"He's so amazing, I'm so excited for tomorrow!" she babbled happily, waving her arms in excitement. The elder girl continued to rave on about her plans with her new man, while the other sat quietly, trying to look interested. Well, more than interested. Commendably, she kept her face held in a mask of friendly delight, as was expected. She couldn't very well share her real thoughts of the man the elder was so excited about.

"So, we're gonna meet at Starbucks at lunch, and then we'll see a movie. So, you better be there, because I want you to meet him properly, not just a stolen moment from when we stalking him!" she giggled, her cheeks flushed. It was nice to see her so happy, but the younger girl wished that it could have been because of someone she actually liked and trusted. Like Jayden. Or… no, that didn't bear thinking about.

The older girl, Olivia, looked at the younger expectantly.

"Oh, yeah of course! I can't wait!" the younger exclaimed, hoping that she hadn't hesitated too long, but Olivia's face melted back into a giddy smile, and the younger girl's heart slowed once again to a normal rate.

"You'll just love him, Jordan! He's so cool; I just hope I'm cool enough for him!" Olivia cried, her spirits dropping a little. Jordan internally rolled her eyes. Olivia was always on about this.

"For god's sakes, Liv, if he can't see how amazing you are, then you obviously are way too good for him. And stop with the self-deprecating nonsense," Jordan responded, the well-worn words familiar to the other girl, though they never stopped being sincere. Liv smiled and stood, practically bouncing away from the table. Jordan followed suit, though far less enthusiastically.

"Come on, I'll drop you home," Liv said, skipping towards her car. Settling into the front seat, (after clearing the seat of the many sheets of scribbled on paper and receipts), Jordan settled into her usual comforting slouch, the one she was so used to before all this drama with Jayden and Sebastian - the name was venom in her mind- happened.

Olivia's car always smelt of her; the perfume she wore mingled with her deodorant, and the daisy-scented conditioner Jordan knew she used. She'd used it once before, on one of the many occasions she had spent the night at Olivia's house, but it had never smelt the way it did in Liv's hair. Jordan was well-aware of the slight obsession that crept into her mind when she thought about her best friend, but she had long ago come to terms with it.

Olivia continued to rattle on for the entirety of the drive home, only letting up when Jordan actually had to get out and say goodbye. Walking into the house, Jordan pondered the situation miserably, as she was prone to do these last two weeks. Everything had been so perfect before this Sebastian had entered their lives. Again the name was spat within her mind; the only place she could release the bitterness. Well, OK, they hadn't been perfect, but they sure as hell had been better than the current circumstances.

Jordan worked through her mindless chores - her parents wouldn't be home for hours yet; she had time to cook a half-assed attempt at dinner and soak in the bath. Lately she'd taken to spending hours in the warm comfort of the tub, while she thought of things she could possibly do to try and make this situation a tad better. So far, all she'd been able to come up with was to kill the bastard and make Olivia see the error of her ways.

"Possibly not the best course of action," she thought dryly as she slipped into the scalding hot water. She hissed a little as her body acclimated to the heat, but after a moment, she welcomed its numbing sensation. Lying back against the end of the tub, she thought again of what she could do to fix this. She supposed she could just accept that this Sebastian made Olivia happy, and that was the most important thing, but the thing was, Jordan just didn't trust him. It wasn't even a matter of not liking him, although she did detest him, but she just got this feeling from him that gave her chills, and not in a good way.

Jordan was sure she could get over herself if she simply didn't like him, but her protective streak came out in abundance when it came to Olivia, a fact she did not need any reminding of. She remembered the last time someone had tried to hurt her, and it had resulted in an extremely traumatised boy with an icepack held firmly against his groin, and an angry mother practically spitting in Jordan's face.

But Olivia had been so happy with Jayden these past few years that she didn't even need to bring out her violent, protective side. Jayden was the most perfect boyfriend you could ask for; sweet, thoughtful, pretty attractive if you swung that way, but most of all, totally and completely head over heels with Liv. Jordan wasn't sure what had brought about the sudden turnabout in the relationship, but two weeks ago, she'd received a severely misspelled text, which indicated to Jordan the severity of the situation, as Olivia was a stickler for proper spelling, no matter how lazy you are, detailing her sudden breakup with Jayden.

