Lion: This was a writing assignment I had to do in my English class. It was supposed to be an origin story of sorts like that of world cultures with our own ideas. While others did stuff like why we have cell phones and how malls were born, I chose something different. Why Lions are the King. Then I created this little story here involving several characters. It became more like a fairy tale, but it was fun to write.

Why Lions are the King: the Tale of Leon

Leon was a large lion who wandered the grasslands. He walked over to a large lake where other animals were drinking water. This was where he would come to get a drink whenever he had traveled far. It was nice to get in a few gulps before moving on. It was also where he would converse with his group of friends. One such, a monkey, walked over sitting by the water's edge.

"Hello Leon!" Leon looked up to see his good friend Sabo the monkey sitting down.

Hi Sabo." Leon began to drink water as his friend spoke up.

"Leon I think something happened to the people. I was at that village when I saw how thin they have gotten. I don't think they've eaten in days."

"Leon looked up at his friend, now finished drinking the water. "Is this true Sabo? How did that happen?"

"I'm not really sure, but," Sabo scratched his head. "I heard that their not the only ones. Some other places are like that around the land. I wonder why."

This was getting Leon all the more curious. He stood up from his spot and began to walk off. Something had to be done about this. "I'm going to the village. The people need help Sabo. We're finding out."

Like that, Leon headed off into the direction of the humans village. Sabo followed along curiously knowing Leon would figure something out. Days would pass as the two friends crossed the planes passing by many of the other animals and land marks. They had even walked through the night in pursuit of the village.

Finally after many days had passed when they arrived, Leon and Sabo met people who looked very weak. Leon walked over to the elder of the village and spoke. "Elder, what happened to the village." The elder spoke.

"Young lion, invaders from across the northern desert came and attacked the village." the elder motioned towards a building structure. "The invaders went and captured our beloved Princess Angela." The people around Leon and Sabo walked over and had grim looks on their faces.

"They were on horseback. They came by the night taking everything from us. We did nothing to them…" one skinny man spoke to them.

The elder spoke again. "When we tried to fight back, the invaders killed our men and took our supplies. Now this village has barely enough to eat. We don't know if we can survive for much longer. Especially now with the winter approaching fast." Leon looked at everyone. He walked over to everyone and stood triumphantly. Sabo wondered what Leo was thinking until the lion spoke.

"Everyone, I don't know you all too well. But I know that you all didn't deserve this. So I and my friend Sabo will rescue your princess." Sabo looked at Leon with a shocked expression. But before he could object everyone cheered. Leon then walked out of the village with Sabo following behind. But then the duo heard someone yelling out to them.

"Stop! Lion and Monkey! Wait!" they turned to see a boy of about fifteen years of age run over to them. He got on his knees. "Please sirs, let me go with you two." Leon and Sabo looked baffled.

"Please. My name is Johnny Table, and I was friends with the princess. I couldn't save her, and now I must redeem myself!" Sabo looked at the boy while Leon shrugged.

"Come on kid. If you want to save her that badly, you can come." replied Leon. The boy smiled and rushed a long.

"Lead the way lion!"

For thirty three days, the trio had traveled the great desert. Vast it was as they had almost gotten lost among the sands. Twice had the three avoided deadly storms which could have swallowed them like it's many other victims. But Leon was determined to help the village. They followed the tracks left by the invaders and finally came upon a large city. Johnny Table spoke up.

"This is the city of Gomorrah. Here is where the invaders came from." Johnny informed. Leon looked at the city with his amber eyes.

"And that's where the Princess is. At least our best guess."

Sabo peered from behind Leon looking at the city. "Woah. This sure is bigger than that village."

Leon, Johnny, and Sabo walked into the city where they saw many people selling goods and trading. People stood at their stalls selling a variety of items from food, to weapons, and fine cloth. Johnny looked at the people with a cautious look. Sabo watch curiously while sitting atop Leon's head. Leon himself wondered what they'd have to do to find the princess in such a large city.

