"Okay class, I want the essay done by Thursday. If there is no further questions, then you're dismissed." The teacher said.

With that said, students began to file out of their class. Though most of the students were rushing to get to their next class or anywhere as far away from their last class, two were taking their time. These two didn't rush as their next class wasn't for another twenty minutes.

The two males headed to the snack shop as there wasn't much they could do besides grab a quick snack. After grabbing their snacks, the males went to their next class. Once the males had entered, they were greeted by their teacher.

"Good afternoon Kirakai, Sora," the teacher greeted as he pushed his glasses back onto his nose. "Early as usual."

"Of course, we would never miss your class Professor," the blonde haired male said as he took his usual seat towards the middle of the class.

"I'm glad you like this class, Kirakai."

Kirakai only smiled as he took out his notebook. Kirakai, aslo known as Kira or Kai, was a male in his late teens or early twenties and was a well-liked student by both his peers and professors. His hair was a golden blonde color and had bright cerulean eyes. He stood at five feet and eight inches and was well built in the muscle department, but not overly so. Currently he wore a plain white shirt and a blue flannel over it with shorts and converse. His signature hat with the F.C. Barcelona soccer team's emblem on it stationed on his head as always.

"Here you go, Professor, the book that I borrowed last week on Greek myths." The other male, Sora, said as he handed the professor the book.

"Right, and how was it?"

"Good, Ki had also enjoyed it."

"Really? Tell me, Kirakai, which myth did you enjoy the most?" the professor asked, directing the last questioned to the blonde.

"The myths that had Medusa in it were good as well as the one with the goddess of beauty." Kirakai answered.

"Ah, Medusa and Aphrodite, both having a good story to it."

Just then, there were students filing into the classroom. This had caused Sora to take his normal seat next to Kirakai. Shortly, the classroom was filled and their lecture begun.

Sora sat taking notes as the professor talked about myths and the creatures in them. Sora was a male who had black hair with golden blonde highlights and bright sapphire eyes. And like his companion, he was the same age, well-liked, and the same height- if not a little taller. He wore a dark navy blue shirt with a plain black jacket and matching jeans and shoes. His signature bracelet on his wrist and a navy blue ribbon holding his hair out of his face.

Kirakai and Sora were both smart. Each smarter in their own way, making up for what the other lacked. For example, where Kirakai lacks the brain to do hard math problems, Sora does it to show him. Or where Sora lacks in social skills to talk to people for a long period of time, Kirakai makes up for it. They were partner-in-crimes in everything they do.

"Okay class, that's all for today. I hope you took good notes because the day after tomorrow, we'll be having a test." the professor said, in which most of the students groaned in disapproval.

Kirakai and Sora packed away their notes and headed for the exit.

"Bye Professor, see you tomorrow." Sora said as he passed by the professor.

"Ah, Sora, before you and Kirakai leave, I have another book that the two of you may enjoy. It's about the creatures we've been talking about as well as magic among other things."

"Thanks Professor." Kirakai and Sora said. Sora took the thickly bound book and tucked it under his arm. With a wave of their hands, Kirakai and Sora left the classroom for their dorms.

"Professor Argento seemed to be in a good mood." Sora said as he flipped the book open to a random page. It just so happened that the page opened to werewolves.

"Well, the class was quiet for once, so he was able to finish the lecture before the two hours were up. And we were there." Kirakai said. "So what did you turn to?" He asked looking at the open book.

"Werewolves." Sora said, closing the book. Looking up, Sora saw that they had hit their dorms.

"Well then, I'll be going to my room and play some video games. Care to join?"

"No, I'm going to read the book Professor Argento let us borrow."

"Okay then."

With that, the two males went their separate ways and to their own rooms.

Written by: Sora Silverheart

Sorry about the grammar/mistakes for those of you who have read this before it was re-edited.