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Warnings... um, highly-implied and directly stated non-graphic male on male rape.

Time Flies (Ch. 8)

For Gabriella is was nothing more than a simple gesture, and the desire not to have someone else's things in her room, but when she saw that brilliant flash of light she just knew she had done something she probably shouldn't have. Before anything happened, she recalled hearing someone yell 'no' as though the world was about to end.

Where was she now? Gabriella didn't know. She didn't recognize anything. Well, actually, there was nothing to recognize. Everything was just white. White and blank; there was nothingness.

"You idiot!" she heard the sound of flesh hitting flesh. Before her were now images of a life she didn't know. It was Darien's life from the looks of it. The image was that of a small boy and a much larger man. The boy had a red mark on the side of his face as her murmured, 'I'm sorry, Daddy'. The boy couldn't have been any older than five.

The currently enraged man calmed slightly. He fell to his knees and began apologizing to the boy for hurting him, again. He kept saying 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry' over and over. The boy just stared at him like he wasn't sure what to make of this situation.

Things flashed again as she was brought to a different scene. The boy was slightly older now, possibly nine or ten. There was a group of boys and a couple of girl, all looking to be around his age, all with evil and threatening smirks and grins across their childish features.

"Come on, don't you want to try it?" On of the boys mocked him. A girl called him a coward and a freak. The first boy told him, "It's okay, I saw my big brother doing this with this girl he's around all the time! It looks fun, come on, try it!" the boy approached him while he backed further into the corner they had pressed him in. The child kept repeating 'no' but the others just kept demonstrating how much fun it all was.

Gabriella felt disgusted. Children should know these things! Let alone be doing that sort of touching with each other!

In the end, they pinned him down and Gabriella wanted to vomit. The girls giggled and the boys laughed as they tormented him. Forcing his clothing off and, ugh, touching him. These were just kids! How could they be doing these things? And the end of the whole thing, the children left, the boy coward and cried in the corner.

Gabriella wasn't prepared for the next flash forward. The man from before was totally drenched in blood as he approached the boy, who looked to be twelve by this point. He went on about how he found out what they had done to him and what they were still doing to him. Still? He means they had been doing things like that to him for two years? Gabriella wishes she could vomit right about now.

He told the boy he 'took care of it'. The boy gave him a knowing look as he sat there, wrapped up from head to toe in a blanket. He had a fearful look on his face but a part of him looked gone, or rather, looked dead.

The girl was faced with a series of flashes, all involving the older man slapping, punching, or otherwise harming the boy. Each and every time, no matter how old the boy got, the man would always break down and beg for forgiveness. Gabriella never saw if the boy actually forgave the man or not.

The next scene showed the man getting arrested as the boy watched him get pushed into a police car. She then saw a headline flashing up that read 'Man Arrested For Year-Old Murder Of Six Teens'.

She reached what seemed to be just a few years ago now. Thinking back on it, Darien had only moved here when he was fourteen. She saw a few flashes of birth records. According to everything she had seen he must have traced his birth place back to this town. That was the reason why he's here? Well, this answers the question as to why he's living in a shed.

The flashes stopped on a scene. Darien was backed into a corner and was being harassed by Michael of all people. There was a lot of touching going on. Oh man, Gabriella really felt sick now. From what she saw, the episode didn't go past anything except too much touching. She was at least thankful for that much.

It fast forward again. Darien was getting picked on by a bunch of kids from class. How did she not notice this? They threw paper wads at him, constantly shoved him around, slammed him into things, tripped him, stole his things, and all the meanwhile he just put up with it.

That was when something changed. A hand reached out to him after he had just been tripped and offered to help him up. He rejected the hand and looked up at the person. Gabriella's eyes widened. It was her. But when did this happen? She didn't remember ever doing such a thing before!

After that, things just got progressively darker. She kept seeing herself, inside her room, as though someone was watching her. So, he had been stalking her! The boy always stayed at a distance, however.

Gabriella began to notice something weird after that. Everything was the same no matter how many times the flashes went though. There were only slight variations in each one, but according to this, he learned the same lesson everyday, got pushes around everyday, and everything was just the same. Except for his own actions, that is.

However, things deviated from that path as well. Everything became centered on Michael now. Him grinning like a maniac as he did horrible things to the other boy. It was dark, but Gabriella could see the blood clearly. Darien screamed until he passed out, Michael would laugh in a twisted and sadistic way. Eventually, Michael would always end up killing him. But Gabriella got the feeling that wasn't the end of it. Even after she began to feel, and she didn't know how she knew this, that Darien had died each and every time. But this didn't explain why even after he should have been dead that everything was still playing out in front of her as though he was alive.

