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Right where to start, My names Amber, I'm 16 and in Year 11. I'm three quarters white, a quarter black although you can never tell, they just think I'm totally white. Pffft wait until they see me dance, they won't know what hit them! My eyes are a hazel and my hairs brown. I currently don't have a boyfriend, i just ended a bad relationship with a prick of a boy called Harry. He only went and cheated on me ! wait till I find out who the skank he was with.

School is such a bore, I can't wait to leave and get as far away from it as I can. Today I got to school very early considering that I'm always late. Walking into the science block, No girls were around so I went to talk to Carl and Joe,

"Alright Amber" Carl said

"What you boys doing here all bright and early" I asked

"No we're here normal time, you're just really early" Carl said

"Guess there's a first time for everything then" Joe said

"Shut up Joe" I said playfully hitting him on the arm

"We have geography today, don't we" Joe said

"Oh great a hole hour of sitting next to you" I said running my fingers through his hair

"Hey I spent time on my hair this morning" Joe said grabbing my wrist

"Don't even think about it" I said as he moved his hand close to my hair

"Ooo danger zone, you'll regret it" Carl said to Joe

"Joe seriously don't I spent longer on my hair then you did" I said trying to dodge his hand, there was nothing i could but watch his hand move painfully slowly through my hair before he vigorously ruffled it.

"JOE!" I screamed pushing him away,

"Don't worry I'll sort him out you go fix your hair" Carl said playfully holding Joe back.

I stormed off into the toilets where some of my friends were,

"Hey girls" I said putting my bag on the floor

"Hey Amber" Sarah said

"What happened to your hair, you look like Russell Brand" Naomi asked looking at me weirdly

"Didn't you know that's where I get my inspiration from" I said looking at myself in the mirror, I could see that my hair was completely messed up and I actually did look like Russell Brand,

"Really" Naomi said

"No I'm joking Joe messed it up" I said laughing

"So it was you that was screaming a minute ago" Sarah said

"Yeah that was me" I said trying to fix my hair.

After trying to fix my hair for 10 minutes I gave up and left it how it was. Quickly topping up on my make-up i was ready to leave the now packed toilets.

"Erg" Georgie said to me giving me a dirty look,

I returned the look and said "Right back at you".

She came over to me and attacked me with a hug "I'll get you in maths" I said hugging her back.

"See you later girls" I said to them as I was leaving the toilets

"Bye" They called back.

I went out of the door I bumped into Rachael "Hey you" She said taking a step back

"Hello" I said smiling at her

"Your just the person I wanted to see, I need to ask you a something" She said before Booth approached us.

Hmm, how to explain Matthew Booth .. he's the biggest manhoe that I know, i don't know how he gets all these girls I mean he has long blond hair, a beer belly and no muscle on him what so ever. He must have a really big dick then, that's the only reason i can think of.

"Hey gorgeous" Booth said

"Alright Booth" I said smiling at him

"What no hug or kiss" Booth said putting his arms out

"I'm sorry" I said, I went over and hugged him and kissed him on the cheek

"That's the welcome I wanted" He said.

I looked at Rachael waiting for her to say what she wanted to say to me

"I'll speak to you later" She said finally

"Alright, I have to go form now anyway" I said

"Bye Amber" Booth said

"See you Matthew" I said in a weird accent.

I was on my way up to my form room to be stopped once again, but this time it was by a gorgeous year 13 boy that happened to be my friend Marshal, I'm not going to lie but I wouldn't mind being stopped by him whenever he felt like it. Me and Marshal go way back, since I was about 4 and he was 5. He used to be friends with my older brother Ben due to both our parents being close. Marshal and Ben's friendship grew apart whereas mine and Marshal continued. I've always had a little crush on him but because he's 2 years ahead of me in school, I didn't peruse it.

"Hey Marshy boy" I said

"Piss off" He said

"What have I done now"

"You completely ignored me on Saturday night"

"What, When"

"At Booth's, I tried talking to you but you kept walking away and ignoring me"

"Oh sorry, couldn't you tell that I was completely out of it"

"Well yeah but still" He said trying to hold back a smile

"Oh well I'm sorry, I'll make it up to you, when are you free"

"Right now"

"Yeah well I'm not and your going to get me in trouble as it is"

"Ok I am free for about 1 hour after school if your up for it"

"Yeah ok, Starbuck's?"

"Yeah ok, meet me by my car"

"Ok, but I really have to go now"

"Ok, see you later, and like the new hair style"


I rushed to form and as soon as I went in I got sent out. Five minutes later Mrs. Mary came out,

"This is not a good start to the week, you come in late with your uniform messy and no excuse" She said, hands on hips

"Sorry" I mumbled

"Like you should be, now there is a new seating plan and you are next to Max".

I followed her into the room and closed the door behind me. Spotting Max, I went and sat down in the empty seat next to him. i turned and just stared at him

"What?" He asked but I just kept staring at him

"What" He said again while trying to move my head

"Nothing" I finally said

"Then why were you staring at me?"

"Because I was" I said pinching his cheeks

"Hey quit it, and what's up with your hair" He said moving my hands away

"There is nothing wrong with my hair ok" I said putting my hand on his arm

"No of course not",

After Mrs. Mary took the register, we were allowed to talk, Max and I turned around to face Amy and Rebecca,

"Oi Rebecca guess what" Max said

"What" She said

"Your gay" He said

"Your nice" I said to him.

