Sorry i haven't updated in a LONG time, I've been so busy with work and coursework and stuff, i just haven't had the time to go over a re-write this story.

I'm sorry that there's still a lot of dialogue, it's just the way i write my stories.

The next morning I was the first to wake up. I went and used the toilet and then went downstairs to the kitchen to get a drink but Rachael's mum was in there, "Morning" I said cheerfully

"Oh morning Amber, you have fun last night" She asked looking at me over her mug of tea

"It was alright, Rachael behaved herself" I smirked as Matt waddled in.

Rachael has two brothers and a sister, all younger than her, Sean was 13 and a little sneak, he was always trying to get us in trouble. Lucy was 8, she was always wearing Rachael's clothes and stealing her make-up, and last but not least, Matt, he was two and absolutely adorable. Matt came over to me and held onto my leg to steady him; I picked him up and then ticked him,

"Seeing how one of you is up, could you look after Matt for a little while, I need to pop out to Sainsbury's?" Rachael's mum asked

"Yeah sure" I said tickling him again.

Rachael's mum left 5 minutes later which left me and Matt to play, we played with a ball I found in the front room. I made Matt run up and down the room chasing the ball until Sean came down and threw himself onto the sofa across from me. "Hey Sean" I smiling

"Oh hi Amber, you have fun last night?" He grinned

"Like you care" I scoffed

"Of course I care" He held a hand on his heart, feigning hurt.

"It was ok" I said a bit hesitantly.

I picked Matt up and brought him up to Rachael's room, Gina was up so I rested him on her stomach. "Your phone has been ringing non-stop" She said

"Thanks" I answered.

I had 2 missed calls from Marshal, I dialled his number and waited for him to answer "Hello" He said once he picked up

"Hi it's Amber, you rung earlier right" I said getting straight to the point

"Yeah, where am I meeting you girls?" He asked

"Hold on I will ask Gina" I said, I went back over to Gina and said "Where should I tell Marshal to meet us"

"Um well Ellis is going to meet us at south Woodford station at around 12 so tell him the same" She said

"Alright" I said.

I went over to the window and picked up my phone "Um meet us at South Woodford station at around 12, Ellis should be there so you will have company" I said

"Ok see you then" He said and I hung up.

"It's 10 o'clock now so I am going to go get dressed" I said as I went over and picked up my bag,

"Ok I'll watch Matt" She said.

In the bathroom I put on Skinny jeans and a white long-sleeved top. I went back into Rachael's room and took Matt off of Gina and put him on the floor "I think Matt should wake Rachael up don't you" I said smiling. I gave him a gentle push over to Rachael; He looked at me before screamed in her ear and pulled her hair,

"Piss of Matt!" Rachael shouted, Matt's bottom lip started to tremble and then he started crying.

"Well done Rach" Gina said picking Matt up but he carried on screaming

"Let me try" I said

"Try, I couldn't shut him up" Gina said passing Matt to me

"Matt be quiet" I said bouncing him up and down. After a couple of moments he stopped crying and started rubbing his eyes "You see you have work yourself up now you're tired aren't you" I said to him, he didn't say anything back he just carried on rubbing his eyes and then rested his head on my chest.

We left at 11:45 when Rachael's mum came home, Getting on the bus too the station was the longest mission of my life, I just shouldn't take buses in general, I hate them. Ellis and Marshal was waiting outside the train station talking amongst themselves,

"About time, we were just going to give up hope" Ellis said

"Sorry we were babysitting" Gina said.

I went over to Marshal and hugged him "You alright?" He asked scrutinizing my face

"Yeah I'm cool, you" I said

"Apart from waiting around for half an hour, I'm fine" He shrugged

"Half an hour, but I said 12ish" I said

"I'm joking" He smiled "Funny" I said hitting him on the shoulder.

I went over and said hello to Ellis, she hugged me and then whispered in my ear "We need to talk".

On the train, I sat next to Ellis and opposite Marshal. Once I saw that Marshal had his earphones in, I turned to Ellis and said "Yeesss"

"What is going on with you too?" She asked

"Nothing really, I don't actually know" I shrugged

"Well maybe you should find out" she poked my sides

"Yes maybe I should" I said hitting her finger away from me. Before I could ask Marshal for a chat, he was one step ahead of me, he motioned his head to the seats on the other end of the carriage, I nodded my head and followed him there. I sat down on the seat by the door and Marshal just stood leaning on my knees, "Ok you first" I said before he could speak

"I want to know where I stand with you" He said pressing against my knee's more

"I don't know but after yesterday where do you think you stand" I said

"Well you know that I like you, and after last night I thought we were more than friends" He said

"Well we are aren't we" I raised an eyebrow

"That's all I wanted to know, nothing serious" He said looking disappointed

"Don't look sad" I said putting my hands on his shoulders

"I'm not sad" He said pouting and moving more forward.

I pulled him closer to me and pressed my lips against his. He put his hand on my arm and let it trail upwards until he was able to grip my hair. When I went back to my seat, everyone was looking at me, Ellis carried on staring at me after everyone else turned away "Don't know where you're at ey" She said smiling

"Well I didn't 5 minutes ago" I said returning the smile.

"Why is he staying over there for" She asked nodding towards Marshal

"I don't know maybe's he's expecting me to go back for round 2" I said laughing.

I went back and sat on the seat by the door, "What's wrong?" I asked

"Nothing its cooler over here" He said

"Well enjoy while you can because we're going shopping" I said.

At Oxford street, I instantly got excited about all the shopping I was about to do. We walked into Top shop first seeing as it was right across the street from the station. Gina and Rachael went to look at the tops whereas Marshal, Ellis and I went to look at the jeans.