Tears, blood, she saw them swirl all around her when the flashes showed Darien getting thrown into a near-by lake. And it stayed like that for what seemed like hours. At least until day broke and the boy woke up in his bed. At which point, the day would start like usual again and he paid it no mind.

As the days went by, the torture her cousin inflicted upon Darien got worse. Gabriella wondered just how Michael even knew how to do all of these things. Was he just that deranged and disturbed the whole time?

He would cut him open, amputate a limb or two, gouge out one or both of his eyes, make him cry and beg to just kill him already. Gabriella couldn't take watching this anymore, why wouldn't it just end? Fear gripped her further as Michael began to mix the violence with other, more physical, pleasures. She wanted to look away as he started screaming and begging for it to stop. But her cousin wasn't merciful in the slightest and just kept rubbing his hands all over him, clawing at his skin, pulling out his hair, biting him hard in various spots and, ugh, she didn't even want to think about what else he was doing! All she wanted to do right now was first, vomit, and second, she really wanted to kill the son of a bitch.

After that, it seems as though nothing torture related happened for a few days. At which point Darien looked as though he had completely cracked. He covered himself completely until the only skin showing was on his face. Gabriella tried to think back, she didn't think about it or even notice it until now, but Darien always wore long-sleeves, pants, and gloves no matter what.

When another flash came around, something other that his actions varied. A girl tripped and stumbled onto him. For a moment, everything was totally silent and Darien looked as though he wasn't sure how to react to this girl falling on him.

Until he backhanded her in the face and yelled, panicking, to never touch him again, to stay away, and generally went ballistic and swung at everyone who tried to get near him until he backed himself into a corner and just broke down crying. For a moment, a few milliseconds at best, there was a glimpse of Michael, at his set in the front of the class, smirking like the arrogant, sadistic son of a bitch that he is.

When that had ended, all Gabriella saw next were horrific scenes of torture. Most of which just involved Michael and Darien. Others, however, sometimes involved up to five other people participating in harming him. Half the time, he broke down into a blithering mess, while the other half of the time he became nothing more than an empty shell and just letting them do as they pleased to his body.

Finally, he managed to get away from Michael before he could do anything else to him. Gabriella was taken by surprise once again as Darien slammed right into her own father as he was trying to escape.

Her father took him back to their house for the night. He couldn't very well send him out after that, could he? Gabriella was there as well, although she still doesn't remember it, and she made the boy something to eat.

She later went to bed as the two males stayed up to talk. For whatever reason, Gabriella had a hard time hearing the conversation, but whatever was said, it made Darien's eyes shoot open like he was going into shock.

The final flash came along. It was raining that day. Darien stayed inside of his shed, writing, and the rain banged loudly on the metal roof. In his journal, the first entry said that the next day had begun and the loop was broken. He wrote in there that he had learned a secret that changed everything he ever knew, but he didn't write down what it was.

Afterward, he just began writing down the words 'Gabriella', 'Ouroboros', 'Time', 'Family', 'Watch', 'Loop', 'Future', 'Past', and finally he wrote down 'Maturity'.

Gabriella didn't understand all of it. At the moment, she was more concerned with what the hell just happened. Things flashed again and suddenly both she and Darien were back in her room. She felt nauseous, collapsed, and vomited all over her floor.

Darien, however, was lying on her floor, clenching at the carpet, crying and hyperventilating. Even after what she had just seen, she still wasn't used to seeing him act in this manner.

Wiping the fluids and gunk off of her face with her sleeve, she got up and went over to him. Stupidly, she reached out to him. He didn't react very well. He slapped her hand away and screamed at her to not touch him. The boy looked around in a panic, his eyes finally settling on Gabriella's hand, which still held his watch. He lunged forward at it, grabbed on to her wrist, and twisted her arm until she was convinced something had snapped.

Screaming in pain, she dropped the object and fell down to the floor, clenching her arm in pain. She stifled the cries, trying to stand the pain shooting up her right arm. Looking back at Darien, he now looked like a child who had just gotten his favorite toy back. That's when he got angry and started yelling incoherently.

Instead of sticking around, he flew out the window and ran off.

Well what the flying fuck was that all about? The girl suddenly remembered the pain in her arm and stopped controlling the screams. She let out a howl of pain and she heard footsteps come running to her location.

It was her father. Her vision got hazy as the man called out to her. But it was too late, the pain caught up with her and she blacked out.