Jordan had been overcome with… something. She had at first expected it to be delight. After all, how long had she spent longing for them to break up? (Though in the back of her mind, she always took back the wish, because her heart knew they were perfect together.) But it wasn't delight. It was something close to sorrow, especially upon receiving the following text which detailed her plans to meet with this Sebastian, a boy who she had only ever mentioned in passing before. How could Liv have just abandoned a four year relationship for some boy she'd only just met? Jordan could barely wrap her mind around it when Liv insisted that she meet Sebastian.

OK, so they didn't strictly meet. Not in the conventional sense, but then she and Liv had never been conventional. They may have stalked him a little. Just through town, until he settled into a café, when they decided that it would be a little too hard to hide from him and so Liv simply dragged her into the booth where he sat and introduced them between giggles. He had looked at them strangely; at first, Jordan could not quite place what the emotion on his face was. It wasn't disdain; she was too well acquainted with that to mistake it for anything else.

It wasn't something positive either; Jordan could tell from the hard glint in his eyes. It sure as hell wasn't that slightly glazed look Jayden often held while looking at Liv, or the look Jordan gave her sometimes when she wasn't looking. She was sure it looked something like the love-struck cartoons, though hopefully somewhat more attractive than that. No, she figured out, hours after, that was it was a look of a sort of cruel amusement, as if he saw an opportunity in them. Jordan had been thoroughly unnerved by him, and was quite glad to leave his presence when she finally cleared her throat and reminded Liv that they had better be going.

And now she was supposed to go and meet him properly, and wear the mask of delight for even longer. It would be harder when she was around him too, she knew. Her skin would crawl and her mind would scream for her to just grab Olivia and run. But she knew that she would pull herself together and pretend to be happy for the couple. She couldn't very well do anything to him on just a creepy feeling. And she could not even be sure that he was a bad guy. No. She was sure of that. She just needed to wait for him to prove it.

Her musings were interrupted by the chime of her phone alerting her to a new message. She quickly dried her hand on a nearby towel and opened the message. The text was garbled again, which worried Jordan a little. Two misspelled, urgent texts within two weeks was two too many. From what she could gather, Liv had just been to see Sebastian, who had been savagely beaten by… did that say Jayden? Jordan's stomach flipped with a sudden sick happiness at the image of a beaten up Sebastian, especially at Jayden's hands. But her mind reeled her violent side in, and she realised that she could not truly imagine Jayden ever being so violent and rash.

However, after further inquiry, it did in fact seem that Jayden had laid into the other boy. Jordan was blown away - maybe the boy did have it in him as well. Of course, she should have known better than to underestimate him when it came to Olivia. Whatever Sebastian had done, it must have been something to do with Liv.

Olivia seemed shaken up, but after Jordan had comforted her, with sickening lies about how she was sure that Sebastian would be fine, and that of course she would still come tomorrow, she could not wait to meet him properly, she finally said goodnight and went to bed. Jordan was pleased that she was still able to calm the older girl - she had thought that perhaps the first thing to go with this arrival of Sebastian would be the intense closeness between the two - though she could not bring herself to say anything bad about Jayden, though she knew it would have been a more effective tool in comforting Liv.

Drifting off to sleep, Jordan's last thoughts were of Jayden's apparent violent outburst and how satisfying it would be to see Sebastian's perfect little face marred with bruises.

"Jordan, this is Sebastian. I know you guys met before, but not properly, and we were both in school uniform, which is unacceptable," Liv said, standing beside the two of them. Jordan had made an effort to look particularly spiffing - she knew that Liv would have as well, and she couldn't very well turn up looking like she did every day. Plus, she knew Liv knew that there was no chance Jordan would try and "steal" Sebastian. Quite the contrary, actually.

Sebastian held out his hand to her, and she took it, trying not to let the revulsion on her face show. It seemed she held it in, as he smiled - no, he didn't really smile; he smirked - and replied.

