Well, here I am again. Another poem, this one with a back story. Have you ever been, like, half asleep? Where you almost can't feel your body but your mind is running all over? I love the feeling! So, that's what this poem is about. I hope you enjoy. Read On!

"A world in peace.

Floating in joy, blissful.

Thoughts drifting,

Exploring what would never have been thought.

"A world without fear,

A place without pain.


Pitch dark behind closed eyes.

"No body.

Soul drifting in oblivion.

Body sleeps, mind wanders.

Take me away.

"In a place all your own,

Do not disturb.

Run with your imagination.

Fly away on wings of your heart's desire.


Drift away until your body no longer exists.

Drift until consciousness leaves.

Sleep softly, children.

"Half in,

Half out,

Half asleep,

Evaluate your dreams.

"Live your dreams.

Fight your demons.


Half asleep… The world is yours.

So, you like? I hope you do. As soon as I began to write, the words drifted away… So, this is my favorite feeling in the world. Enjoy, and, please REVIEW! I can see when you favorite, so why not review? I mean, seeing you favorite make me smile, but, if you want to make a young girl's day… just, please, REVIEW! Satisfied, StevieBumpkin2011, signing off!