Oh, pretty pretty thing
You are indeed so clickclickclickclickclick
Come and find me
Look at me smile
Don't make me come a-searchin
I don't much want to
But we both know
I will.
I love how you whyarentyoulookingpleaseclick
Sorry I'm just tired
Yes, what a lovely chat we'll have
Stay inside of course
I keep my breath in here because the

wind makes little tears sit in the corners of my eyes

I hide them in my sleeve so you don't see but oh god I think you saw
It's fine, I don't even look
Look away close window clickclick
Perhaps not, I may look later
I don't much have to
But we both know
I will.
I stand here
Long after you're gone
Asleep in your clean clean room
Laughing ha ha good one right?
Couldn't wait to tell you that one

I was so excited to

share that one with you I know how you like a good clean story about family
Don't we all? Ha ha no I just came up with it, really
No I'd love to talk, just stay