"Sebastian. I'm sure Liv's told you all about me. I sure know a lot about you; she never shuts up about you. I'm starting to think she doesn't have any other friends," he said, smirking again. She suppressed the warm glow inside her at the mention of Liv telling him about her, and pushed down the urge to smack the smirk off his face.

"Actually, I don't know that much about you. Seems only fair you fill me in," she replied, slipping into a seat at the table beside them, forcing he and Liv to follow suit.

"Well, I'm 20, I'm studying psychology at University of Victoria, and I'm in a band. I don't think there's much else to say about me," he laughed, his fingers linking with Liv's as he spoke. Jordan's teeth clenched at this, but she laughed along with him, keeping the mask in place. This was no place to lose her temper.

"What about you? You study with Liv, but I don't think she mentioned whether or not you had a girlfriend or anything. You are a lesbian, aren't you?" he asked, his smirk widening, so that it resembled the Cheshire Cat. Jordan was shocked at his brashness, but was careful not to let him see it. She shot a look at Liv, who looked a little shocked as well, though the dreamy look in her eyes soon returned. Jordan nodded, but was unable to bring herself to respond with actual words. Sebastian seemed to have picked up on the awkward sudden tenseness, and smoothly apologised.

"Oh, I'm sorry if I offended you. I can just usually tell. You've got the… look. So, no girl?" he pressed, something in his eyes telling Jordan that he would not let this drop.

"No. Not right now," she responded, possibly a little too coolly, as Liv shot her an odd look. Sebastian nodded as if he had expected it, and moved on.

"Well, I'm glad you're such a good friend to Liv, what with her crazy ex on the loose," he said, his eyes flashing a little. Jordan's temper flared again at the mention of Jayden, but the purpling bruise above Sebastian's eye calmed her.

"Well, Jayden probably just got a bit heated. He's a good guy, really," Jordan ventured, again unable to besmirch Jayden's name. Though they were not as close she and Olivia were, they had become good friends, and Jordan would never allow anyone to hurt him, just as she always protected Olivia.

"Well, I doubt that, considering what he did to me. He might have seemed like a good guy while he was with Liv, but when she broke it off, I'm assuming he snapped. It's common to protect abusers, you know. You're probably just so used to his behaviour that it seems acceptable to you," Sebastian replied smoothly, his voice remaining calm, though Jordan could see his eyes lighting up in anticipation. He knew exactly what he was doing - baiting her with his Psych 101 shit.

Jordan managed to pull herself together before she did something she'd regret and managed a civil response.

"We'll have to agree to disagree on that one," she managed, though she was sure the words came out colder than intended.

At this point, Liv, seemingly oblivious of the growing tension between Jordan and Sebastian, excused herself and skipped off to the bathroom, her hips swaying as she went. Jordan's eyes followed her as they always did, before turning back to the smug boy sitting in front of her. She had noticed his eyes on her following the motion of Olivia's hips, rather than him following suit.

Jordan realised that she was now alone with Sebastian, and as such was presented with the rare opportunity to carry out her plan made the previous night.

"OK, listen here, pretty boy, and listen good. Olivia is my best friend, and you are nowhere near good enough for her. I know you, for whatever reason, seem to make her happy, so I won't kick your ass for her sake. However. You ever hurt her, you even make her feel slightly inadequate for just a second, I'll know, and I will personally hurt you so bad you'll have wished you stayed in that shithole town of yours," Jordan snarled, leaning across the table toward him.

His eyebrow arched, and for a second, he looked a little intimidated, and Jordan thought she might have succeeded in scaring him off. She should have known a boy like him wouldn't scare so easy.

"And just why would you care so much?" he asked curiously, before answering his own question.
"Oh. I see now. It's so simple. You're in love with her!" his voice was filled with incredulous laughter. Jordan's cheeks reddened and her fists clenched.

"Jesus, first that pathetic little boy comes after me, and now you. This girl must be a damn good fuck if she has so many devoted puppy dogs following her around," he said nastily. Jordan leapt across the table toward him, but he grabbed her wrist roughly and shoved her back into her seat. The skin around her wrist pinched painfully beneath his tight grip but he didn't let go.