Then the trio then stumbled upon a group of solders. They were currently beating a man with spears. Leon looked in horror as the solders yelled at the man.

"You cursed scum! How dare you defy King Memnon!" The man looked up to the solders and spoke up.

"But sir, the King knocked over my stand I set up. I tried to tell him it was wrong, and now you're beating me?" The solders laughed at him and continued the beating. It was there the line was drawn.

Leon glared at the solders and ran over. With one swoop of his paw, he struck down five men to their astonishment. He then let out a loud roar frightening the rest of the soldiers and gaining the attention of people. They ran away in fear of the big cat. Sabo and Johnny looked at their friend with shock.

Everyone there walked over to the man who was beaten. The man looked up to Leon. "Thank you, lion." Leon smiled lifting the man up to his own feet. Soon a whole mass of people swarmed over to thank the courageous lion. Sabo worried about what the incident would cause. Surelythe king would try to kill them now. Leon however didn't mind, as he talked to the people.

"Say, do any of you know where Memnon lives?" Everyone gasped at him. Leon had an innocent look as the old man answered his question.

"Why lion, Memnon lives in the fortress at the center of Gomorrah. But why would you go there? You attacked his soldiers who would kill you if you went there!" Leo laughed a bit.

"Ah don't worry. Those guys don't scare me. Besides, we've got a damsel in distress to rescue." the people looked at him with serious eyes and sighed.

"Fine then, lion. Save her if you must, but don't go marching to your death."

A couple of hours later, the trio had come to the entrance of the large fortress that was Memnon's home. It was surrounded by a large stone wall much like the one protecting the city. There was a large wooden gate that stood at the front. This was the only way into the main area of the fortress. Leon looked up to the top which appeared to be forty feet high. Many guards surrounded the fortress with weapons. Next to him, both Johnny and Sabo were trembling.

"So, you guys ready?" the two looked up at Leon.

"Well maybe if you have a plan." said Sabo. Leon chuckled.

"Yeah the thing is, I'm making this up as I go a long." The monkey and the boy shrieked. Leon patted them both on their heads. "Don't worry, I'll figure something out."

Then Leon noticed a caravan with many unusual people in it. It was then that the lion got an idea. Some minutes later, the three walked over to the caravan and sat inside of it with the rest of the people. They blended in as the whole group was ushered in to the fortress. Next the trio saw what appeared to be a large court yard with many unusual statues and creatures. Leon looked over to see the people in the caravan walk over to a large palace which Leon guessed could only be Memnon's home. The trio walked over to the building until they were stopped by a guard.

"Papers." said the guard.

"What papers?" asked Leon. The guard looked annoyed.

"You have to show your papers before entering the castle. It identifies you as an invited guest." The trio got white. Leo then slapped his forehead.

"Oh yes! Of course, the papers!" Sabo and Johnny looked at him with a shocked expression. Leo then pulled out a newspaper. "Just read it this morning."

Then he put it to the guards face and then punched through surprising Sabo and Johnny.

"Run for it now!" Leo then ran like a maniac towards Memnon's home as Sabo and Johnny gasped in shock. They both followed Leon and the three were now in the palace.

Inside, Princess Angela looked out to the courtyard. She had a look of sadness on her face. She worried for her village and her friend Johnny. Then Memnon walked in.

"How are you my dear?" Angela looked away, not wanting to see the devilish man. "Oh don't be sad Princess. I'm not here to make your life miserable." She looked up.

"If that was true, then you'd help my people." Memnon laughed.

"Oh no. They aren't my priority. See the reason you're here is to become my bride." The princess looked at him in horror.

"But I can't. Why should I?" asked Angela. Memnon looked at her.

"Because, I am a king and I can do whatever I want! And if you don't, then I shall send my solders to your village and kill everyone!" He began laughing Joker style and Mikan began to cry. Then almost instantly, Leon, Sabo, and Johnny crashed through the room.

"All right!" Memnon looked at the lion in shock. Mikan tilted her head.

