"So you're the new kid huh?"

A small girl frowned, brushing back her long brown hair, "Kid? My name's Andreina Bernardetta." She wore a dark blue dress and knee high black boots.

A tall man with tan skin and dark blue hair grinned, "Oh? You got some spunk, that's good, you'll need it."

The blue haired man wore a long sleeve dark red shirt and black pants with a black sash around his waist. He seemed to carry an air of authority and around his body, if you looked closely, was waves of blue energy rising off of him.

She had been waken up early and had been escorted to one of the mountains surrounding the Capital. Now she stood in the middle of a field with barely any grass, the only plant life being behind her. She had been there for only a few minutes before the man appeared, whistling a happy tune.

Andreina easily recongized the man, Who wouldn't recongize the most powerful Gun User to ever live?

Rui Danzai smiled down at the younger Andreina, "Andreina huh? Nah, I think I'll just call ya Reina, that okay?"

Andreina frowned, "No."

"Reina it is! So I heard you have trouble forming your guns huh, that's rough. The same thing happened to me back when I was a child too."

Andreina's cheeks grew red from anger, "I'm not a child! I'm Thirteen!"

Rui grinned, "Well I'm sixteen so to me you're still a child. Now to be serious for a second, and trust me only a second, I will tell you the secret to becoming a strong Gun User."

Andreina nodded and Rui held up right hand before slamming it down on his own chest, not even wincing from the pain, "It's your heart! You must believe in yourself and be headstrong."

Andreina frowned and an awkward silence filled the morning air.

"You're a dumbass aren't you?"

"I like to think I'm an aquired taste."

Andreina sighed and held out her hand, "Look, that's a stupid answer. I believe in myself completely. Besides how can something as silly as my heart affect my powers. You know that it's my Seal limiting my power, the Principal told you as such as well I bet."

Rui shrugged, "Eh, seal smeel, who cares? The only thing limiting you is yourself. First, find something you like and try forming your gun."

Andriena sighed and turned around, "I'm tired, I'm leaving."

Rui shrugged, "Oh well, I'm here every morning from five AM to seven Am if you want to talk or train." He turned on his feet and held out his hand in a gun like fashion, his index finger pointed out, "You might want to hold down your dress."

Andreina turned around with a confused face, "What?"

Rui grinned and a ball of red energy appeared in front of his finger, "I'm what you would call a Genki Gun User, someone who uses pure energy to form my guns and bullets. Genki Gun Users are rarer than Shinteki Gun Users, people who use real guns and real bullets, and are more powerful. If your body isn't able to handle the pure energy that it naturally draws in then a Seal would be in order, although you understand this better than I do."

He grinned and the red ball expanded outward quickly, becoming the size of a cannonball. The force it was expelling was enough to blow back small pepples and dirt, the wind blowing against their clothing.

"I'm somewhat known as a prodigy, at least that's what I've been told. I've always been able to handle the pure energy since I was a newborn and have been practicing since I was able to speak. Right now I'm using my pure energy to create an offensive effect that will burn away anything it touches and explode on impact but I can also create pure energy that can heal and one that can even temporarily take away someone's powers."

Andreina clenched her fists around the bottom of her dress, "SO?! I ALREADY KNOW THAT!"

Rui smirked, "Oh I know." His eyes narrowed and the ball of red condensed, becoming the size of an orange, "Shitsunen."(1)

The ball of red shot out, becoming a blur as it seemed to disappear from in front of him to the other side of the field. There was a bright flash of light before a large explosion was seen.

Andreina gasped and covered her face with an arm while she held her dress down with the other as the force of the explosion sent shockwaves everywhere, some of them even pushing her back.

What kind of attack is that?! He barely even tried and that could easily be S Ranked!

"That's it? That's almost sad, eh oh well."

Andreina gasped and turned to him, shock and awe clear in her eyes, "That's it?! EVen the shockwaves could've sent me flying!"

Rui nodded, "Yeah that's it, it's usually three times bigger when I actually form my guns." He shrugged and turned back to her, "I thought you were leaving already Reina."

Andreina growled and turned around, "I am! Fool!"

Andreina narrowed her eyes at the blue haired man as she spied on him from behind a fountain. He was sitting down at a table in the cafeteria eating coffee cake and drinking some kind of coffee while reading from a newspaper. Across from him was a woman with short spiky black hair with her bangs highlighted pink with pale skin. She wore a short sleeve blue shirt and dark blue pants, a small chain necklace hanging from her neck.

So that's the famous Tsuin Tenko? The Blade User who is able to sense someone's Pressure from a mile away?

