Mori sighed as Kane started walking away, "Are you sure we had to be so rough with him? He was kind of cute."

Kane didn't answer and Mori stuck her tongue out at him, raising her middle finger before turning around to face the Shichi. Shichi at the moment was sitting down against the shrine wall, his head lowered and the wall behind him cracked. His chest was covered in blood and his knife was stabbed into the ground at his feet. Mori frowned and turned around before walking down the steps.

Rosemary frowned as she noticed the looks people gave her as they walked past. While they weren't exactly hostile they weren't kind either.

Why do I have the feeling I'm missing something here?

She continued walking, not knowing where her feet were leading her. Andreina had left her to go check something out, something that she wouldn't tell Rosemary.

I wonder what she went to do.

Rosemary sighed as her thoughts ran out of her control but finally landing on one subject that made Rosemary more worried than she was already.

I hope Leo is doing better. With Nurse Umihime there he'll be better in no time, I just have to find that Juan Yan girl.

She sighed and looked up to the sky, narrowing her eyes once she saw the dark grey clouds rolling in.

Why do I feel like this is just the calm before the storm?


Rosemary's eyes widened instantly and she started running, feeling the dread begin to set in.

A young girl screamed out as she was kicked against the wall, her head bouncing off the dumpster behind her.

She felt new tears roll down her pale face and she curled herself into the fetal positon, wiping away her tears as the three grown men in front of her began to laugh.

"L-Leave me alone!" The young girl, no older than ten, started coughing as her tears and cries began to tire her small frame, "W-Why do y-you a-al-always do th-this t-to me?!"

The man in the middle smirked maliciously, "Because we can you stupid girl! Do we need a better reason?!"

She coughed harshly, her hands going to her throat as more tears formed from the pain, "J-Just leave me alone!"

He laughed and the other two began to as well, "You think you can order us around?! You stupi-"

In front of her eyes the young girl watched as a wall of water slammed into the three men, throwing them so hard into the wall at the end of the alley that the wall cracked. The three men fell uncocnious as the wall of water fell to the ground, the three men following soon after to land in a heap.

"Are you okay?"

The young girl gulped as she looked up to see someone standing above her, a smile on her face and the sunlight reflecting perfectly off her skin, "A-Are you an Angel?"

Rosemary smiled kindly and reached forward to cup the girl's face, "You could say that, I prefer being called Rosemary though, what's your name?"

The young girl coughed and wiped away the last of her tears, "M-My name's Juan...Juan Yan."

Alex's eyes snapped open and he looked around, not able to see anything in the infinte darkness surrounding him.

"Hello? Anybody there?!"

He frowned and he held out his hand, his blue lightning crackling between his fingers and lighting up a small area.

" i can see my shoes..." He sighed and poured more power into his hand, the lightning gaining in size before completely disappearing, leaving him in darkness once more.

His eyes widened, "W-What the hell?"

"It seems like you haven't mentally recovered yet."

Alex looked up as a small ball of light appeared above him before slowly falling.

"Seems like I still got it." The ball of light stopped moving at his eye level around six feet away from him, "I guess I'm allowed to talk to you like this here but this form isn't flattering at all." What sounded like a snap sounded out and Alex was forced to cover his eyes as a bright light shone out, completely blinding him.

"Hm, I couldn't see you very well with all that darkness but you really do look like your brother."

Alex moved his arm away from his eyes, blinking and squinting his eyes to adjust to the bright whiteness, "Couldn't give me a warning?"

There was a loud laugh and Alex finally saw who had been talking to him this whole time.

He was tall, taller than Leo even and even more muscled but still maintaining a lean frame. He had blue hair with spiky hair but was pulled back into a spiky ponytail that reached the back of his neck. He was wearing a white shirt and blue pants with a light gray sash around his waist.

Alex frowned, feeling as if he should know him, "And who exactly are you?"

He grinned and held out his right hand in front of him, "Hm, let's go with an eight round." A bright red ball appeared in his hand before stretching out and forming a dark red revolver with a long nuzzle, "You might want to dodge this by the way but hey, it's your choice."

He smiled and spoke out, his voice quiet yet still reaching Alex's ears, "The move I named after my student should strike home."

Alex's eyes widened as he fired however something strange happened instead.

Instead of something being fired towards him eight large red orbs floated in front of the man, almost covering him from view, "Do you know what the Knights of terra Firma truely stand for? In my day I was the Sixth but I wasn't the weakest."

He smirked and the red revolver glew brighter, "Fujo Hitoya."(1)

Before Alex could even move the red orbs flew forward, faster than even he could see.

Four of the orbs struck down in a square around Alex while the other four floated above him above the other orbs.


Before he could speak four red lines shot out from the orbs and connected with each other, forming a large cube with red see-through walls.

"This represents the cage she felt throughout her life." He sighed and his gun disappeared, instead raising his hand, raising his thumb and forming a fist with his index finger pointed straight towards him, "That move right there is B Ranked and isn't Defense nor Offense. Do you know what it is? It's known as Support. There's only one way to get out of there unless you can overpower me, something that is impossible for you at your current level." He grinned, "And that is to have your body become energy. Only people with powers like mine and yours are able to. In short, abilities like light, lightning, water, fire, shadows, and energy users like me. You get it?"

Alex frowned but nodded anyways, "A-Are you training me?"

The man looked taken back, his eyes widening in surprise, "Man, Leo really was right. You are kind of a dumbass."

Alex sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, "I like to think I'm an aquired taste."

The man's eyes widened even more so and he stumbled back, "Y-You..." The man's arm fell to his side and he closed his eyes, letting out a loud laugh, "You're just like me!" He continued to laugh, oblivious to Alex's questioning look, "I said the same thing back then!" He sighed and raised his hand back into the air in the same position, "You might want to focuz now, I'll be shooting this at it's slowest speed possible, which is around 3 mph, really slow huh? However the damage it can do is enough to completely evaporate you so you might want to get out of that box."

Alex gulped and he back up, his back colliding with the red wall, the energy burning his back. He stumbled forward as a red ball began to form in front of the man's finger.

"Here we go." He smirked, "Shitsunen."(2)

The red ball expanded to the size of a basketball and slowly moved towards Alex, "Well...this is quite anticlimatic huh..." He shrugged, "Well I'm going to go back now but if you're able to beat this then you'll be ready. At the end of all this I hope you know what the Knights stand for."

He turned around and took a step, his body becoming a white mist.

Alex gulped, "What the hell is even going on?" He frowned, "This is all a dream right?"

He shrugged and crouched down, closing his eyes in concentration, "Well, it isn't like me to say no to a challenge!"

1-Fujo Hitoya-Shrine Maiden Prison-The man fires eight large red orbs with four hitting the ground around the target and four floating above the other four above the target. After the orbs are in position red lines connect the four orbs on the ground to the four in the air and two connecting the ones on the bottom and top to form an X that creates another red wall above and below the target. The only way to get out is to become energy or to overpower the user. B Ranked Support Technique.

2-Shitsunen-Oblivion-The man forms a red orb in front of his finger and fires it, he is able to control the speed and destruction but it is able to completely evaporate someone with it(although only stating it). Unknown to S Ranked and an Offensive Technique.