The rhythm changes from stanza to stanza. You can decide how to interpret it on your own, because I can't explain it. Simple as that.



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Our Troubles

Many others would ask "Why?"
They would tell you not to cry.
I don't know why they don't see
The good things in you and me.

They would say "Go with the flow";
What "normal" is – no one will know!
I think that it's a relative word
To what you've seen and heard.

Why is goodness so bad?
See all the trouble we've had?
Why is wickedness so great?
Do we always have to hate?

It seems that right is looked down upon;
It's been that way for much too long!
So... that means that wrong is right?
Then, friend, we'll always have to fight.

If only they could see things our way...
We wouldn't have to battle for every day.
I still remember the troubles we've had,
But frankly, I'm just tired of being mad.