"No, sit your ass back down. You wanted to talk, so let's talk. I don't know why you and the other little puppy dog think you can actually stop me from fucking her up. Surely you know that attacking me is just gonna make her hate you even more. Hell, I can forgive the boy for making the mistake, but you? After seeing how much she hates him now? You must be a stupid little dyke," he hissed, his hand tightening around her wrist as she struggled to get away. Her face was twisted with fury, but continued, revelling in her anger.

"I'm gonna be nice enough to give you a little image to jerk off to tonight. See, what I'm gonna do tonight is take your beloved little girl home, after wining and dining her of course, so she thinks I'm falling for her. It won't be hard, either. She's such a naïve thing. And then. I'm going to fuck her. She probably won't want it, at first. But let's just say, I'm stronger than I look. She'll struggle and writhe under me, but that won't be the best bit. You want to know what the best bit will be?" he asked, his voice dropping low, and leaned in. Jordan was frozen; she could barely breathe for her rage.

"The sweetest part will be when she screams when I tear into her. It always is. The scream. Sometimes it goes on forever. What's the bet she calls that boy's name to help her instead of you? You won't even enter her mind, you're so inconsequential. When she cries, it might just be enough to get me off. Maybe you too, if you imagine hard enough," he whispered, his eyes darkened with malice, and his lips upturned into a hideous grin.

Jordan was unable to contain herself. She let out a feral scream and threw herself across the table at him, shoving him backwards and out of his chair. He seemed startled, and she was hitting him before he had a chance to throw u his arms to defend himself. Her fists bled with the force of her blows, but she barely felt it as she watched his face become a mess of blood and pain.

"Jordan? What the fuck are you doing?" came a shrill cry from behind them. Jordan froze, her legs still firmly pressed against Sebastian's sides, preventing him from escaping her clutch. She turned, knowing the sight which would await her. She knew that voice; would know it anywhere. Olivia stood behind them, watching on with horror. She shoved through the crowd which had gathered, and pulled Jordan off Sebastian with surprising force. The boy on the floor didn't bother to move, though Jordan knew he was perfectly capable of it. He was milking it for all it was worth. Several boys from the crowd had leapt forward to play hero - they grabbed at her arms to try and restrain her, and the enormity of what she had just done sunk in, and she tried desperately to explain.

"No, Liv, you don't understand. Get away from him, Liv, he's a monster, he's going to hurt you, Liv please, Liv!" her cries turned into screams as the boys pulled her away from Olivia and Sebastian and out the doors of the café. Olivia had tears streaming down her face, and she was kneeling next to Sebastian, who had a smug look on his face, even beneath the amount of blood and bruising Jordan had managed to land.

The boys threw her roughly onto the footpath, and she realised that she'd ripped her dress, and her short hair was ridiculously mussed from Sebastian trying to grab it as he attempted escape. She looked a mess, and as she tried to get back in to Liv, she caught a glimpse of the disgust on the elder girl's face, and realised all was lost. Screaming again and kicking the bin nearest her, she stormed off in a rage, not knowing where she was going or what she would do.

Hours later, she found herself on the side of the street, not far from Olivia's house, though far enough not to draw any suspicion. Dark had fallen, and she wasn't quite sure how she had gotten there. Her face was stained with mascara, which had run with her tears, which seemed to have been exhausted by now. Jordan laughed internally at the irony that the one day she deigned to wear makeup it would end up smeared all over her face anyway.

She didn't know how long she had been sitting there when a familiar red car trawled slowly across the road, before seemingly spotting her and pulling up beside her. Jordan was pretty shaken up, but not enough to forget all her warnings about "stranger danger" her parents had drummed into her. Watching the car warily, she switched her stance so that she rested on the balls of her feet, ready to run if need be.

But the tall figure who emerged from the car was not a stranger. In fact, Jordan could not have been more happy to see someone in her life. Jayden walked swiftly to the curb on which she sat and sat beside her, sitting in silence for a few moments. Jordan relaxed onto the curb, and waited for him to speak.

"So, I heard about what happened," he said finally. Jordan looked at her feet.

"Gee, news travels fast. Who told you? It can't have been …" Jordan couldn't manage to choke Liv's name out, but Jayden seemed to know who she meant.

