On this road where pale white snow falls,
struggling past the streetlights with each hard step;
I let a tear fall off my face.
perhaps it was the constant missing
of you but i didn't know the reason.
Everything shatters in pieces i could see
with every imagination and thoughts of you.
I haven't seen you in a while,
for months and for hours-
it seems like a distant forever,
something I can't reach-
since I've last seen that pretty face of yours.

I probably want to see you
yet i fear what you'd say or do-
I promised you a million times
that I've said it all by heart and words-
I wouldn't contact you again,
and I'd craft it into stone with pen
if that was what you wanted from the start.
My selfish wishes upsets you
half the time, I know.
but if i could be selfish one last time,
then I'd do it;
because I fear losing you;
if that was one last time I'd see you face,
I'd want to see it anyway.
You are the only one whom I changed for,
and the last time I'd change.