Someone called my name from across the room. I looked around to see Yiodis waving me over. Yiodis was Cypriot and rich as hell he was also famous for throwing good party ever now and then.

Making my way over to Yiodis, Alana gave me a funny look, i didn't think anything of it, maybe she was constapated. Stuck up bitch!

I sat on the spare seat next to Yiodis and smiled at him,

"Hey Yiodis" I said smiling

"You alright" He asked

"Yeah you"

"Yeah I'm cool, anyway you coming to my house party?"

"What house party"

"The one I am having on Friday" He said handing me a invitation

"I'll be there, who else you thinking about inviting"

"I don't know yet anyone who wants to come"

"Oh good, so if I was to bring a friend it would be ok?"

"Yeah whatever" He said leaning back on his chair

"Good good".

The buzzer went off so I quickly rushed out of form and went up to my geography class to drop my bag, thinking I'll be a rebel, I snuck down to the vender to get some chocolate and then rushed back up to my class thinking I'll get back in time, unfortunately but not surprisingly my class had already gone in.

"Hurry up and sit down" Mrs. Black said.

I hurried over and took my place next to Joe and got my stuff out my bag.

"Missed anything" I whispered popping a piece of galaxy into my mouth

"Nothing really we just came in, she seems to be in a good mood" Joe whispered back

"Joe shut up" I whispered

"Not being funny but get out" Joe whispered

"Get out of my life" I said

"Amber be quiet" Mrs. Black said.

10 minutes into the lesson we were told to get into groups of 5, my group had Me, Charlotte, Rachael, Joe and Andrew. Mrs. Black gave us a project to do which was to find out about the birth and death growth in China and how to change it.

"Ok so are we actually going to do work?" Charlotte asked

"Maybe we will maybe we won't" I said

"I'll start some now and you lot can divide the rest between you" Andrew said

"Oh yeah take the easy way out, I'll do some is well" Charlotte said so she went and sat next to Andrew.

"Me and Amber will go into the computer room and research" Rachael said

"We are? " I asked looking at her

"Yeah go on then" Joe said, I gave Joe a look and then flicked him

"I'll get you" Joe said

"Not if I get you first" I said smirking.

Rachael and I got permission to find a computer room; we found a couple of computer at the back of a class full of year 10's.

"Right seeing how I have you without Booth lurking around I can speak to you now" Rachael said

"Yeah go for it" I said

"You know Blake"

"Um … Josh Blake" I raised my eyebrows, i don't even remember who this boy is, I'm sure I've seen him once or twice somewhere...

"That's the one"

"What about him"

"Well he wants me to get you to meet up with him one day this week after school"

"Does he now"

"Yes so are you free today after school today"

"No not today"

"And why not"

"I'm going Starbucks"

"Why can't he meet you there then?"

"I am going there with Marshal"

"ooo Marshal ay, well how all this happened?"

"Well he was pissed off that I ignored him at Booth's so I said I would make it up to him so we are going Starbucks"

"Ooh well that explains it"

"Speaking of Booth, why didn't you want to ask me in front of him"

"Oh come on you know he's like in love with you, if I told you when he was there he would had a fit and made sure that you didn't meet up with him"

"I thought he was over that now"

"Well I guess not, But now it seems that Marshal likes you too so Blake has some competition"

"But I don't really know this Blake boy"

"You will get to know him though or he will kill me" Rachael laughed

"You going to Yiodis's?"

"I haven't been invited"

"Silly me asking you now seeing how he just started given them out" I smirking

"Guess so, About you and Marshal, do you think anything is going to happen there?"

"I don't know might be, what about you and James?"

"Well I am hoping there is" She said smiling.

The next lesson was Math's, I was walking down the math's corridor with Charlotte when Booth stopped me and pushed me up against a wall

"Are you going Yiodis's?" He asked flapping his invitation in my face

"As far as I know yes I am"

"Cool so I will see you there then?"

"Yes as well as the rest of the week" I brought my hands up to his chest and pushed him away

"You know what I mean".

Inside my math's class I was determined to concentrate but Georgie wasn't having none of it, she kept tickling and poking my sides

"I am trying to concentrate if you didn't know"

"Amber restrain yourself and be quiet" Mrs. Young said

"Sorry Miss" I said and then I pushed Georgie away.

During the lesson, Georgie and I had a pen fight which left both of us covered in black and blue ink.

"You loser now I have to walk around like this" Georgie said

"Look at me more like it, you got it all on my shirt" I said trying to rub it off

"Rubbing it ain't going to get it off you nut"

"Shut up"

"Just wear your blazer"

"Speak for yourself"

"Where's yours?"

"At home, when was the last time you saw me with a blazer on"

"You have point there"

"Exactly, I swear if I get told off for this I'm blaming you"

"Fair enough, so who you loving?"

"No one really, but Booth still likes me and so does this Josh Blake boy if you know him and maybe Marshal but I'm not sure"

"Oh my God Marshal is so peng, go for it mate go for it"

"Well I might you never know, you and Tom still strong"

"I don't know there seems to be a distance between us for some reason"

"Well sort it out" I smirking

"Shut up, I'm going to talk to him about it later so it's all good".

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