I'd built a thousand walls

All around me.

And they'd stand so tall,

I couldn't break free.

Nobody could ever break in,

Many tried to drill a hole,

But could never win.

I was so safe, yet so alone,

Stuck in a world of my own.

Why did you knock down the walls

And bring me face to face with reality?

Why did you give me hope again?

Why did you stir emotions buried in me?

Cause now it's a pseudo joy.

Now the world has a chance to toy

With me and bring me down.

I wanna rush back inside my town

And put the walls back up again.

Safe from this harsh lashing of rain

And love and hope

And everything that ties a rope

Around your neck

And ties your heart with feelings so fake

That you'd choke on your own breath

And lose all of your faith

And lose everything you thought you had.

My lonely world may be sad,

But you can't hurt me this way.

I can go on faking a smile every day.

And you wouldn't even know,

I won't let it show

That I'm hurting deep inside.

You can't see things that I'll hide.

You can look me in the eyes

But you won't see through the lies

That I spin when I act coy.

You'd believe in my pseudo joy.