It was a large, dark room, a dozen lit torches lining the walls with a long table in the middle. Seated at the table were five people, donning expensive suits.

There was a brown haired woman with a blue suit, white undershirt, and a black tie. There was a blonde woman with a red suit and black undershirt without a tie. The last three were all male. One with short spiky black hair wearing a brown suit, white undershirt, and a brown tie. The other had long brown hair with a dark green vest over a white undershirt and a black suit jacket over it, with black slacks. The last one was a man with spiky brown hair wearing a black fedora hat, a full black suit with a dark red undershirt, black tie, and steel toed black shoes.

"I see, and where is she now?"

The blonde woman smirked, picking up a glass of red wine and taking a sip, "She is currently taking refuge in the alley way between the theater and the deli restaurant ." She took another sip, "Living like the trash she is."

"Good. Let's leave her there for a bit, for now let's lay low. Understand?"

Everyone nodded, "Good, dismissed."

Calore City was one of largest towns in Terra Firma, near the west coast and blooming with life. The town was filled with large skyscrapers, most of them reaching so far into the sky that you had to strain your neck to see the top. The town was famous for it's great food and their own police force made up of thirty Gun Users, a group named the Tutore Famiglia.(1)

At the moment the helicopter carrying Shichi, Andreina, Rosemary, Umihime, and finally the comatose Alex, excluding the pilot of course, landed on top of a large building. Umihime was the first out, yelling out orders to the medical staff that was waiting for them on the roof. Shichi and Andreina were next with Rosemary leaving after them.

"Prepare room F106 for him! Prepare a group of two Seal Users and three Healers to watch Alex-sama around the clock!" Yelled out a head doctor with a long lab coat and glasses. He had black spiky hair gelled back and tan skin and under his lab coat he wore blue scrubs.

Unihime nodded, "I'll stay with him, as you know he has Emperor Cobra poison barely being held back. Even a Seal User will need my help." She turned to everyone else, "You three start the search! Shichi, you know what to do."

Shichi nodded and turned to Andreina and Rosemary, "Andreina, go to the Tutore Famiglia and request any information they might have, if they don't know take a party with you and search for her. I'll take Rosemary with me. Meet us at the hotel in six hours, understood?"

They nodded, "Understood!"

"They're here, what do you want us to do?"

The man with spiky black hair with the brown fedora looked to his right hand man, "Hm, so Terra Firma sent their dogs huh? Guess we can't lay low like we planned." He frowned, "At the moment our forces aren't strong enough to fully combat the Knights. If they sent anyone ranked three or above we might have some trouble."

"Sir? But you were once-"

The man glared at his right hand man, the one with the long brown hair and green vest, "Do not remind me. Send Sake to evaluate the situation, in the meantime send Mori to grab the Healer."

The man nodded, turning around and walking away when he was stopped.

"Oh and Kane? Please do remember that we can't accept any mistakes."

Kane nodded, "Indeed Sir." He turned and walked out of the dim lit room, leaving his boss alone.

The Tutore Famiglia was a group of three dozen Gun Users originally trained by Rui, the last Sixth Rank Knight. The group was created to do missions that requires more strength and stealth than what a city can usually offer. In a way they are much like another form of authority, much like Terra Firma Academy.

Their Headquarters are located in the town square of Calore City, surrounded by tall skyscrapers Their headquarters was three stories tall with red colored walls, each floor with a different leader who led a group of eleven people.

Andreina walked inside the building, shredding off the black jacket she was still wearing to show a long sleeve white shirt and blue pants.

A woman looked up from her post at a desk, the desk being right next to the elevators.

"Can I help..." She trailed off as she recognized just who walked through the door, "Lady Andreina!"

The woman jumped to her feet, running around the desk, "Why are you here? We didn't receive any word of this."

Andreina raised an eyebrow as she fully saw the woman.

She had long blonde hair that fell down her back and blue eyes. She wore a dark red suit and a black vest with a short red skirt that went down to her knees with a slit right above her left knee. Most of her pale leg was covered by her shin high white socks, black business shoes covering her feet.

She seems a bit too dressed for a secretary.

"I'm here on official TFA business. We're looking for a girl named Juan Yan, do you have any information on her?"

The woman's eyes widened briefly and if she wasn't as trained as she was Andreina was sure she wouldn't have noticed it.

So she's heard of her.

"Lady Andreina? What pleasure do we have for your visit today?

Andreina turned her head to see a tall man walk towards her from the elevators. He wore a blue business suit with short cropped red hair. He wore a pair of reading glasses and at the moment was fixing his black tie.

Andreina's eyes widened slightly, Adam? There's something different about him.

"Lady Andreina was just telling me they're looking Juan Yan, you know that healer girl."

Adam turned to her and his eyes widened, a flash of emotion appearing in his eyes.

"Temp, what are you doing here? I thought today was Mori's day."

Temp smiled and shook her head, "Nope, Mori is busy at the moment so I'm filling in for her."

He nodded and he turned back to Andreina, whatever emotion that was in his eyes were gone now, "I know of her, she usually lives at the shrine just outside of town but she hasn't been there in the last week."

Andreina nodded, "I see, can you show me the shrine then, maybe Shichi can see where she went."

"Shichi-dono is here as well?"

Andreina nodded once again, turning around and taking out her cell phone, Why does he seem nervous?

She dialed the number quickly and put the phone up to her ear. She waited only a few seconds before she started talking.

"Shichi it's me. I have news, aparently she lives in a shrine just outside of town but she hasn't been there in a week. Want to meet up and head over?"

Shichi sighed over the phone, "No, I'll head over there and take a team with me. In the meantime I want you and Rosemary to go and get a room at a hotel. I have a feeling we'll be here for a couple days.

Andreina raised an eyebrow even though she knew he couldn't see her, "Just one?"

"Yes, with two beds and a nice bathroom. Umihime will most likely stay at the hospital."

Andreina sighed, "That's not my point, there's three of us."

"I'm well aware of our numbers, Rosemary can have a bed and you usually sneak into mine anyways. Therefore we only need two beds. Tell whoever is there that they need to prepare a search team of at least three people. After that come on over and pick up Rosemary, we're at the hospital, see ya later."

Andreina opened her mouth to say something but he hung up. Andreina sighed and shut her phone, "Never sticks around longer than he needs to." She turned around to face Temp and Adam, "Prepare a search team of three people, Shichi will be over soon to head over to the shrine."

Adam nodded, "Of course, I have three perfect for the job. I couldn't help but overhear you said there's three of you, who else is with you?"

Andriena frowned, "Nurse Umihime Murray, but she's at the hospital right now helping the injured and sick people."

Before he could ask anything more she left the building, the moment the door closed Temp turned to Adam, "I'll go with that search party, along with Mori and Kane, alright?"

Adam nodded, "Of course Mam."

Tutore Famiglia-(Guardian Family)-Group of three dozen Gun Users trained by Rui, the previous Sixth Rank Knight of Leo's Generation. They take missions that normal police aren't able to do or any power related missions that Terra Firma doesn't take. There are three leaders but the main one is Adam.