The chrysalis cracks open

Out peers a lovely creature

A single glossy wing unfolds,

Spatters of gold, orange, ebony

Painted 'round the edges

She stretches her ability to fly,

Soaring over a sea of poppies

Metamorphosis alive

Soar, the lovely butterfly

Soft cherry blossoms,

Explored by brave honey bees,

Drifting on the wind

Rainbow in the sky

Raindrops shimmer in the grass,

Arise, fresh flowers

Life has beaten death

As fire consumes darkness

We can start anew


Silent woods stare at night

A crimson barn stands alone

Stars glitter in the blackened sky

Here a flash, there a blink

Tiny lanterns swirl all around

Welcomed by the tree frogs,

As sparks battle the darkness

And lightning bugs dance

Smooth stones rattle 'round

Sand sifts and sways, swishing ground

River gold glitters

Cherries sway, light breeze

Sultry, bright blue sky is clear

Finches in the trees

Stars glitter and shine

Crickets gather, sing bold

Rocking chair creaks slow


All alone in the dead of night

A tree frog croaks with all his might

With a plink and a plop,

The rain drops to no stop

The crickets begin to chirp, commence

A symphony interrupts silence

Echoing against mountains,

Resounding in the hills

Red, gold, orange splashes

Autumn leaves rattle with wind

Crisp air has a bite

Spiced aromas

Sweet cinnamon syrup, ripe

Apple pie is made


Turkey, pumpkin, more

Praise the God who gives


The spider is an artist

Eight clever arms spin and weave

Intricate silken threads for her home

Glossy with fresh morning dew, and

Stretched strategically across the path

As a fisherman would cast his net

Silent, stealth, her patience is strong

Until victory feeds an empty stomach

Gentle snowflakes drift

And blanket the ground in white

Each designed unique

Melancholy song

Tight hair trembles across string

Violin carols

Fire crackles, sparks

Heats cold hands and rosy cheeks

And frosts the windows