred softly, closing his eyes again as he kissed Mason.

Why hadn't he pushed him away? Gotten mad at him? Demanded some kind of explain the first time? Nathan's arms snaked around Mason's slim waist and pulled him closer, ignoring the string of questions running through his head.

He felt his younger twin move slightly, finally sliding completely into his lap, straddling Nathan as he deepened the kiss, carding his hands through his hair.

"Fuck, Mason..." He sighed, again pulling back, restraining himself.

Mason whined softly, looking at him, eyes slightly hazy.

"Mason...say something..."

"S-something..." Mason replied, the stutter almost ruining the slightly cocky tone.

The older boy snorted and rolled his eyes, "Smartass."

His younger twin purred softly, leaning down to nuzzle him, "I-I know..."

"You know what? I don't even care. You don't need to explain."

Before Mason could respond, Nathan was kissing him again. The older male's tongue slipped into his mouth, pulling the lighter man close to him.

Mason clung to him, letting him control the kiss, his own tongue twisting and playing with Nathan's as he pressed closer, making soft, whimpering sounds as they kissed.

This time, neither of the twins pulled away until they had to breathe.

"...we sh-should really stop..." Nathan said, though it was obvious that probably wasn't going to happen any time soon.

Mason shook his head, whining softly, "Ju-just a few more minutes..." he whispered, leaning forward again, this time to trail kisses along Nathan's neck and shoulders.

A soft whimper escaped Nathan's lips as he closed his eyes, and he gasped softly when Mason found the sweet spot on his neck-which wasn't hard, as it was close to the same as the younger boy's own.

"F-fuck, Mas..."

His brother purred softly, gently beginning to focus on that spot, sucking and nibbling against his skin.

"M-Mason," Nathan practically moaned, cheeks flushing slightly as he shivered under the touch of his twin, feeling himself getting more turned on with each second that ticked by.

His eyes cracked open slightly to look at said brother, the mocha brown being obscured by a lusty haze, though Mason could see the deep love beneath the temporary mask that swallowed Nathan so easily now.

Of course, if Mason paused for even a second, Nathan would steal control again and dominate his younger brother-as they both planned anyway-but Nathan didn't really want Mason to stop yet.

Mason didn't pause though, instead, he began to trail his hands all over Nathan's chest, pressing and groping and Feeling him. He whispered Nathan's name quietly, licking his neck gently as he nuzzled him.

Nathan whimpered, never having been one to submit before, all of his pride disappearing as he arched and whimpered and submitted to his younger brother, letting the lighter boy teach him things he never would have thought of.

After several long moments of what Nathan could only describe as agonizing teasing, the older boy finally breathed out a question Mason hadn't been fully expecting.

"Mas-ason, i-if we're going to continue this, we sh-should move to a different room, yea-eah?"

Mason whimpered softly, slowly pulling away to look at him, then nodding slightly. "Y-Yours or-r m-mine?"

The darker twin bit back another whimpered, leaning forward to kiss Mason harshly again before answering, "Fuck, my room, definitely my room..."

Mason nodded, whining softly and stumbling up, taking Nathan's hand and dragging him down the hall and into the other's room.

Nathan purred, following his younger brother quietly, smiling slightly.

They reached the bedroom, Mason shutting and locking the door behind them, before he leaned up to continue the kiss from before, clinging to Nathan tightly.

Nathan smirked slightly, moving so that Mason was pressed against the wall and he was in total control once again, pressing closer to the other boy as he deepened the kiss, the bulges in their pants pressed tightly against each other.

Mason groaned loudly, rubbing his body shamelessly against Nathan's, giving up his control without a second thought.

His younger brother cried out softly, hands going to tug at Nathan's own shirt desperately, kissing back just as eagerly.

The darker twin chuckled, moving slightly so that he could get his own shirt off, watching Mason carefully as his hands went to the younger boy's hips, silently asking if it was okay to take off his pants.

Mason hesitated, biting his lip.

This was so wrong...

God, what was he doing? Nathan was his twin brother for fuck's sake... They had to stop, they couldn't keep doing this, it would turn out horribly. Mason nodded, giving him permission.

Wasn't Nathan supposed to be straight anyway?

Where was all of this coming from?

Mason felt Nathan between his legs suddenly, looking down to see the darker blond undoing his pants button with his teeth. Fuck, Nathan was talented.

He groaned, knees going weak for a moment as he watched his older brother with hazy eyes. Why was this happening?

How was this happening?

What the hell were they doing?


When had Nathan gotten so good at this?

The older boy nuzzled his thigh once the pants were gone, purring out, "God, Mason, I want you so you want me, too?" He looked up and their eyes met.

Mason whimpered, tears forming in his eyes.

"G-God, yes...'wa-want you mo-more than any-anything-thing..."

Everything seemed to move so quickly after that, and before Mason knew it, both twins were on the bed and naked.

And then they were touching, and Mason was moaning loudly as Nathan made him feel more amazing than any man he'd ever been with. His fingers were everywhere on his body, his tongue trailing maps across his chest and stomach, going lower and lower, as Mason cried out. God, what was Nathan doing to him?