"Who are you?" asked the princess. Leon smirked.

"I am Leon the lion." He then gestured to his friends. "This is my side kick Sabo, and the boy here-" Leo was cut off.

"PRINCESS! It's me Johnny Table!" Angela's expression changed from confusion to happiness.

"Johnny! I'm so glad!" She walked over to her friend, but was grabbed by Memnon.

"You! You will not take my bride from me!" yelled Memnon. Leo got mad.

"Don't talk as if you own her!" Leon then roared at Memnon who shrieked like a little girl and ran out of the room. Leon smirked satisfied his scare tactic worked and lifted Angela, Johnny, and Sabo over his shoulders.

"All right, next stop is outta here!" Leon charged out of the room and ran through the large hallways of the palace. He dodged a few guards who chased him around. The big cat easily maneuvered around the simple guards by leaping and jumping around. But, Leon didn't know his way around this huge place. It was almost as if he was going to be lost until he finally came to the exit.

"Here we go!" Leo jumped over to the doors but was stopped by a figure wearing a brown robe. He stood silently only showing his face from his hood.

"Who are you?" said Johnny. The figure looked at the four.

"My name is Silas. Prepare to die." Silas pulled out an Arabic sword and spun it round a few times intimidating them. But Leon shrugged it off and punched Silas, sending him crashing 50 yards. He grabbed the three and ran toward the main gate which was covered with guards. Memnon was in front of them holding a crossbow.

"I won't let you escape!" yelled Memnon. Leon then smirked and jumped on to an elephant that happened to be there and charged at the guards. Memnon shrieked in horror as he and his soldiers were trampled by the elephant. Leo, Angela, Johnny, and Sabo escaped the city of Gomorrah with all the people cheering as they finally rid the city of Memnon.

The four left across the desert away from the horrible city. After some days had passed, Leon and his friends returned to the village and were greeted by the many people. Sabo stood atop the giant elephant, towering over many amazed people. The princess and Johnny greeted the many of the crowd who worried for their safety. Leo came over to the elder who bowed to the lion.

"Thank you Leon. Because of you, our Princess has returned to us. We are in your debt."

Leon bowed respectfully at the elder before holding up a paw. "There is no need to thank me. By the way, we got something else for you too."

The elder raised one gray eyebrow in curiosity. Leon walked over to the side of the elephant and climbed up. He then pulled down a large brown bag before opening it. Pouring out was an assortment of gold, food, and jugs of water. The people's eyes widened in astonishment

"Leon where is this from!" Angela asked surprised. The lion smirked to himself leaning back.

"Well I was lost awhile in that palace of Memnon's. It was when I ran into a random room that I found all this. I left an IOU and got you guys enough food to last you awhile. The gold should help build the village back in place."

Every one of the people was glad at this new gift. They each grabbed some food and pieces of gold. Johnny and Sabo smiled proudly seeing the joy on their faces. Angela looked up at the grinning Leon who leaned back sheepishly.

"That's it Leon! You deserve something for being the hero! Um… let's see… uh…" Angela mumbled a bit. Leon just stared at the young princess passively. The elder then stepped forward.

"I've got it. Why not have the title of 'King of Beasts'? You have the courage and heroism for it."

Leon stared at the Elder a bit. He then noticed how Angela, Johnny, Sabo, and the rest of the people looked at him in agreement. It felt somewhat weird, but the lion shrugged.

"Well I guess so. If you all really want to."

The people smiled at this looking at their hero. Angela walked forward and placed a hand on Leon's shoulder. The lion bowed at her before she kissed his cheek. Then Leon lifted his head back up while the people watched.

"From now on, you Leon the lion, will be known as the King of Beasts. Rise as our hero!"

The people cheered in honor of the lion. Leon just smiled goofily while rubbing the back of his head. He could never have imagined how this would lead to a whole new idea. It was then on that the lion was called the King of the Beast. For Leon though, it was all just another good deed.