A/N: A nice happy poem for my nice happy mood ^.^

Blah Blah Blah-Alternate Rhyme Scheme-Blah Blah Blah. Heard it all before, don't need to hear it again. I FULLY agnoledge the fact that the rhyme scheme is different each paragraph. Please, try to refrain from mentioning it. Thanks :)

Flowers stiff with cold from th enight,

Slowly droop their aching limbs.

Quiet birds stirr 'round in sight,

Following sounds we do not hear.


Blinding colors start to rise,

As sun comes up in the flaming sky.

Daily heat in scorching ties,

Causes us to realize.


Nothing ever stays the same,

So far worth it to play Earth's game.


Of shouting laughs and horid things,

To big Batmitzvahs and broken rings.


So go to sleep, and wake up bright,

Regjoice 'till the morning light.

Where wandered dancing takes its toll,

So fall up fast to believe it all.


Joining hands, and side by side,

Open your eyes. And enjoy the ride.

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