Its year 2020 my name is Asondra. It has been 10 years since the introduction of planet x to the solar system and the destruction of my planet. My father and I managed to escape earth before the collision. We are living in a space ship, its called the escape, only a few thousand people could escape earth. Scientists, some millionaires, doctors, layers, politicians, and world leaders.. all of witch could bring 10 people. But with me and my father its just us. We brought a random poor family a mother and her 5 children and her daughters boyfriend and son. You see my mother and my little brother died in the war. The third war started when the news broadcast of planet "x". the man on the news said it was nearing earth and to start evacuating the planet. My father helped build The Escape, and so him and our family got on free of charge. The rest of my family wasn't so lucky, I was at school when two men broke into my house looking for my father, he was at work, finishing The Escape the men wanted tickets. When my father wasn't there in rage anger or maybe just fear they shot my mother point blank between the eyes and took my baby brother. I got home from school to find my mother lying in a pile of her own blood. The dark black bullet wound had already scabbed over and I new she was gone. Her eyes blank as they stared into space clouded the sky above. I knelt down and touched her cold stiff body. I started to cry and the silence of my home. I remember running up stairs to Kainens room and he was know where to be found. Fear and anger, hate and strife all filled my body at once I screamed and balled, my eyes burned from my tears my throat raw from screaming. An hour after I got home my father did, he walked in on a crime seen the cornier was already there and bringing moms body out in a large black bag.

My father looked at me, "where is Kainen?" he demanded.

I managed to whisper one word through my tears "gone."

Tears started running down my face as I recalled that day. Still I keep hoping that I might see these men again and if I do I will be happy for when I do I will see my baby brother. Russia also built a space ship, as did Japan and Germany. So there is still a chance of seeing Kainen again.

I walked over to the glass window in the ship, and looked out to the cloud of smoke and space debris that used to be my planet. The collation was immense. We were just far enough out of reach when the planets hit. That we didn't die, many other smaller space craft did though. When Planet "x" hit earth there was an explosion, fire erupted from the core of my planet and rocks flew in all directions as the core itself blew open. The sheer power of the catastrophe made the ship fly through space, a few men and woman on the craft had to be sent to the hospital word. Right now engineers and construction workers are repairing some of the damage to the ship. Nobody died in here…yet.

My father told me of another solar system only a few million light years from earth that had a planet that can sustain life. On a few occasions contact was made. The leaders of this planet were strange though. He described them to look like elves, giants, minotaur, sprites, and nymphs. When he first told me of such creatures I laughed at his face. Until I saw one. I was spying on my father in his study, I heard voices of an unknown language. He was standing in the middle of his study, on the giant screen was a man and a boy both were the most beautiful people I had seen. The man looked to be about 27, his hair long and well groomed, it was a chocolate brown, against his honey smooth skin town. His eyes were bright hazel against his chiselled strong jaw line, and perfect lips. As he articulated the heavenly language, I fell into a daze. I remember the boy, about 11, he looked much like the man. His hair was chocolate brown and pulled into a high messy pony tail bound in leather. His eyes had the same brightness to them not hazel in colour but an emerald instead. His face honey brown, chiselled yet young . The boys shoulders relaxed and he turned, I could see him staring at me. He articulated the same golden tongue as the man and pointed at me. My father turned and roared my name. I will always remember these words

"Asondra! Get in here, and close the door." his voice boomed as it penetrated the silence of the night. Slowly I walked in the room I was scared and I looked up at these creatures, I couldn't believe my eyes elves, real elves! I stood there for a moment in silence. Then the man on the screen said to me in English.

"stand up strait child, and tell me your name." his voice was just as majestic in English as it was in his language. As commanded I stood up strait.

"A..Asondra, my name is Asondra Belontina" I stammered into a remotely suitable response.

"Well, Mrs. Belontina, has your father told you his plans?" I remember turning to my father.

"what plans?" I asked my father. He looked up at the men on the screen.

"this you mustn't tell anyone." he replied.

I forced my way out of my memories, that was over 10 years ago. I am now turning 20 and have been learning to fight. Everyone on The Escape knows that we are looking for a new planet to call home so we must learn to fight and protect our selves who knows what we will come across. I on the other hand know exactly the plan and the course of action. I know where we are going, and I know what is waiting for us and I know the language. Everyone else has been kept blind from this to eliminate the possibility of fear, and or disobedience from the 10 thousand passengers on board The escape.

my body feels hot, burning, searing flesh. The cement beneath my feet is on fire! I am running to get away from the flames, the fire, the ash! But I know that I can not run fast enough. I look a head of me, I see the boy, he is just standing there the sparks of fire blowing in front of his perfect face. His chocolate brown hair blowing in the wind. I stop running ad stair into his emerald eyes. He looks up towards the volcano, the molten lava, protrudes from its mouth, distorting all homes and forests its it's way. I looked up at the man.

"we must run!" I screamed over the mayhem. He just stared at the fiery monster the was destroying his village. "come on!" I screamed again, the lava was getting closer I could feel the hear protruding my flesh, scraping at my eye balls exhausting them to thirst. I squinted up at him his perfect emerald eyes clouded over, staring into oblivion. Just as my mothers did when she lay dead on the living room floor so many years ago. I let go of his arm and stood there and watched the mayhem and destruction just has he did.

"if we are meant to live, the gods will save us from this storm" his angelic voice gave me hope.

My clothes went up in flames, the fire surrounded my feet and ankles melting my skin , smoke filled my lungs suffocating my breaths. Screams filled my ears and my eyes burned, my surroundings were falling down around me. Yet I was content standing beside this un named beautiful man. He grabbed my hand and our skin fused together, my face melted. And we stood comatose in the perfect storm"

I awoke suddenly from my dream clutching my skin cloths and hair. Apparently I was screaming and everyone in my quarters was staring at me in fear.

"I am fine" I breathed. Looking out the window of the ship into clear star filled space.