"God, no. It's already on the net. Got pretty big too. It looked like you really smacked the shit out of him on YouTube," he said, smiling. Jordan groaned, burying her head in her arms.

"Great, just what I need. The whole damn thing broadcast on the Internet," she moaned, ashamed. Not of losing control; she was actually kind of proud of the way she reacted, but of the widespread attention it would receive, and the reaction this was sure to get from Olivia.

Jayden paused before responding.

"You must really love her," he said quietly, watching her face. She froze for a moment, still hung up about never letting Jayden know of her feelings, because she had been so sure they would ruin things for her and Olivia. But she realised that it hardly mattered anymore, and allowed herself to break down once more, falling into his arms.

He naturally curled them around her shaking body, and even through her hysterics, she marvelled at the natural closeness between them. They had been friends, sure, but this. This was something else. Not anything intimate. God, no. Jordan had never felt anything like it. It was almost like he was her brother, but it ran deeper than that. This had obviously changed them.

He felt it too. He had come to find her to comfort her, seeing as he figured he was the only one who knew what she had to be feeling. He was sure she was in love with Olivia, just as he was. He had known for a long time, but never held it against her. He could hardly blame her; Liv was pretty irresistible. He'd also never seen Jordan as any sort of desirable object. They were friends. But holding the crying girl struck something in him, and he was suddenly sure that he would fight for her just as much as he ever would for Olivia.

"I'm so sorry, Jayden. I never meant for this to happen. And nothing ever happened. Nothing will! I'd never do that to her. Or you," she said desperately, looking up at him with such an urgency, as if her life depended upon him believing her.

"I know," he responded softly, as she pulled out his arms. They sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes as she collected herself.

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to just dump this on you," she apologised, sniffing.

"Are you kidding? I came to find you! I was worried. Also, really jealous that you landed more damage on that prick than I did," he responded, a bit ruefully. She laughed a little, and wiped her eyes, before completely freezing as if she had suddenly remembered something of great importance.

"Oh fuck. Jayden, you have to help me. Sebastian, he told me what he was planning to do to Liv tonight! We have to help her. Oh my god, how could I have forgotten?" she cried, jumping up from the curb and opening the passenger door to his car.

"Jayden, hurry! I know where he lives, but we have to get there fast!" she practically screamed, and he raced into the car and sped away from the path, following urgent directions from the now lethally determined girl next to him.

"Jordan, what did he say? You have to tell me!" demanded Jayden as they sped through town, completely disregarding red lights and narrowly avoiding several accidents.

"Jesus, I can't even repeat it. He's gonna force her, into, you know," Jordan explained, unable to bring herself to even spit the words out. Jayden's stomach dropped, and he thought he would be sick. He floored the gas pedal, and they sped through town at a speed faster than either of them had ever been before.

Before the car even fully stopped in front of the set of apartments where Sebastian lived, Jordan jumped out and buzzed every number urgently until someone let her up, under the pretence of delivery. Between the madness, Jayden marvelled at just how easy it was to break into apartment blocks. Jordan bypassed the elevator, racing up the stairs hotly, Jayden following at her heels. They reached the offending door, behind which Jordan knew could be a horrifying scene if they were too late. She began to throw herself at the door before Jayden held her back. He kicked the door with such immense strength that it burst open, and Jordan was briefly amazed, before she raced into the apartment after Jayden.

It seemed to Jordan as if time slowed for a moment as she took in the sight of Olivia bent backwards over the table in the corner, her shirt ripped off and Sebastian struggling to hold her in place while removing the rest of her clothes. Time sped up again as she watched Jayden throw himself against Sebastian and pulled himself off Olivia. His yells drowned out Jordan's cries as she rushed to Liv's side, where the elder girl had sunk to the floor in a sobbing heap.

Jayden's blows eventually slowed and finally stopped altogether as Jordan attempted to console the hysterical girl next to her. The cacophony of sound had finally stopped, and Jordan found herself wondering what was missing. She soon realised that it was the desperate pathetic, whimpers of Sebastian on the floor. Jayden had knocked him out. Or that's what she chose to believe. She took one look at all the blood and the odd angle of his right arm, and knew Jayden's fury was something not to be provoked.

