Author's Note: This was inspired by the song 'A Little Bit Stronger' by Sara Evans (redone by Leighton Meester, which I like better).

A Little Bit Stronger:

I won't try to deny the hurt,

I just hope you know that you're the cause of it.

I left you in,

And you tore me down.

But I'm slowly picking up the pieces,

It might take a while

Because they shattered in all directions,

But I thank you,

For breaking me down,

Because you made me realize that,

It was worth it.

You might think I'm crazy,

For how could that be?

Because you showed me that I could get stronger,

That I could heal after being so broken.

That life just doesn't stop for anyone and we have to keep going.

You want to know something else?

I'm starting over.

It might've been easier for you,

You've done this so much,

But for me it was different.

I moved away,

Deleted your play list and filled it up with my songs,

Tore up the pictures and replaced them with better times,

Repainted the apartment 'cause it was your favorite color,

Locked all thoughts spared to you away,

Went on another date,

Fell in love again,

This time for real.

So don't come around again.

This is my warning to you,

I'm happy now,

And I wish you the best.

I'm sick and tired of letting you back in,

I'm so done and over it,

So stay away,

Live your life and I'll live mine.

It's easier that way.

I've learned that I can be happy when you're away.

So now, I'm moving on.

Becoming more independent,

And getting just a little bit stronger.