"Is there a reason you're spieing on them?"

Andreina jumped from fright, turning around to face a taller boy with short brown hair and brown eyes. He wore a tan shirt with a blue vest over it and black pants. On his vest, right above his right arm, was the hilt of a knife.

Looks like a Knife User.

"Spieing? Who says I'm spieing?!"

The young boy shrugged and sat down on the fountain, looking up at her, "Never mind then. May I ask why someone not yet a student here is on campus?"

Andreina frowned and put a hand on her hip, "I am a student here, you saying I'm small? Besides who are you anyways?!"

"I'm Shichi Debabouchou, newly instated Seventh Rank Fighter. And yes you are quite small."

Andreina growled and held out her hand, flickers of gold lights appearing in her palms, "Oh yeah?! I bet ya I'm stronger than you!"

Shichi shrugged, "Who knows? I don't care much for fighting at the moment anyways. But I will tell you this." He stood up, slapping the dirt off his pants, "I will never lose to someone who doesn't believe in themselves."

He walked away, leaving behind a fuming Andreina.

Rui frowned as he saw Andreina walk up to him, looking confused. He was in the middle of doing his push ups in the middle of his mountain field when she appeared.

"I didn't expect to see you again so soon."

Andreina nodded and sat down so she was more his eye level, "I wasn't expecting to be here so soon either."

Rui nodded and pushed himself off the ground one last time before sitting down in front of her, "What do you want to talk about?"

Andreina frowned and her cheeks glew red, "I...I need to become stronger."

Rui blinked in surprise before a large smile appeared on his face, "I can help you with that."

One Year Later

"I'm starting a Gun User organization."

Andreina frowned and looked up to her best friend and mentor, "Oh? And why exactly should I care?"

Rui smiled and laughed, "Oh that pleasant attitude of yours is certainly endearing. You should care because you're going to help me train the recruits. At the moment I have thirty six people waiting in Calore Town and dozens of others in places all over Terra Firma. They'll be helping out with the local police while taking jobs much like how we do in Terra Firma Academy. Put I can't train them all."

Andreina sighed, tucking a piece of her long hair behind her ear, "I...I guess if you're so convinced it will work...then I guess I can help train them."

Rui grinned and patted her head softly, "What would I do without ya, Reina?"


Shichi frowned as he looked inside the small shrine. There was a small futon inside and a couple small dressers. The dressers were thrown on their side and a set of muddy tracks were found coming into and out the shrine.

Shichi was wearing a camoflouge jacket with a black shirt under it and blue pants, trading his snow boots for hiking boots.

Behind Shichi was Mori, a woman with long brown hair wearing a blue suit with a knee length skirt and a white undershirt with a black tie, Kane, a man with shoulder length brown hair wearing a black suit jacket with a dark green vest under it covering a white shirt, and Temp.

The three of them appeared to be somewhere in their mid to late twenties.

Mori smells like sawdust, Kane like iron, and Temp like ozone. They're not members of the Tutore Famiglia so who are they?

"You find anything?"

Shichi looked over his shoulders to see Kane leaning against a tree, "Yes, there was a struggle but she got away. It appears that she went into town and her pursuer followed after. My guess is however that she got away in the end."

Mori smiled, "That's good then isn't it." She said it more like a statement, as if she knew that she had gotten away herself.

Shichi nodded, "Indeed." He stepped out of the shrine, evaluating them, "Who are you three?"

Mori frowned, cocking her head to the side almost cutely, "What are you talking about? We told you we're with the Tutore F-"

"You're not. The Tutore Famiglia is composed of Gun Users while you three are definitely not Gun Users. Now tell me, who are you three."

Mori opened her mouth to speak but was cut off from Kane, "It's no use Mori, this is Shichi Debabouchou, he knew who we weren't the moment he saw us."

Temp sighed, "Damn, what a pain. Oh well." She turned over to Kane, "I'll go on ahead and take care of that healer girl." She turend around and walked away.

Shichi sighed, reaching into his jacket to pull out a six inch combat knife, "I'll get the information from you I guess. Shame, seems like we walked into a troublesome situation right after another."

Mori sighed before grinning, raising her hands up as the trees next to her began to stir, "This will become your grave, Shichi."

Shitsunen-Oblivion-Forming a ball of red energy in front of his finger he is able to shoot out a condensed ball. On impact the ball explodes with enough force to send out large flashbacks that can send people flying. Even without using his guns the technique is S Ranked and less than three times its real strength. This technique is ranked Offensive and an S Ranked Technique.(Potential U Rank using his guns and full power.)