Jayden, his hands still coated with blood and his face splattered with it, rushed to Olivia's side and she fell into his arms, her cries growing louder. Jordan felt herself becoming an unwanted presence as the two sat together on the floor, reunited and lost in each other. She slowly stood, and throwing one last disgusted look at the shape of Sebastian on the floor, began to walk out. She could find her own way home.

Before she reached the door, however, she heard Jayden's voice call her.

"Jordan. What are you doing?" He looked genuinely confused. She wished he weren't so dense, so she wouldn't have to say it aloud.

"You've, uh, obviously got it all under control here. Thanks for the help. I'll just go," she responded, her voice cracking on the last word. Damn emotions, she thought. Why couldn't they just stay under control for a moment longer?

"Don't be ridiculous," both Jayden and Olivia said at the same time. Jayden seemed a little surprised at the unison, but certainly not the sentiment.

"Get the fuck back over here and help me out of here before I beat your ass," Olivia croaked, sounding a little like her old self, before all this had happened. Jordan choked out a laugh, and moved across the room, putting an arm under Olivia's frame to help her out. It seemed she had a sprained ankle, and she and Jayden helped her limp out to the car, leaving the still out cold body of Sebastian lying on his floor surrounded by his own blood.

Before they made it down the stairs, however, Olivia leaned over and planted a soft, but powerful kiss on Jordan's lips. Jordan didn't pull away, but she was so shocked that she didn't respond. Her lips tingled after Olivia pulled away and continued to limp down the stairs. Jordan looked over at Jayden, who also seemed pretty shocked.

"Liv. What was that?" Jordan asked shakily, trying not to let her hope shine through. Olivia rolled her eyes and responded dryly

"I'm surprised you hadn't figured it out yet. I do love you, you know." Jordan almost dropped her as the revelation hit her, and Jayden had to hold Liv's entire weight. Jordan was speechless, so Liv turned to Jayden.

"You always knew, didn't you? You're not mad?" she asked him, her voice suddenly small and fearful, as it never had been before. He laughed and shook his head.

"Yeah, I always knew. Come on, let's get you home. You've had enough for night," he said, deftly avoiding the second question and helping her into the backseat of the small car. She smiled and leant against the headrest, her eyes fluttering closed. Within five minutes she was asleep.

Jordan and Jayden sat in awkward silence. Jordan couldn't seem to think of how to approach the bizarre kiss, and Jayden didn't seem to want to broach the topic first.

"I didn't know, Jayden. Really," Jordan blurted out, softly enough not to wake the sleeping girl in the back. Jayden smiled.

"I know you didn't. But I did. She never told me but I could tell," he responded, equally as softly. Jordan didn't have a response. How could have known when she herself had agonised over it for years?

"I don't know what she thinks she's doing. She obviously belongs with you. I already told you, I'd never try to -" Jayden cut off her defensive rant.

"I know. I know you wouldn't. However, I think she wants to. I've known her five years, I think I know what she wants pretty well by now," he answered cryptically, confusing Jordan. He didn't sound angry, or sad. Surely he still wanted her. He seemed to read her mind.

"And of course I still want her. But I figure, if it makes her happy, we can…. Share. Oh, that sounds wrong. That's not what I meant. I just mean, nobody else on earth probably loves her as much as we do. Who better for her than us?" he explained, suddenly incredibly self-conscious. Jordan choked up, and was unable to respond, instead staring out the window so Jayden didn't see her eyes well up with happiness.

"Damn right you can learn to share, because I want both of you," Liv mumbled from the backseat. Jayden chuckled, and Jordan allowed herself a laugh. Looking over at Jayden, she knew that the connection they had felt earlier in the night was exactly what this was. In that moment, she loved him more than she could imagine, and he her. Maybe not everyone would understand, but they both loved the girl in the backseat more than their own lives, and would do anything to make her happy.

A/N: So this isn't really where I thought this would end, because I wanted to explore their "threesome" relationship a little more, but this seemed like the right place actually. Just to clarify, Jayden and Jordan don't feel any attraction towards each other, but love each other like brother and sister. Hope you enjoyed it! A review would be nice, if you felt so inclined.