"Help me find some jeans" I said dragging Marshal over to the different coloured jeans rack

"I don't know what I'm looking for" He said looked absolutely perplexed

"Just look on the label and get ones that say 8 on it" I said

"8, that's tiny" He said

"No it's not Ellis is smaller than that" I said

"Oh thanks just bait me up" Ellis scoffed

"Sorry" I laughed.

I picked a pair of bright green jeans and went to try them on. "Wise colour" Ellis said with a raised eyebrow

"I like them" Marshal said

"They soot you" Ellis said

"How much is it?" Marshal asked

"£30" I said

"£30 for a pair of jeans" Marshal said

"Oh well I have my card on me" I said shrugging.

I brought 2 pairs of jeans, the green ones and normal blue pair, Ellis brought a bright yellow pair and Marshal brought nothing. We met up with the other two outside the shop. We decided to split up again and meet up at McDonalds when we were finished. Rachael and Gina went to Next and Me and the other two went to H&M before going to Office for Marshal. While Marshal was in the changing room Ellis nudged me with her elbow and said "Ooo already swapping clothes sizes next he is going to be in the same changing room as you"

"I don't think so" I said laughing.

Walking to McDonalds's, Marshal leaned over and whispered in my ear "I think we should take our relationship to the next level"

"What do you mean by that" I whispered raising my eyebrows

"I think we should hold hands" He whispered

"You mug" I said laughing and hitting him and then holding his hands

"Happy now" I said

"Yes" He said with a big smile on his face.

Walking back to train station a few hours later, my phone rang. "Hello" I answered

"Hi, it's Rachel, you ok?" She asked

"Yeah I'm cool, you" I said

"I'm ok, so is there anything you want to tell me" She said

"Like" I said

"Like what happened with you and Marshal last night" She said

"Um, I can't really talk right now" I said

"He's with you now isn't he" She asked

"Yes, look I'll call you later ok" I said

"You better" She said and then I hung up.

On the train Marshal and I sat in the corner by the door again. Marshal kept pulling his trousers up so Ellis shouted "Oi put it away Marshal!"

He looked at me and gave me a funny look and said "I don't get it" He said

"It's because you keep pulling you trousers up so she thinks we are getting up to stuff" I said laughing

"Oh, well what you doing next Saturday?" He asked changing the subject

"Nothing as far as I know" I said

"Good, do you want to come Thorpe Park then?" He asked

"Um ok, who else is going?" I asked

"Just you and me at the moment, I might invite along James and Rachael" He said

"Yeah that will be good I'll ask her later" I said

"I will drive up there so it will be easier" He said

"Then we won't have to worry about the stupid trains or anything" I said

"I'm paying this time before you can say anything" He said

"Fine I don't mind, I just make you go bankrupt" I said smiling

"For that I'm only going to buy your ticket and one drink" He said

"No you're alright I'll buy everything else, it's only fair" I said

"Ok I'm not going to argue with you because you're just going to beat me up" He said leaning forward

"You're hurting my legs do you know that" I said

"Fine" He said taking a couple of big step back and frowning at me

"Don't sulk" I said pulling him back towards me,

"I don't sulk" He said grinning at me, then he kissed me. We were at it until Marshal's phone rang.

When we got to our station, we all got off apart from Ellis who had a few more stops to where she lives. Marshal gave us a lift back to Rachael's house, I got all my stuff and put it into his car and told him he was dropping me home. He gave me a weird look but then started to drive. When he was on my road I said "Just drop me off here"

"Why here?" He asked not slowing the car down one bit

"My brother might be out the front" I said

"What's wrong with that" He asked

"He was questioning me about you the other day because you have a car so he thinks your some 40 year old pervert" I said

"Is that how it is, do I have to sort your bother out" He said

"No just don't stop in front of my house" I said

"I am dropping you home which means at your house, your brother isn't going to do anything, I could take him down any way he's only 2 years older than me" He said

"Ooo hard man" I said.

He drew up outside my house and as I said Ben was outside the house with one of his mate "Told you so" I said under my breath as I grabbed hold of my bags

"Well he hasn't come over so I must be ok" He said

"I'll ring you later ok" I said

"What no goodbye kiss then" He said

"Nope" I said laughing, I opened the car door and was half way out when Marshal pulled me back in and kissed me "Bye" He said

"See you" I said and then got out of the car

"Why don't you invite him in" Ben shouted out to me

"Why don't you shut up" I shouted back

"What so I don't get a hello kiss then" Ben's friend Freddie said as I walked past him

"Nah I'm afraid not sorry" I said

"I want to meet him" He said

"You have met him before, you used to go to school with him you must have come across him before" I said

"I don't care I want to meet him" He said

"Why you playing the big brother act now for you never did it before" I said

"Well this is different he can drive and I don't know him" He said

"What so you rather I went out with Freddie then" I said

"Yeah come on" Freddie said pulling me closer to him

"No I didn't mean that I just want to meet the boy" Ben said

"Yes and you will in time" I said pulling away from Freddie.

Later I got into bed and then dialed Marshal's number "Hello" He said with a croaky voice

"Sorry did I wake you" I said

"Yeah but it's ok, I was just having a dream about you so it must have been déjà vu" He said

"Yeah must be, so what was I doing in your dream" I said

"Nothing just lying next to me, it's about the 100th time I have had that dream" He said

"Really" I said

"Well yeah since I first saw you" He said

"You pervert you first met me when I was like 5, but on the whole its really sweet" I said

"Hey how about you stay round on Saturday, I'll behave and sleep on the floor" He said

"Um ok but I'll have to ask my mum" I said

"Ok, can I go to sleep because I'm with Jamie, he's not too well and I'm so tired" He said

"Yeah ok, tell him to feel better, night" I said

"Night" He said and then I hung up and went to sleep.

Sorry that this chapter is a bit boring, it does get better ! x