What if?:

What if death wasn't the end?

What if it wasn't plain blackness?

What if there was a life after this?

One painted in bright, beautiful colors?

What if instead of cold and fear,

We felt warm and welcomed?

What if life was just the beginning?

A beginning without an end?

What if there was a place where it was spring all the time?

Where winter never came?

And darkness stayed away?

A place where the birds sang happy tunes?

Where war was just a game?

A place where everyone was equal.

Where hatred wasn't heard of.

Where fear was never felt, nor worry or guilt.

A beautiful land with lush green hills and the highest mountain tops.

A land where everything was perfect,

A wonderfully perfected society.

What if that was reality?

Not a far-fetched dream?

What if after this, there was something more to be?