Where had Nathan learned these things?

There was that familiar coldness around his entrance, and a single finger wriggled into him as Nathan licked at his naval. As the second and third fingers followed over time, the darker blond had moved on to playing with Mason's erection with his tongue.

Then, sooner than he'd expected, they were both ready. And Nathan was kissing his neck, his shoulders, lips, face, jaw, and his ears to distract him from the intrusion. But he was expecting it, and Nathan hit his prostate dead-on, which scrambled his thoughts too much to try to find them again.

Mason clung tightly as he adjusted, whimpering and moaning and sobbing in pleasure as Nathan began to thrust into him. Harder and deeper and faster, though he was gentle and his touch was sweet. The younger boy whispered pleas to him quietly, his nails digging into Nathan's back deeply.

Nathan didn't seem to care about the cuts though, purely intent on making Mason feel good. His hands were all over him again, and so were his lips.

Not once in the whole encounter did Nathan even think of leaving hickeys on his brother. He didn't want to.

He knew Mason was his.

Nathan listened to the sounds Mason made, a few similar sounds escaping him on occasion.

Mason called Nathan's name out over and over, arching.

He felt so close, so close, so close as Nathan moved inside of him, pressing against his sweet spot. God, Nathan knew just were to touch him.


His older brother smiled down at him, taking Mason's hand gently and wrapping both of them around the younger twin's erection as he leaned down to kiss him passionately

Mason cried out into the kiss, kissing back with just as much want and need as he pressed closer, moaning at the hands around his length.

It didn't take much coaxing before both twins came.

Nathan grinned down at Mason, showering him with soft kisses as he pulled out and cleaned the younger boy off with the sheets. It didn't need to be said.

It was obvious.

Yet, Nathan said it anyway, "...I love you, Mas."

Mason looked up at his older brother, whimpering softly, his eyes still half-closed and hazed over. "I-I..." tears built up again, though the purr he was giving out gave them away as happy tears. "I-I love you-ou too, Nate..."

Nathan chuckled softly, lying next to Mason and pulling him close, burying his face in his hair. "Mmm, you can shower tomorrow, 'kay?"

Mason nodded sleepily, pressing closer to him as his eyes fell completely shut. He clung to Nathan tightly, not ever wanting to let go.

Soon, though his grip relaxed as he drifted into a deep sleep.

Nathan smiled, purring softly as he fell asleep as well soon after, still holding the smaller teen close to him.


Mason woke with a soft, happy purr.

He whimpered softly, eyes blinking open when he realized that Nathan's arms weren't around him.

Slowly, he sat up, looking around, biting his lip.

Oh God, what if Nathan had realized what they'd done was wrong...what if he'd been disgusted and had left him there, alone.

Mason shuddered, standing quickly, and wincing slightly at the pain that raced up his body, causing a light yelp to escape his mouth, before he clamped down on his lip and grabbed his pants, pulling them on slowly.

Quietly, he walked out of the room, wrapping his arms around himself, looking around.

"N-Nathan?" He murmured, stepping into the kitchen, where he'd heard some sound a second ago.

There he was. Sitting on the counter with a glass of orange juice in his hands again, sniffing it. What was with him and sniffing orange juice anyway?

Nathan looked up, blushing slightly at being caught again.

"U-um, good morning, Mason..."

"...Are you sniffing my orange juice? Again?"

There was a soft, familiar laugh from the living room.

"Does Natey-boy still have an orange juice fetish?"

Both twins froze, then Jared appeared in the doorway with another male. Jared looked a mix between having stayed up all night and having just got up. And the other person...

"I do not have an orange juice fetish," Nathan hissed, setting down the glass and crossing his arms. Jared bit his lip, looking at Mason as the youngest boy recognized his ex-lover. ", er, Mason...would you be mad at me for dating your ex?"

Mason stared at the other boy, frozen.

Nathan frowned, looking away from Scotty to watch Mason.

"...M-Mason? You're over him...right...?"

Mason blinked, shaking his head and staring at Scotty for a moment, before grinning, going over to kiss Jared's cheek. "Why would I be mad? We're exes for a reason, love."

Jared relaxed slightly, smiling at him, glancing back at Scotty and hiding a blush.

"Wonderful..." He purred, then blinked and grinned again, "And Nathan totally does have an orange juice fetish."

"I do not!" Nathan objected, glaring slightly, and...blushing?

Mason slowly turned to look at his brother, grinning as his eyes darkened. "Really?" He murmured, gliding across the floor to where the older twin set and sitting in his lap, nuzzling him lightly. "You have an orange juice fetish?"

Nathan blushed, pouting slightly and glaring at the couple still standing in the doorway. " two are So not on my good side anymore."

Jared laughed, winking at him before pulling Scotty away with him.

Mason giggled, licking his neck lightly.

"Mmm, maybe I'll let you lick it off of me one day." He commented innocently, taking the cup to sip it lightly.