One and only,

I hope here to stay,

My shoulder to cry on,

and when my head gets heavy,

A place for it to lay.

Close to you it feels so right,

But the closeness only comes at night.

I don't want to push to far

And be pushed away.

No one gets a straight answer,

Will I be the same?

I am afraid to know,

afraid to hurt,

afraid to cry,

afraid to be your loyal friend, and be dying on the inside.

Live in the moment, to die without regrets,

Is that not what I said?

But silence is hard to break after reading what I've read

and hearing what I've heard

and seeing what I've seen

and thinking what I've thought.

Perhaps Good Night is the moral of this story,

It certainly was when the music ended,

when the lights came on,

And I found myself alone.

Maybe if I had cut in, maybe if I had heard.

Maybe I should stop pressing my ideas upon you and let you make your own decisions,

and take up my spot as your friend.

Because the thing I fear most is a bite from you.

Good night, sweet dreams,

I'll see you in the morning.

With a slightly knowing smile on my face

and a hope behind my eyes.

Author's Note: I believe this to be one of the longer poems I've written but I was asked how I feel and my answer is above. Perhaps I am responding to a poem a friend of mine just posted for I was certain stimulated to write my poem from his.

Truly Yours,