Chapter 2

At breakfast the morning I went to the ships food court. I couldn't get my dream out of my head. I new that man I saw was the boy from ten years ago on my fathers screen but he looked much older. Even in his tattered burnt clothes he still looked majestic and powerful. The feeling of burning flesh and the smell of heat and death would not leave my nostrils. I stared at my breakfast for a long time before I gave it up uneaten. I handed it to the mother of the poor family we let join us on board The Escape. She thanked me but before she finished her sentence I waved and walked past her up to the study.

My father was there with a group of scientists all huddled around a circular table witch held a holographic map of space. They were all talking about speed trajectory, and ways to get to our destination faster.

"it will take us at least 4 more years to get there at this rate" announced one man.

"well if we accelerated by 10 knots we could cut down a year." proclaimed a second.

"or we could just keep moving and let people continue in there training." I announced as I stepped into the circle. All the men and woman greeted me with smiles nods and hand shakes.

"do you still believe that people need more training?" asked one of the older scientists.

"well they will be meeting minotaur's, elves, and whatever else lay beond our knowledge of these lands. They need to learn medieval war craftsmanship, and a new language." I looked up at them all, "I think its time we told them where we are headed and teach them the language." all the men and woman looked at me, eyes in a steady gaze trying to figure out if I was serious or just telling a bad joke.

My father piped up "if we do this, Asondra…will you be the one to break the news to everyone. The people like you" he looked at me with a solemn smile, I love my father and I could not say no.

"Father, I will do it. But only because you asked me to." I turned and walked over to the video loud speaker. The operator gave me the mark an it turned on.

"if I could please have everyone's attention. We have found a planet that will support all life, even ours. There are creatures and humanoids on this planet that only can be described by the Greek legends and myths of old. We have been learning their languages, and we are willing to set op classes for you to learn about each race, and learn their culture, skills and tongue. But to do this we need your full cooperation. The leaders and scientist of the planet are willing to talk to you and give insight on what you are about to uncover when we land our ship there. We will have 4 years to learn all we can, and become as strong as we can. We ask all mothers bearing children to take language classes, as well as cooking, tailoring, and first aid classes. And all other woman and men to take language and strength training classes. In a few months we will be entering the out skirts of their galaxy, some teachers of the other planet will meet us and teach us skills in fighting and mind training. We will be addressing this situation again tomorrow."

The screen turned off and I let out a deep breath,.

"That was well said, Asondra" the majestic voice from my dream was penetrating the air. I turned ignoring the murmur from the citizens below to see him. Tall chiselled, emerald eyes glowing bright his soft smile warming my ears. His chocolate brown hair bound up in a high messy pony tail by a leather strap.

Only this time a woman, of the same age sat beside him. Blonde and magnificently beautiful. Her eyes blue and lips red as blood. He skin was pale as death itself. Her clothes were black with ruby red stitching. She sat slumped on a chair but yet still looked dainty and poised as she did so. A fire grew in the pit of my stomach, I could feel my ears grow hot and red, my fists clenched and my muscles tighten.

"This is my Daemon, she is a succubus. don't worry. She wont harm you. Her and I will be teaching the people from you ship how to summon and control daemons. I cant wait to meat you." with his last words he leaned closer and his eyes twinkled.

My heart was pounding, I could still recall his glorious death in my mind. "I had a dream about you last night." everyone was taken aback, I continued none the less "there was a volcano, and lots of death, I was screaming at you to move and you would not-" he cut me off.

"I wouldn't move, like I was fastened to the floor, you stopped and stood with me holding my hand preparing for your impending doom. The fire and lava consumed our being, and every feeling of pain and suffocation that was in the dream-"

"I could feel for the rest of the day." him and I starred at each other through the screen. Ignoring everyone on his side and mine starring at us from afar.

Another woman entered the screen and gave the man a kiss. All my jealous feelings came back full blown ready to burst like the volcano. The same sentence kept repeating in my head "please god, kill her right now, for me, do it, KILL HER" the woman was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. Her hair fell down in thick brown curly locks, it was smooth and soft against her perfectly polished face. Here eyes blue like the ocean, her waist was small and her bust large she was wearing a white night gown than hung gently from her shoulders.

"This is my mistress." announced the man from my dream.

"mistress?" I replied confused. I could feel my face morph uncontrollably into a strange shape of puzzlement and my head tilted slightly to the right. The man laughed.

"As a soldier in the war. I do not wed. every so often I find a mistress. For a few days here and there. This is Chleo she is a priest trainer. She was once a warrior in the early war and now has settled down in a position of teacher and being a mistress for men of war." he laughed at my anger. And sent Chleo on her way…to my once again confusion she kissed another man in the same room, the man from my dream didn't even flinch at this, almost as if it was as natural to him as breathing.

"Aren't you jealous?" I asked impatiently. Staring at the beautiful elf woman.

"no, he sighed. I don't often get jealous of a mistress and her affairs. I mean she is just a mistress." he stared for a long time into the study, he stared at me. "Anyways," he went on "we sent a ship out two summers ago to meet you we will be just outside the galaxy waiting to see you in a few months time. And trust me there is no way you can mistake this galaxy." a small smirk formed on his face. "Asondra, I don't know if you remember me from 10 years ago. I saw you in your fathers study." my eyes went wide. Now I knew why I had recognised him that was the boy from so long ago. My jaw dropped. "Asondra, my name is Arcanon, I can not wait to meet you." just as I was about to question him the transmition ended.